Spoiler Rate RAW 7/14/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Jul 14, 2014.

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  2. Good: Swagger, Ziggs/Fandango,Wyatt/Jericho, Sting
    Average: Miz/Sheamus, ADR, Paige/AJ
    Ugly: Flair, Main event, HHH/Steph/Randy Orton
  3. My highlights

    First off, I jizzed when the Sting trailer came on (@Senhor Perfect) and if WWE uses that version of the crow theme, I'm buying.
    The IC battle royal matches were dreadful with the only one being in anyway entertaining, Ziggler vs Fandango and it wasn't entertaining because the audience was expecting a 3-sum but the fact that Ziggler was in there and he had a good showing made it entertaining.

    The Miz pulling the upset was pretty unsuspecting since Seamus hasn't lost in a long while. Rusev and Swagger was possibly one of the best angles of the last few RAW's. It was pretty awesome. I may have become a bigger Dean mark after tonight. The backstage attack was awesome and Dean sold it well. Along with pushing his character evenly. Roman Reigns seems to be alot less tense on the mic and it shows since IMO Reigns has been a lot more free with talking. John Cena was regular Cena.

    Favorite moments: Sting trailer, Bo Dallas, Main Evnet/Ending. = 7/10
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  4. Ambrose was a star. Having him come back would have made him main event material.
  5. For some reason I just have a feeling WWE's gonna take him (Dean) just "this far"
    Much like Bray Wyatt hitting the Cena ceiling which usually makes guys irrelevant for a while.
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  6. Exactly. I can't hate, I suppose.
    They can only super push so many cats.
    If Dean came back, he'd look stronger than Reigns.
    By the way, Reigns really d***ed out while Ambrose got his a** handed to him
  7. Sting crow theme/10 unimpressed by the rest tbh.
  8. Sting's trailer is a 7/10 by it's self.
  9. lolsting
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  10. I fear we're in the minority. Most will probably have a who gives a fuck attitude. to them I declare, I CARE DAMMIT!!!!
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  12. 4/10 tonight

    Rusev/Swagger segment was good...Paige/AJ interaction was funny.. Heyman hinting at Brock's return was good as well.

    Everything else was below average - average at best.
  13. Am I the only one who likes Sting's TNA theme?

    Also, it sounds like an okay show - again, I'll watch it tonight.
  14. This. Most of the show was filled with dragged out segments, and WWEN promotions.
  15. Just skimmed through the show on the main site, seemed like a good one. Will probably watch it later today.

    Did WWE really advertise CM Punk's 'BITW' DVD? Does it have to mean anything?
  16. Thanks for the insightful reply, bro. lol
  17. CM Punk stole the show. Also pleased they've retired the WHC. That's about it.
  18. There was enough entertaining about Raw for me to call it a good show. Not great or anything, but pretty good. The Swagger/Rusev confrontation, Ziggler scoring with two ladies, Ambrose getting beat down and asking for more (I'm surprised they didn't go the obvious and have Ambrose make a run-in during the main event... seemed like a pretty ceffective way of feeding off of Ambrose's "never say die" attitude and would have gotten him a huge pop from his ever-growing fan base, but whatever), the Sting appearance on the WWE2K15 commercial (although seeing him just makes me wish all over again that he would have signed with WWE years ago), etc. Sheamus and The Miz was a pretty decent match and I always love seeing heels pull out the sneaky victories.

    I usually don't give out ratings, but if I did with this one, I think a 7 out of 10 is fair.
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