Spoiler Rate Raw 7/10/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. The first Raw after the Great Balls of Fire PPV... eh, I am sure you've all figured out how to do this now :emoji_slight_smile:


    Big Cass opened the show, mocking Enzo and the crowd by asking "How you doin?" He talked about how good he felt after last night. He basically bickered with the crowd and said he is the future of WWE. He was eventually interrupted by the Big Show who head butted Cass and beat him until he left the ring.

    Elias Samson vs Finn Balor

    Balor won by pin fall and was then joined by the Hardy Boyz before their match.

    The Hardy Boyz vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

    Gallows and Anderson beat the Hardy Boyz by pin fall and then the Revival came and attacked the Hardy Boyz.

    The Mizzies

    Miz had an award show. The first award was best supporting actor and it was a tie that went to Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The second award was a leading lady award for Marysse. He then presented the award for the greatest man in WWE. He first read "Dean Ambrose" but then revealed it as a joke and gave it to himself. He then went on to insult the Hardyz, Akira Tozawa and Ambrose and Seth Rollins... then Ambrose and then Rollins came out and beat the Miztourage down. Afterwards Ambrose told Rollins not to help him because he doesn't trust him.

    Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax

    Sasha Banks and Bayley won by pin fall.

    R. Truth vs Goldust

    Goldust defeated R. Truth by pin fall.

    Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar

    Angle spoke of Braun Strowman and mentioned he didn't know when Strowman would return, but the show must go on. He introduced Brock Lesnar. Angle mentioned their fight at WrestleMania and Lesnar shook Angle's hand. Angle then mentioned he was going to give them his ideas about Brock's opponent at Summerslam but Heyman dismissed them. Heyman was on his way out when Roman Reigns then came out on stage.

    Angle confronted Roman and told him he had a lot of nerve coming to the ring after what he did last night. Roman criticized that comment. He then told Angle that Angle could thank Roman because Angle didn't know how to handle Braun Strowman and that Lesnar is never around to. Lesnar then got a little annoyed. Roman claimed that Angle owed him one and that he gets the match at Summerslam. Heyman acted like he liked the idea but Lesnar took the microphone away and told Roman that he didn't deserve a title shot. He was then interrupted by Samoa Joe.

    Joe mentioned that everyone had to come back down to reality. Lesnar claimed that he beat Joe's Ass last night but Joe made it clear he survived. Heyman then interrupted and said his opinion mattered. He said Roman deserved a shot but Joe doesn't. Joe then said Heyman only said that because he knew the Joe had Roman's number. Roman then tried to put down Joe but Joe commented Roman was rather cocky for someone who got beat by Braun Strowman.

    Angle then interrupted and said next week they would have a number one contender's match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe and if they fought that night, he would cancel the match.


    Corey Graves left the announce table when he got a text. He met with Kurt Angle who got the text too. Angle expressed he was upset that he was going to have to lose his job but Graves consoled him that he wouldn't.

    Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar and Neville

    Tozawa pinned Neville to give his team the victory.

    Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

    Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins by pin fall.

    After the match, Wyatt disappeared. Rollins was alone in the ring when Miz and the Miztourage came out to the ring. They began beating Rollins down until Ambrose came to the ring with a chair and beat the hell out of the Miz, chasing the Miztourage out of the ring. Ambrose then paced in the ring.

    Afterwards, the show closed with Kurt Angle talking on the phone with someone. He asked them to come to the show next week and that they will "do it together." He revealed they will tell the whole world together and that he loves this person.

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  2. I am giving this show a 7. It was pretty solid throughout. Although not exceptional, I was never bored at any point and a few of the matches were pretty good. I really enjoyed the segment with Lesnar, Roman, Joe, Heyman and Angle. That was done well. I love Angle's bad acting.
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    ~ Okay RAW...let me have a look...

    ~ So Cass vs. Big Show at SummerSlam?

    ~ Shouldn't Balor vs. Samson have been on the card at Great Balls Of Fire? Well...
    at least Finn had a win.

    ~ So...the Hardys come out, are defeated by Gallows & Anderson (Remember them?)
    then the Revival come out (Yay!) and beat the shit out of the Hardys. So over two nights
    the Hardys have had the piss beaten out off them by 3 teams. Best Broken Matt and
    Brother Nero show up soon or they could end up like the Dudleys did on their last run
    with the company.

    ~ So Ambrose comes out even though he's outnumbered, gets the piss beaten out of him
    only for Poorly Booked Rollins to make the save.

