Spoiler Rate RAW 7/28/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Jul 28, 2014.

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  2. i love it but i know that no raw is the same
  3. I was scared when the episode started and Cena came out and delivered an Ortonesque promo.. dull and boring. But then Heyman came out and talked and it got better.. then Cesaro came out and talked and it got still more better.. and then Cena responded, and as usual when he is playing off someone else, his promo was good as well.. and then came the match of the night.. Cena/Cesaro was a great match.. thoroughly entertaining.

    The Paige/AJ confrontation furthered the feud and cemented their positions.. Paige is the heel and AJ is the babyface. Not a bad segment.

    The Jericho/HHH/Steph segment was just okay... vintage Jericho reared it's head on the mic.. HHH and Steph did good in the acting department.

    Miz/Rybaxel vs Ziggler/Usos... the involvement of Rybaxel in this match made no sense to me but Ziggler getting the pin made me smile... not a great match but a good ending.

    R-Truth breaks Bo's streak officially and Bo goes Bo-listic (lol)... Bo got a bunch of heat and for that reason this was a successful segment.

    Rusev/Swagger segment... best feud in a long, long time... good mic work from both Lana and Colter and a nice little brawl ensues.. Swagger stands tall with loud USA chants.. great crowd reaction = great segment.

    Astronaut Sandow gets squashed by Rose.... meh. Sandow was entertaining but the match was crap.

    Reigns/Orton segment was very well done and builds up very well to their match at SummerSlam... it made me actually want the match to take place.. a vicious beatdown by Orton. Looking forward to seeing the response next Monday.

    Fandango/Diego = Huge waste of time.

    Naomi/Natalya vs Cameron/Alicia Fox = Huge waste of time.

    Jericho/Rollins.... decent match.. Wyatts beat Jericho down again to further the feud.

    Brie/Steph segment to end the show was gold... great interaction between the 2 of them. The crowd was going crazy.. the word "bitch" was fired off several times. Reminds me of the good ol' days. Any show that goes off the air with the crowd chanting "This is awesome" is definitely a good thing.

    My overall rating this week....... 7/10
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  4. lmao I can't believe they are pushing Brie/Steph as a main event feud. fucking terrible.

    I watched Ziggler's match, he shined obv. Actually got a win, push that man!

    AJ/Paige was cringeworthy. omg, Paige is the worst actor I've ever seen.

    no Brock? I came for Brock. -10 for no Brock + 10 for Ziggler winning

  5. He's a part timer... you actually expected him to show up 2 weeks in a row? LMAO
  6. I actually think Ziggs is getting a good push that won't be pulled away for the lamest of fucking reasons. I bet Ziggler wins IC belt either at SS or NOC.
  7. looks like it
  8. well I damn sure didn't expect Brie fucking Bella to close the show. I'd rather watch WCW Nitro in 2000.
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  9. Judy Bagwell tag champ, Viagra on a pole, Torrie Wilson grabbing balls, Hogan jobbing to Kidman, Jeff Jerrett laying down for Hogan, David Arquette winning the strap, Bagwell vs Chris Kanyon: Judy Bagwell on a pole match...:mog: you must've really hated the ending.
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  10. I didn't watch it, I just laugh at the idea of a feud between Bella hoe and Stephanie. nobody wants to watch them wrestle
  11. Just Kevin does.
  12. Just Kevin thinks the Dolphins are headed in the right direction
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  13. Yeah, the crowd going crazy and the "This is awesome" chants were imaginary...noone really wants to see it. lol

    I'm looking forward to it so speak for yourself next time :notsure:
  14. They start chanting that when more than 1 near fall happens. Those chants don't carry any weight.
  15. Well this isn't the NFL thread... so I'll just address this once and leave it alone.

    When the Phins win 10 games this year it will prove I am right.
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  16. I agree.. but segments don't generally get those chants at all.
  17. lol

    well im sold

    attitude era is back !
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  18. Unfortunately it will never be back.
  19. Oh man. WWE finds something with a crowd reaction and regurgitates it so many times it's embarrassing.
  20. Liked it. But no Ambrose makes me a bit salty. 7/10
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