Spoiler Rate Raw 7/20/2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Jul 20, 2015.

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  1. Recap can be found HERE.
    Only caught 1/2 the show, but what I saw was a 6/10. Reigns/Harper was a good match, Cena/Rollins segment was good too.
    What do you think?
  2. The chat was lovely, but I'm sure the show was great. *I wasn't really watching either*
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  3. I thought this was a great Raw. This is really the direction Raw needs to be going. I am not saying it was perfect, just that it definitely was finally going in the right direction. I gave it a 7, although I was bordering on an 8.

    I liked:

    The Undertaker promo. I am not even much of an Undertaker fan, as most of you know, but I really liked this. It may just be because we haven't seen much of him in the past years, but this was a good interview. Also, love the jacket. But Taker clearly laid out why he was pissed and he did it in a way that made perfect sense. He didn't appear to be whining about the loss, just saying he was sick of hearing it every week. Great promo.

    Charlotte vs Brie was one of the best Divas matches on Raw in a long time. Now keep in mind, it wasn't a great match and doesn't compare to the kind of amazing matches we get on NXT, but it was a solid contest.

    Triple H catching Heyman and Heyman being a complete cowardly weasel.. I love that guy.

    Heyman's promo, the Undertaker interrupting and the brawl with Lesnar was LEGENDARY. It was beyond awesome. It was better than the entire previous match between the two. It was great as neither man took a backstep. This is going to be a good build up.

    Rollins talking to HHH was good too. I loved Rollins being so cocky after the match.

    Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper was GOOD although it had a crappy ending.

    Rollins making Lilian announce the match results.

    Banks and Naomi vs Lynch and Paige was not bad.

    Triple H mocking Miz

    For what it was worth, the main event was not bad. It was mostly good because of Cesaro and Owens and Sheamus leaving Rusev alone. However the brawl with Lana kicking Summer Rae's ass was great.

    I didn't like:

    Show v Miz was boring.

    I was indifferent to:

    Los Matadores vs PTP. Just couldn't get into it. PTP does funny promos, but their title reign has been less than interesting.
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  4. That Raw started out pretty shakey but got better as time went on. That Miz squash though. :emoji_slight_frown:
    This. Chat was fun tonight and the Raw was actually good. Two decent divas matches, the big brawl with Taker/Lesnar, I'm a fan. 8/10 RAW for me. Main event was kinda lame, Reigns/Harper was enjoyable with a meh finish.
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  5. I agree with Sooo Kia, the chat was a lot of fun once again. I didn't catch the entire show, but plan on catching a rerun of it sometime today. What I did see of it yesterday it was a great show. The building up of Undertaker and Lesnar for Summer Slam started out really strong and the I like the whole direction of Cena and Rollins. It looks like that is going to be another Summer Slam match up. I give the show an 8 out of 10 from what I saw with a chance of even a higher grade when I get a chance to watch the entire show.
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  6. 6/10

    The show was actually okay, which makes a change.
    The Undertaker wanting revenge on Brock almost 18 months after Mania feels kind of stupid to me, tbh. Also, the segment where they were getting separated ran a little too long for my liking.
    Getting two divas matches was pretty awesome and both matches were decent- shame the Bellas had to be on commentary for one of them, almost put it on mute at that point.
    The six man tag match at the end was also pretty good, liked the slingshot into an RKO that Cesaro and Orton pulled off. Really hoping that this means a push for Cesaro. Loved that it didn't turn into a LOL Super Cena wins moments- but I guess since he's been so popular with US Title there's no need for them to do that any more.
  7. Taker/Brock was a great segment although I still don't like the initial setup nor am I interested in the match. Rusev is the freaking man. That's what I took from this show
  8. This was a good show. I found myself enjoying it for the most part. 7/10