    You know...WWE...there is a difference between crazy and stupid right?

    ~ So I'm guessing that because Ambrose has said there will be no Shield Reunion...
    that means we are getting one? That's how this works right?

    ~ And once a-fucking-gain we have Sasha & Bayley vs. Alexa & Nia...

    Nothing has changed on RAW after all this time...they just swapped Alexa in for
    Charlotte as the RAW creative team just keeps feeding the fans the same old shit
    they have been for months.

    I mean its not like Emma, Dana Brooke, Mickie James or Summer Rae could help break
    this repetitive cycle of boring booking.

    And why is Nia teaming with Alexa anyway? Shouldn't she be attacking Alexa trying to
    get her hands on the women's championship...can anyone explain their "relationship"
    to me?

    You know what...don't bother. I'm done giving a shit.

    And I guess we didn't need to follow up on the Emma/Dana interaction on the GBOF
    kickoff show.

    ~ And...and I don't mean to harp on...but shouldn't have this Goldust/R-Truth match
    been on the Great Balls of Fire card? or at very least the kickoff show?

    ~ Now I will admit I was curious about this next segment...
    but that was until #IgnoreReigns came out...so SKIP!

    ~ I don't care about mystery text messages or Kurt Angle wrestling Triple H at

    ~ I honestly don't care about the Cruiserweights unless Neville is defending his

    ~ So we get Poorly Booked Rollins against The Eater of Pins...again...and I don't care.
    Its amazing how Bray can go from the World Champion on SmackDown to a meaningless,
    mid-card feud on RAW.

    ~ And Bray gets another win over Rollins...not that it means anything...and here comes
    Ambrose to save Rollins from Miz & the Miztourage.

    So...Miz & Wyatt vs. Rollins & Ambrose next week?

    Ugh...I don't care...

    I'm Done.
  4. Bray pinning Rollins means a lot. Just goes to show you how destroyed Seth is as a character.
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  5. At least there seems like several options the WWE can go with their Raw Main Events.

    Today, I saw a commercial for the Nashville Raw next week and they were promoting Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman as the main event. This leads me to believe it will be a dark match that happens after the show goes off the air. That means that Strowman might show up during the main event match between Joe and Roman, possibly to cost Roman the match and propel Joe to Summerslam. Or maybe Roman will win, but get attacked by Strowman after the match... perhaps Strowman will shelve Roman and move on to Summerslam himself.

    Or, maybe Roman will go on to win at Summerslam and then begin building to an eventual WrestleMania main event in which he can be defeated by either Braun Strowman or John Cena?

    If Cena and Roman meet at Mania with Roman as champion, I have no doubt Cena will win his 17th World Championship. Then, they'll undoubtedly meet again a year or so later when Roman winning the second meeting.

    So, what I like the most is I don't feel that the path WWE is taking here is very clear and that's really what I like. It's the predictable stuff that sucks. Hopefully they'll not screw it up.
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  6. I thought the original plan for SummerSlam was Lesnar/Strowman...
    but who really knows anymore.

    Lesnar vs. Joe in another 5 minute match?
    Lesnar vs. Strowman in a 5 minute match?
    Cena vs. #IgnoreReigns in a match I won't give a shit about?

    All I will say is I will be shocked if it isn't Lesnar/#IgnoreReigns for
    the Universal title at Wrestlemania 34
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  7. That Cena vs Roman option there sounds like an absolute clusterfuck of emotion. Cena in one of his last matches pinning the new face of the company to break the record for all-time title reigns vs Roman getting another big W in a huge spotlight match that Vince handpicked him for and beating yet another kayfabe legend
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  8. I just figure they'll do it like they did Cena and the Rock. We know Cena will eventually get that 17th title and he'll eventually pass the torch. So it seems likely to give the torch passer the first win and give the receiver the second. I dunno.

    I'm not a Cena fan but compared to Roman he's Ric Flair.
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  9. No idea why I put this in the Great Balls of Fire section.
  10. Because Great Balls of Fire was booked just like an episode of RAW?
  11. Being this was a really highly anticipated RAW given the events that occurred on the GBOF PPV the previous evening, I feel they delivered a pretty good show however I could not find it possible to go above 6/10 due to certain stupidity that I personally cannot accept. Thoughts:

    - While a good promo overall, I personally wasn't thrilled to see Big Cass open the show, more so when you have other major ongoing angles that are much more important. Given how things played out during the best segment of the evening later on, I guess I can understand why they did it but, yeah, wasn't exactly excited. Oh, and as was the rather obvious case which most of us predicted, Big Show indeed came out so there you have it...

