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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Go.
  2. 1/10 for Heyman only. Would have been in the negatives without him. Pure and utter shit
  3. EDIT: -1/10 thanks to Heyman otherwise it would have been at -6/10.
  4. Ace's opening promo, Miz not getting buried, Punk/Ace and Heyman made it a 2/10.
  5. wut
  6. Meant to type Heyman. You know it's late. I don't type Heyman often. :((
  7. You are secretly a Hogan mark; admit it.
  8. It's true. I'm waiting for his sex tape to come public.
  9. Aren't we all brother
  10. :facepalm: out of 10

    Marked out for Heyman (even though he said nothing interesting)and the tease of a Orton heel turn (LOL in our dreams). Otherwise, the amount of stupid shit on this show just boggles the mind. I literally feel dumber after watching this show.
  11. Heyman himself appearing speaks words bro. Who could have called that?
  12. It was just fucking boring. I'm fine with a bad show the same way I'm fine watching a corny horror movie like the Hills have Eyes or something like that, but this shit is just BORING. Nothing happening, no storylines advanced, just WWE spinning their wheels, killing time until the next filler PPV.

    heyman was literally the only noteworthy thing that happened in a 2 hour show
  13. It was awesome to see Heyman again, just wish they would have saved the shocking moment for when they have something interesting. A "Brock's quitting" angle? Really?

    They did alot for Cena vs Ace, and that match feels WAY more important than either title match. No man is bigger than the WWE my ass.
  14. honestly 2/10 coz Hayman deserves this rating, but Raw does not. without Heyman, i would say 0/10
  15. The show doesn't even deserve a rating, Heyman deserves a 5 for himself though.

    To be fair though, Ziggler and Jericho won and Jericho was put into the WHC match, so there was some positives.
  16. Sure it was boring and one of the worst, but Heyman wasn't the only positive imo. Bryan/Punk development, Orton being entertaining with Sheamus (and Jericho), Ace's opening promo.
  17. BRODUS ******* CLAY?!?! REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? What is wrong with WWE??Why in the blue hell????? is The Miz jobbing to Brodus Clay?!

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  18. Well to be honest, he was the toughest test for undefeated squashman. It was a decently long match and Miz had a ton of offence, it could have definitely been worse. I agree though, he shouldn't be jobbing.
  19. One of the most boring Raws in a long time. A lot of moments that should have been entertaining were more boring then not. We got to see a little Punk v Bryan build but not enough to build interest.
  20. I'm guessing next Monday they'll have a head to head on the mic before OTL. Woah, amazing build from WWE. Wtf is the point having OTL so close to ER?
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