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The "Narrow Minded" Dave Meltzer of WWEF
Hello everyone! and at long last welcome to the Rate RAW and RAW Recap for Monday, July 29th 2019! As always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, and if you missed the show or wanna check it out anyway, you can read my recap of the show below, enjoy!

24/7 Title Kicks off Raw
We start off the night with a 24/7 title video package highlighting key moments and putting over the title, and as the show starts we see alot of superstars around the ring as a mixed tag team match goes underway between r truth and carmella vs drake maverick and his wife. the rules of the 24/7 title are suspended until the match ends.

R Truth And Carmella vs Drake Maverick and his Wife.

We get a short match with R Truth getting the win, all the superstars surround the ring but mike manellis was the first to cover truth, he gets the pin and escapes backstage the superstars chase him, Maria shows up and due to her being pregnant the superstars stop chaseing and leave. So she knocks on the door and mike says "How do i know its actualy you and not someone PRETENDING to be my wife?" Maria responds with "Because if you dont open this door, i will knock it down and kick you in your vagina." And then Mike opes the door letting his wife in.
What a way to start the night.

5 Superstar Guantlet Match: Winner Faces Aj Styles at SummerSlam

Next up we got a guantlet match to determine Aj Styles opponant at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio starting off the match against Cesaro. Match has a great start both superstars trying to get a early quick pin, rey sits on top of Cesaro tries to throw him out fo the ring but Cesaro holds on as he lands outside rey still on his head, Rey launches him into the apron and then does a suicide dive and barely hits cesaro and allmost missed. We get more in ring action rey sets him up for the 619 but cesaro rolls out rey dives and we go to commercial.

As AJ Stykes watchs backstage wearing a nice shirt, the two do some nice back and forth, rey tries to do a springboard but Cesaro catches him with a uppercut for a near fall, cesaro tries to hit a move from the top rope rey reverse mid air, Rey ends up hitting the 619 for the win.

Next up Sami Zayn comes out as the 2nd superstar in this guantlet but he doesnt last long, Rey gets q quick roll up for the win. But then, here comes Andrade with Salina Vega...this should be good.

the two have a solid little match Andrade gets the win, at the end Andrade ripped Reys mask off as Ricochet comes out for the save, next we got the final match in this guantlet, its Ricochet vs Andrade and the winner faces Aj Styles at summerslam for the U.S. title
The two have a decent match, the two shwocaseing their atheletic ability, Salina Vega getting involved multiple times, Andrade did a hip toss to ricochet sending him upside down into the corner, later on Andrade hit a solid elbow to ricochet who would respond with a scary looking inverted-ranna, the landing looked scary but Andrade seems fine, Ricochet ends up hitting the 630 for the win. Ricochet will face Aj Styles for the U.S. Title at summerslam.

we get a post match interview, ricochet says "people only seem to believe what they see, so when i beat Aj at ssummerslam and raise that title up, they will believe..and so will i"

24/7 Title Saga Continues!

We got mike and maria backstage, maria tells mike to get doout how horrible it waswn on his back so she can pin him, she her child can have a champion they can be proud of. Sure enough mike does it, maria pins him and becomes the new 24/7 champion, she proclaims shes the first ever pregnant champion, she goes around mocking everyone because she spregnant, and so nobody can touch her. I cant wait to see how this goes.

A Moment of Bliss

Next up we got a moment of bliss with Alexa and Nikki. Alexa congradulates Maria and her and nikki talk about the raw reunion and what happened on smackdown and segways into a video fo finnly training natalya how to escape or reverse the diss-arm-her, becky gets in the ring low blows finnly and puts the diss-arm-her on natalya. the crowd cheers as Alexa talks about how bad it was, then we get becky on the big screen cutting a solid promo on both Nikki and Alexa. Talks about how natalya found out she cant run or hide when you wronged her, she remembers how Alexa has wronged her, so she will see her tonight. Then the usos come out for their match.

The Usos VS The O.C. VS The Revival For the Raw Tag Team Championships

We got a triple threat tag team match next for the tag team titles. Scott Dawson and Jimmy Uso. First bit of he match stays between Usos and Revival, O.C. waiting for their oppertunity, Revival and Usos are fantastic in the ring, matche goes on Usos and Revival do a great job of treating the corner of the ring the O.C. is at like its a deathtrap and staying as far away as possible, they get knocking outside and finally Gallows hits a solid clothesline as we go to commercial. It would seem Vince is over the whole "No wrestling during commercials" thing.

We come back and the O.C. is finally in the match, Luke Gallows hit some great punchs to one of the usos in the corner, the O.C. beat down Jay Uso for a bit slowing the pace down until Usos get a hot tag and Jimmy uso goes off on Revival. Some solid near falls, Dash tries to suplex anderson over the top rope but both hang on as they awkwardly land outside, a few dives a DDT later and then we get a superplex from the top rope to the outside, que the THis Is Awesome chants.

Before the revival could hit the shatter machine luke gallows tagged in, they hit shatter machine, one of the usos hit a cross body, anderson comes in with the spin buster leaving only one Uso left, they hit dream killer for the win. The O.C. are your new Tag Team Champions.

Raw Reunion Recap

After a short backstage bit of Aj Styles celebrateing with The O.C., we get a recap video of the Raw Reunion, i assume this wont be the last time we see this video package, it segwayed into a replay of smackdown with the Dolph miz and HBK segement.

And now it seems the war viking raider experience are in action next...wait hold on we can say Vagina on this show but not War unless its refering to Ember Moon as the War godess?.........alright then, on with the show.

The Viking Raiders vs Local Talent

Next up we got Viking raiders in a squash match against some random local dudes, they won with ease.