    - Hardyz really can't help themselves, can they? Between the "obsolete" line Jeff used and the "somewhat broken" that Mat used, you just know they are dying for this to finally happen. While they are far (or so it appears) away from any kind of agreement, my personal feeling is that if they didn't think they will eventually bring the broken gimmick to WWE, they wouldn't be allowed to tease it so that alone tells me that it's just a matter of when, which is basically what Mat himself stated in a recent interview anyway. Hopefully TNA can fuck off soon enough...

    - So...Anderson & Gallows come out, challenge the Hardyz, win, leave and then the Revival come out in a somewhat underwhelming matter to destroy what little was left. Idk, this felt kind of weird because...who exactly are the Hardyz going to feud with next? Both? And if so, what does that leave Sheamus and Cesaro with?

    - Miz TV was pretty neat and all but it appears that Ambrose ain't entirely out of the picture just yet which just sucks cause I'm sure we've all had just about enough of it already. The upside, I guess, is that maybe they are looking to add Seth Rollins in the mix so a possible triple threat at Summerslam is something I could probably accept. Better yet, add Samson in there, make it a Fatal 4-way and have Balor feud with Bray, as was the original plan anyway.

    - It's almost a shame to say I was practically indifferent in the woman's tag match but...I was, what can I say? Been there, (over)done that...

    - Angle/Lesnar/Joe/Roman: by far the best segment of the evening. Quite frankly, it was Samoe Joe that MADE this segment (I hope Mr. Reigns took notes on how to cut a promo, being he witnessed it first hand) but some props have to go to Brock as well, who in a rare case actually grabbed the mic and...talked. Given what he said, well, that explains why they don't give him a live mic to begin with but, honestly, the fact that this was far from scripted and came out so natural is what made the whole segment a success.

    - While rating GBOF yesterday and in response to all the talk about a possible double turn involving Roman and Braun, I said I would no longer be part of this discussion and would only believe it if I finally see it. Well, here's WWE telling everyone to fuck themselves....believe that....Oh, but he did nothing wrong, said Roman, and reminded us of the Attitude Era where all sorts of shit went down. Sigh....

    - Storyline stupidity time: So, not only does Roman not get called out for his actions against Braun Strowman (literally nothing) but he also gets...awarded with an opportunity to face Lesnar for the title at Summerslam. Good, I guess I'll go attempt to murder a co-worker tomorrow at work and, who knows, maybe I'll get a raise for it...In all seriousness, I hope Strowman crashes the party next week...

    - Bray on a...winning streak? Wow...

    - A cliffhanger ending? Loving it and really looking forward to the big reveal next week...

    About a week or so ago I mentioned the angle that was originally shut down by HHH, which was basically a love triangle storyline involving Kurt and Stephanie. While I wouldn't put it past WWE to revisit this angle (they've done it anyway on so many occasions), some of the new clues we got this week don't seem to point to that direction. More specifically, I think there are two lines that we should put focus on:

    A) "I hope they will support me": This alone doesn't really say much and could mean anything, even including a love affair in which Kurt hopes he could be forgiven for his sin. BUT....if you add:

    B) "Why don't you come here next week and we'll both do that together. Neither of us have anything to be ashamed of. I'm proud of you, and I hope you think the same about me. Why don't you come here and tell the world with me next week and whatever happens, happens. I love you."

    See, this doesn't sound like a love affair of any sorts or at least does not sound line an ongoing affair anyway. If this were an affair, why would you bring the mistress on live TV and do the announcement together? That makes little to zero sense, right? And while having nothing to be ashamed of is again something very general, the "I'm proud of you" part I feel is the biggest tell of them all.

    Basically, what I am thinking here and predicting is...illegitamate child. If you think about it, it makes the most sense and it ties up perfectly with all of Kurt's quotes throughout the shows and more so that final one last night. I don't recall anyone talking about being proud about the person they are having an affair with but I sure as hell know I've heard it countless times when someone would be proud of their child, no matter the circumstances....
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  12. Let the mystery texter be Dixie Carter. Please, let it be Dixie. Chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo.
  13. 10/10 Vinnie Mac is a genius
  14. The show was okay. It wasn't particularly good nor was it downright bad, it was just "there". 5/10

    The absolute highlight was the Lesnar/Joe/Reigns/Heyman/Angle segment and I look forward to the Angle reveal next week.
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