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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 6, 2015.

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What would rate this episode of RAW?

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  1. Rate this episode of RAW above and give your thoughts below.

    RAW Recap:
    Brock Lesnar kicked off RAW
    Big Show defeated Ryback via DQ
    Brie Bella defeated Paige
    Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns via Count-Out
    Randy Orton RKO'd Sheamus
    Dean Ambrose defeated Bo Dallas
    King Barrett defeated R-Truth
    Brock Lesnar destroyed J&J's car, beat them up, and chased Rollins off
    The New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons
    John Cena defeated Cesaro to retain The U.S Title

    Full Results
  2. Long time thread watcher, first time voter /10 destruction of the car.
  3. 3/10, simply because Brock Lesnar destroyed that expensive car, Seth was kind enough to buy it for J&J and Brock destroys it. Should of known that was going to happen, idiots driving out in that car when they plan on calling out Brock.
  4. I give it 7/10

    I liked:

    Heyman opening the show

    Lesnar destroying the car and J and J

    Seth Rollins running faster than Jesse Owens to get away from Lesnar.

    Cesaro vs Cena was spectacular

    PTP commentary on the New Day vs Lucha Dragons match.

    Ambrose vs Dallas was a squash but a good one.

    I didn't like:

    Barrett vs Truth

    The whole Miz, Show and Ryback thing EXCEPT the ending which was good.

    Boring Diva match we've seen 10000 times.

    Dumb ending to the Reigns match... why are they tying him up in useless feuds?
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  5. Decent episode. 6/10
    After a couple of weeks of shoddy episodes, the product seems to have picked up.
    The highlights of this episode were Heyman/Lesnar in the opening segment, followed by Lesnar killing people (and the car) and of course, the main event!

    - The opening segment w/ Heyman and Lesnar was good.
    - Sheamus vs Reigns was quite alright, I liked the intensity and all...
    - Ambrose vs Bo was okay.
    - Lesnar wrecking the car, as well as J&J Security!
    - The New Day vs Lucha Dragons was alright, the PTP on commentary were entertaining.
    - Cena vs Cesaro was an awesome ME, I enjoyed it!

    - Big Show vs Ryback. LOL'd at the predictable DQ ending.
    - The ending to Sheamus vs Reigns. LOL, distraction finish FTW!
    - That whole Lana/DZ/Rusev/Summer Rae segment. It's just soooo meh and boring, I'm not into it at all.
    - Clown Barrett vs Clown Truth.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Skipped the divas match.
  6. Was Cena/Cesaro better, worse or just about the same as the last match?
  7. I'd say it was better, imo and plus, it had a clean finish.
    You should watch it.
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  8. OK then thanks. I'll watch.
  9. Cool. Enjoy it!
  10. ^this

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  11. Well, that was nice on Cena's part.
  12. Talk what you will about cena, he knows how to put people over in spetacular fashion when he stops with the screaming and cheerleading
  13. Aye
  14. I enjoyed the short bits I spent in chat. All of you guys make the show much more enjoyable!
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  15. I have been to a few other forums that do chats doing the show, including one forum I was on for 8 years. The people here are pretty great. In fact, one poster and me spent an entire RAW chat arguing and ever since we get along great. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  16. If not for Lesnar/Cena/Cesaro, I'd give it a 0 but those guys saved the show, so I went with a 6.
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  17. I give 10 because of Lesnar's moment
  18. Good lad. :bodallas:
  19. Awww. That's just great. It is like a family here. I have truly fond memories of my friends here and it looks like you will too.
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