Street Profits Backstage

Next we got Street Profits backstage being fantastic once again, man these two. They are so good, they are fantastic. Seth Rollins joins them backstage for some sillyness, good stuff....until it shows Becky Lynch is next and the first thing Michael cole says is "And thats Seth girlfreind Becky Lynch"

We get it cole...we get it.

Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross

Alright next is Becky vs Alexa, immediately we got Becky chants roaring throughout the arena, the two have a fairly solid match, Nikki got some sneaky hits in, Becky tried to bite alexa while in a rest hold, Alexa avoided the diss arm her multiple times. becky hits the bex splody knocks alexa into the corner, Alexa holds her leg in pain ref checks on her as does nikki, trainer comes out and Alexa is crying.

Announcer says Alexa cant continue the match so Becky is your winner. Leading to a confrontation between an angry Nikki and Becky, they are gonna have a match next.

Becky Lynch VS Nikki Cross w/Alexa Bliss

With Alexa still at ringside we got Nikki vs Becky now, Nikki ofcourse is mad at Becky for hurting her friend so now they are gonna fight. Becky chants still happening the two go for a bit, Becky hits the man handle slam for the win in short time.

Just as becky went the celebrate Alexa attacked her from behind, Nikki and Alexa beat on becky for a bit until Natalya comes down to the ring puts the sharpshooter on then walks off backstage, she says how she wants to challenge becky to a submission match, her superior sharpshooter, verses becksy inferior dissarmher. But since Becky probably wont have the guts to accept it, she wont issue the challenge.

So we are getting a submission match at summerslam between Becky Lynch and Natalya.

We got Maria doing a photoshoot backstage, she gets interupted by Braun Strowman, who stands there menecingly and then we got Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler next.

Seth Rollins VS Dolph Ziggler

The Burn It Down was alot quieter this week, we get a replay again of the smackdown angle last week where dolph superkicked HBK. then Shawn Michaels music hits as Dolph Ziggler comes out dressed as HBK, great stuff, he cuts a promo as he comes down to the ring, saying Seth should thank him, and that tonight seth gets to see the real main event, the real show stopper, then the match starts, Seth wastes no time beating up Dolph. The two brawl on the outside for a bit, seth gets dolph back in the ring, seth beats him down a bit more and Dolph hits a solid DDT to seth on the ring apron.

Dolph sends seth into the ring post multiple times and hits a zig zag for a near fall, dolph goes to hit sweet chin music but seth hits a super kick first, then seth hits another kick and gets ready to hit the stomp, then Brock Lesnars music hits, and here comes the beast. He comes down beats up rollins giving Ziggler the DQ win, Brock beats seth up outside the ring slamming him into the barricade, hits a german suplex on the outside, and then an F5 into the ring post. Brock puts seth back in the ring brock gets a chair and starts beating seth with the chair, then he casually sits in it

Brock delivers another F5 but this time onto the steel chair. and after One More Time chants brock does it again, F5ing seth onto the chair, then holds the Universal title up high.Seth notably caughing up blood, then Brock sets the chair up again and hits the F5 on Seth once again. Paul heyman gets over seth to protect him and begs brock not to do it again, Brock backs off and both him and Heyman leave.

After a commcercial Backstage Seth is being takin to a ambulance roman watches on then behind, behidn him the usos are being attacked by the O.C., roman steps in to help but Samoa Joe comes in and starts fighting roman and so the tree begin fighting, we go back to seth being put into the ambulance and it starts to drive away, but it stops. Brock stops the ambulance and drags seth out and begins to beat him down even more, hitting an F5 onto the streture seth was carried on, Seths wrenching and caughing sounds brutal.

The Samoan Summit

Samoa Joe comes out, says the samoan summit is cancled due to peace talks going horribly wrong, he tells roman to come out so he can finish the beating he started moments before, so Roman comes out and the fight begins/ Both men beat each other up around the outside of the ring. Roman takes the steel steps and launches it at Joes face, then Drew Mcintyre coms out to fight Roman and those two start fighting in the crowd and eventually takes it back to the ring as Samoa Joe and Drew Mcintyre begins to double team Roman, then Cedric Alaxander comes out for the save. But its not enough as Drew and Joe beat up Alxander and Roman, Drew slamming cedric on the minitron screen, Drew and joe are about to slam roman through the announcers table when the Usos come out, then the OC comes out and there is a huge brawl.

Cedric gets on top of the minitron and leaps onto the sea of humanity as the fight continues, drew and cedric get to the ring drew goes for the claymore but cedric hits a dropkick, then as cedric tries to hit a move from the top rope the O.C. comes in tries to hit magic killer, then Roman comes back with super man punches for everyone, joe comes in and gets double super kicked and speared by Roman. Cedric The usos and Roman stand tall as the show comes to a end.


Well everyone that was Raw! i hope you enjoyed the recap! if you havent already leave yoru thoughts below! goodnight!
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Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
*Checks the Extremely Well Written Recap*

Oh Good...Alexa didn't pin Becky...& neither did Nikki...
and I find it funny Alexa would fake an injury considering
her track record which is basically "Champion or Injured"

Anyway...I'm just going to leave this here...because advertising...

And be on my way.

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Koko B.

The Lunatic Fringe
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Gauntlet match was a little odd. Why would the baby face who will challenge for the title be given the last spot in a gauntlet match? Wouldn't it have made more sense to see ricochet be tested and beat down? A hard fought battle to have a screwy finish, and then let him get in next week?

Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!

Best RAW episode so far this year, IMHO.

I only gave it an 8 because the stupid Viking Raiders squash matches are completely unnecessary and wastes too much time.

Everything else flowed well and expounded the stories in a natural way.

Nicely done.

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