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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CrayJ Lee, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. For those who watched the show, rate RAW and leave your comments below.
  2. 6/10

    The Sandow/Hart segment made me laugh.. AJ and Paige teaming together was a very interesting way to go with the "feud".. and the ending segment was good... everything else was average.

    My 2 cents.
  3. Gotta join in on the 6/10 brigade.

    Is it just me, or was the commentary extra bad today? It seemed like I was yelling for them to shut up during every segment. Finally muted them after Lawler talked up how WWE should sign LeBron.

    Anyway, while this wasn't the best Raw, there's still so many good things going on on this show. Gonna focus on all the feuds and be positive here: It really stuck out that while this Ambrose/Rollins feud is really good, it's actually the 3rd member of the Shield carrying this show. They really are relying on him to draw for Battleground and... honestly... he kinda sold me on the Battleground main event on this show. If you can do THAT, you are a miracle worker. Plain and simple. And I'm enjoying the Rollins/Ambrose brawls more than most of the matches on these shows.

    The Usos and Harper and Rowan can keep having matches for a long, long time and I won't get bored of it. These guys are great together!

    It's great to have Jericho back! And the odd thing is... it's starting to feel like Wyatt is overshadowing him in this feud... He's overshadowing CHRIS FUCKING JERICHO. Holy crap! And to think this'll only get more enjoyable since the Miz is out of the way.

    Really enjoyed the 2 minutes we got from the Divas, and stunned by the logic in this division. Apparently the Funkadactyls are breaking up not only because Cameron's got a big head, but because she sucks so much that a second after she tagged in she got pinned. LOL. Sounds good to me! And it's seeming more and more like AJ and Paige are becoming close buddies... Paige heel turn? Or... something else. :gusta:

    *points at the sig*

    I can't believe I would ever say this, but this show needs more Jack S... ahh, screw it. This show needs more Zeb Coulter. Can't remember the time we've had this many good feuds... hell, can't remember the time we've had this many feuds!
  4. Seems like your typical in Canada show. Solid but not fantastic.
  5. 6/10..

    +Main Event
    +Sandow/Bret Hart
    +/- Usos vs Harper/Rowan : While I don't mind these matches keeping on happening (prlly some of the best tag work in awhile), the '-' is because they need to get some more help for the tag division. What is it currently just Usos, Harper/Rowan, Stardust & Goldust, RybAxel?
    - Almost every other part of the show tbh..

    I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't super ecstatic either.
  6. Yeah, it's weird... the tag division was going good for a while and now it's down to 4 tag teams... after the break up of O'Neill and Young.. Clay and Albert and 3MB there is just nothing left of the division. Pretty sad really. The injury to Fernando also took out Los Matadores.. as if they were anywhere near contending anyway.

    NxT has The Ascension that could be called up as they are ready... but they would be called up to very little competition.

    It's like WWE doesn't know how to balance all 3 divisions anymore.. now they are focusing on the main division and the divas division and the tag division is left behind... as I say all the time.. I miss the days of the Attitude Era.
  7. Yeah, JR was dealt with in part because he was such a sports mark. (There were health reasons as well, of course)
    Cole apparently tells stories the way Vince wants, whereas JR got by on pure emotion, talent and a nose for the ring
    If Lawler is going to be a sports mark, then why should it be tolerated?

    I'd say Bray has that new car smell. He's enigmatic, looks different and does things the way he likes.
    Bray has come along at the best time, but I'd also say that Jericho is a babyface.
    I think Y2J and Wyatt are both doing great work. It's a pleasure having them both.

    You're right about Rollins/Ambrose. The two make a great rivalry
    The Uso's blow d***, though
  8. I won't differ either, 6/10 it is...

    Another great match between the Usos and Wyatts and I'll make the prediction that come Battleground these two will go at it again with the titles on the line, only this time Wyatts will prevail.

    I think Orton and Ambrose was also a fun match. The feud between Ambrose and Rollins is also working just fine, Rusev continued his domination and at last they gave him a more worthy opponent in RVD this time, nice showdown in the end with Cena and Reigns. The Divas...meh (don't really care to be honest). Y2J perhaps a bit rusty but I'm sure he'll get his groove while Bo Dallas continues to develop as far as his character is concerned. I hope the same happens down the road with his in ring performances cause as of now, he is anything but inspiring if you ask me. No Adam Rose again (gee, I wonder why) and of course always great to see Bret Hart.

    As for the comemntary, I was always a JR fan and so much a Cole fan so even if I may be considered biased, I too can't say that I am very pleased with Cole these days. JBL obviously and by far doing his thing great, King I'd say is alright.
  9. I'm on the 6/10 bandwagon.
    It was decent but nothing special.
  10. Am not sure if this is really being a "sports mark" as much as keeping up with pop culture and WWE trying to be cool, people are following NBA FA and you know how WWE loves to follow trends these days, lol. Totally fine with references but not the commentary saying dumb shit. JR shouldn't have been punished for that silliness.

    That's absolutely true with Wyatt and Jericho. Didn't mean that as a knock on Jericho at all, just how the Wyatt gimmick with all it's bells and whistles is somehow outcooling Jericho, which I didn't think was possible.
  11. Bo knocking Torito down was the best part of the show, iirc (only thing I recall about it anyway).
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  12. Nail on the head with the bells and whistles.
    The cell phones bit and the clapping is very savvy on the fans part (one of the very few things fans get right)
  13. Just 2 comments really.

    1: Why couldn't the Wyatts have won like that at MITB? :why:

    2: Nice ending to the show. The crowd cheering thing at the very end with Roman and Cena made me laugh
  14. 7/10. It wasn't exactly something that kept my attention for very long. some matches were good but for some reason this raw bored me.
  15. 7/10

    -Roman Reigns brawled with Kane and that opening segment was good.
    The Wyatts defeated The Usos. Damn fine by me! I hope they get the gold at Battleground!
    Orton vs Ambrose was damn good!
    ADR vs Ziggler was damn good, too. These guys have a good chemistry, even though I genuinely can't stand Del Rio. Still not happy about Ziggler jobbing.
    Sandow/Bret Hart/Sheamus segment was all around great.
    Y2J vs The Miz was decent, would've preferred the ending with Codebreaker in order to destroy the 'Moneymaker'
    Kofi def. Cesaro for a 2nd straight week? Man, fuck that shit.
    Bo Dallas running into Torito during his victory lap was prolly one of the best moments on the show, loved it!
    Rollins vs Cena was fine, kinda... I'll be enjoying it so much when Seth cashes it in!
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