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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Post your ratings and thoughts on tonight's RAW in this thread!
  2. Made before the show even finished O.O

    8/10 for me

    Only negatives were the divas match and the predictable outcomes of matches.
  3. 8/10. The show was entertaining throughout. Only complaint was the typical "Damn this 3 hours is hard to sit through".
  4. Flew by for me o.o
  5. 8/10, fun show overall.
  6. 8/10, enjoyed just about all of it except a couple minor things.
  7. 9/10. Wonderful RAW. That's now 3 out of the last 4 RAW's that have been awesome. Whatever has changed backstage is working.

    I fell asleep just because of the fact I fixed my sleeping pattern somewhat and staying up for three hours is just impossible to do at 1-4am, but I woke up absolutely gutted that I had fallen asleep. Says a lot about the show.
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  8. 9.5/10 Only downfall was the divas match
  9. 8/10. Every match was great and yet again there was decent storyline progression. Also, Daniel Bryan has gone from having one of the most annoying characters to having one of the best in wrestling atm.
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  10. Thought it was good, not great (outside of the Wyatt fam). The Vickie shit was just tedious for me to watch personally, and there was way too much of it.

  11. What I saw was ok not great but will watch the rest later. Will probs be a solid 7.
  12. What was his annoying character?

  13. The shit he did with Kane just grew tedious towards the end. Basically his current character, only without any of the interesting attacks, just a dull face that did lots of Yes/Nos. I appreciate that he's actually pretty much the same now, but the aggression of him makes it awesome.
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  14. 8.5/10
    This was a show I really enjoyed. The matches were all great, more build-up for MiTB. Ofcourse the debut of the Wyatt family was a big factor too, and Maddox becoming GM out of nowhere was also fun. The diva's match was what imo the least entertaining part of the night, but overall the show was great.
  15. Same, I feel asleep at the start of the Kane Vs Christian match and when I watched the Wyatt debut and saw it was in that match I was pissed lol
  16. 7/10. It was fine. Decent show.
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