    - The opening segment featuring Taker was good.
    - Charlotte vs Brie was decent.
    - I liked seeing Trips mocking The Miz backstage.
    - Heyman's promo followed by the brawl 'tween Lesnar and Taker was awesome! This whole segment alone is already better than anything that was happening 'tween Taker and Brock last year during WM season (and at WM itself).
    - Reigns vs Harper was a pretty solid match, despite having a shoddy finish. I'm not a fan of DQ endings, but not like I'll lose any sleep over it, b/c if a tag match (or a 6 man tag w/ Sting joining in) is what they're indeed gunning for at SummerSlam, then this is tolerable and prolly made sense.
    - Rollins being a decent heel for once, like talking to HHH in that backstage segment and being all cocky, as well as his in-ring promo (making Lilian announce the match result from Battleground was prolly the best thing from that segment).
    - Sasha & Naomi vs Paige & Becky was OK. I'm glad we got two divas matches and both of 'em featured divas I (mostly) care about.
    - Cena, Cesaro & Orton vs Rusev, KO & Sheamus was a decent ME. The heels fighting each other and Slingshot into RKO were very cool, though!

    - Big Slow vs The Miz was a yawn fest.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Didn't really care for PTP vs Matadores.
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  9. The crowd went home buzzing and that makes for an exciting evening.
  10. The brawl between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar (as well as the Heyman promo that preceded it) and how it carried over from ringside to the backstage area was classic stuff. This feud still feels random as hell, but I love it when shit gets this personal and if they keep delivering quality segments like the one they did last night, then bring it on. Shame they couldn't have used just a little bit more effort and done something like this between Lesnar and Roman Reigns on the go-home Raw for Wrestlemania earlier this year. That alone would have definitely boosted that feud and made it seem more personal, but instead, we were greeted by a segment of them playing tug-a-war with the title instead lol.

    I loved the confrontation bertween Cena and Rollins, too. People on another forum absolutely shit on Cena's promo by saying he buried Rollins and the WWE Title in this segment, but after seeing it for myself, it really wasn't as bad as they made it out to be (surprise surprise.) The man makes the title, Seth has been a coward champion, Seth has been a disgrace to the WWE Championship, Cena has elevated the United States Title above the WWE Title by being a much more courageous and audacious fighting champion than Rollins has been, etc... Funny how these are all things that folks online have been saying for awhile, but when Cena articulates them in a promo, it's suddenly a "burial."
  11. 8/10

    T'was pretty good.
  12. 9/10- One of the better RAW shows I have seen in awhile. Two DIVAS matches was a huge plus for me. The brawl between Taker and Lesnar was great. It may have went on a bit to long, but it was still fun to watch. The 3 Man Tag Match with Cena, Cesaro, & Orton vs. Rusev, Owens, & Sheamus was great to. Owens is shaping up to become a big heel. I kind of like him and he is a damn good wrestler.
  13. I thought that the raw was overall awesome. There's always room for improvement, but the brawl between taker and Brock was great. Really set a good standard for their match. I'm not keen on taker being back at all right now, but it's been entertaining thus far. Also, the notion that Brock won't be hurt by taker beating him is 50/50 if you ask me. Sure, Brock will continue to dominate and it won't really make him look bad; yet, at the same time, I don't feel he should go out just yet. SS is a big stage, but not as big as mania. Brock should lose, if anything, at mania 32. In addition, taker beating Brock does seem like a waste. His first loss since beating everyone is the same guy he beat like 18 months ago?... And it's at SS... I just feel it's slightly be little to what Brock did. It won't ruin Brock, but I don't feel that it's needed either.

    Brock should win in a back and forth fight with taker. Even if it takes like 4 F5's, he should win clean. If they want Brock to lose to taker in a rubber match at mania 32, that makes more sense to me. But, as of now, Brock losing is a waste of his first pinfall loss since mania 30.

    I still feel some up and coming talent should cost Brock his first loss, but if it's going to be taker, don't do it now.

    Furthermore, I loved the Rollins and cena segment. People need to quit hating so much on cena. It'll be good for Rollins to fight him at this stage.
  14. A lot of what you said makes sense to me, but not all of it. From everything I've read, most are so honored to be in the ring with him. Losing is distasteful, but losing to the Undertaker is very respectable. I like what pointed out about John Cena, but he seems a bit happier working with the new performers on RAW.
  15. Losing to taker can be respectful, but after you've already beaten him and snapped his streak, having taker come back to beat Brock at SS seems kind of stupid. I mean I get the revenge part, yet I also feel the loss that Brock is getting is a waste.
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