Spoiler Rate RAW 7/21/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of RAW.. the goods, the bads, the uglies.
  2. I'm starting out with a 6/10 very close to a 7 though.


    Ziggler beat Miz in a fantastic match
    Ryder beat Fandango
    Paige Heel turn
    Stephanie being arrested should build into Brie vs Steph at Summerslam :yes:
    The teasing of a new Nation of Domination... ???
    Slater got 2 minutes screen time
    Cesaro vs Ambrose was a good match
    Heyman's promo to end the show

    Khali wrestled

    Khali wrestled
    Bo botched
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  3. Damn missed out on Cesaro/Ambrose and Ryders first victory in what... awhile?
  4. Well they certainly put more effort into this Raw then they did Battleground.

    I didn't have to use fast forward at all, which makes a nice change.
    I was expecting Paige's heel turn to happen a little closer to Summer Slam, but I'm glad they've finally decided to give her some character.
    Glad that Ziggler and Ryder got wins.
    Stephanie Vs Brie was pretty funny. If Steph went against Brie at SS I'd mark the fuck out.
    Cesaro Vs Ambrose I enjoyed, but the chances of me not enjoying a match with two of my favourites were slim.
    Khali Vs Rusev..... meh.

    The return of the Part-timer Incarnate wasn't a surprise, nor did I really give a crap. Heyman delivered a good speech- but in the bigger picture, still doesn't make me care about Lesnar Vs Cena one iota.
  5. Did anyone else feel Bray was losing the crowd and his promo was meh?
  6. Last time he had a pinfall victory on RAW was December 24, 2012 over David Otunga lol
  7. Damn, Steph vs. Brie is one of SS's main angles? Fuck watching any of that.

    His promos have sucked for months.
  8. Watching now. Anyone else hear the kid tell Paige "indoor voices" when she yelled "my house" at AJ after throwing her over the table. Made me laugh.
  9. Lesnar best win at Sumerslam, or things could turn nasty lad, at the end of the day
  10. 9/10. Purely because Cena wasn't there.

    I loved the opening segment with HHH, but when the other guys joined in, it was fine.

    Reigns vs Orton & Kane was alright, nothing too spectacular and nothing too cringe-worthy.

    Brie Bella/Stephanie segment before Nikki's match was okay, I guess... To me, it looks like there's gonna be a match 'tween 'em at SS.

    Bo Dallas vs Sandow was alright. Sandow could dress up as anybody and still'd be awesome!

    Bray Wyatt's promo on Y2J's 'Highlight Reel' was damn good. Probably the best promo he's cut in the past 2-3 months.

    Ziggler and Miz stole the show. What a great match it was, glad Ziggler got the clean win. Would definitely love to see Dolph as the IC champ down the road.

    Skimmed through AJ Lee & Paige vs Natalya and Emma, saw Paige turned heel. It was about time.

    Ryder vs Fandango was... Um, I didn't really watch. I was really looking to catch a glimpse of Layla's cute ass and jugs.

    Stephanie getting arrested was an annoying segment. The only good thing during that segment was camera zooming on her tits and ass.

    Rybaxel vs Kofi and Big E was awful. The job squads... Meh.
    Lol at Woods popping out of nowhere in a silly white suit saying to Kofi and E like their time is now and shit like that... Is this going to be a new tag team? If so, they can call it the Jabroni Squad.

    Didn't even bother watching Rusev vs Khali, suppose it was downright awful.

    Cesaro saying he's no longer a Paul Heyman guy was a cool moment. I mean, I love Heyman, but he's been doing nothing with Cesaro ever since he took him under his wing, so to speak... Hopefully Cesaro joins The Authority and restore his momentum somehow, but doubtful.
    Anyways, it was a good match he had with Dean afterwards, too bad it ended the way it did.

    Well, it was pretty obvious who'd face Cena at SummerSlam... I just hope they build up a nice feud down the road. Lesnar'll be winning the titles, hopefully, which is cool in my book.
  11. An excellent episode of Raw. There's hardly anything that I find to criticize or complain about this week:

    -The return of Brock Lesnar
    -Cesaro no longer a Paul Heyman Guy
    -Paige's heel turn
    -Bray Wyatt hijacking the Highlight Reel and giving a promo that I felt was a step up from the last several that he's done
    -Stephanie being arrested
    -Excellent match between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, and a match that Ziggler actually won!
    -Speaking of which, Zack Ryder actually won a match? And got to walk out with two hot ladies by his side to boot?
    -Good to see they remembered that Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E were still part of the roster. Not sure where this whole thing is going, but I'll remain optimistic for the time being. It's better than what all three guys have been doing for the past several months (which has been practically nothing btw, outside of an uneventful IC Title reign on Big E's part.)

    Am I missing anything noteworthy? Kudos to WWE for not boring me or forcing me to hit fast forward on my DVR this week.
  12. I like the idea that a new nation of domination is forming lol
  13. It was a good show, there was a lot to enjoy. Marked hard for the Nation (heel Truth and Henry in the future would have me marking even more) and Ryder winning was also fun, just because he couldn't believe it himself hahaha
  14. I wonder if they should bring Titus into it as well? It's not like he has anything else going on.
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  15. 9/10. I really enjoyed it. Stephanie getting arrested was gold, the matches were all pretty solid except from Khali of course, and the storylines are all going well. Heyman's promo was amazing as usual.
  16. Was a decent show after watching the rest of it this morning.
    I heard something about the WWE possibly looking at doing a storyline similar to the Nation of Domination back in like late May, didn't think they were going to go through with it though but we'll see.
  17. Add Titus Young and R-Truth and have Mark Henry come back and be the leader and I would love it. It could definitely work.
  18. If this new formation is going to be heel and they probably will, I'm up for it. Like you guys said, it'd be good if they brought R-Truth, Titus and Henry, 'cause they don't have anything going on for them.
  19. Oh yea, I somehow forgot, that HHH promo in the beginning of RAW was fuckin hilarious. Called out the IWC.
  20. If Henry doesn't come back to manage the group/wrestle for the group, it seems a bit off. He's the only original NOD member left in WWE IIRC.
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