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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Aug 11, 2014.

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  2. nWo, Mr.Wonderful, Heath winning, Dolph, Flair, Hall, Piper, Nash, Mean Gene, Jimmy hart. 3 point bump.
  3. Claire Lynch/10
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  4. No love for Wonderful though. Shitty.
  5. The talent performing is never the problem (unless your name is Alicia Fox or Randy Orton). If the show seems average in any way, shape or form whatsoever, then creative is the problem
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  6. 4/10 for the legends, everything else was meh.
  7. Haven't watched it, but having read the results... sounds 7/10. Heath's new streak, lots of Lesnar-Cena and legends at the end. However, no Lesnar-Cena brawl, Claire Lynch 2.0 which involved the great D-Bry and NO BO DALLAS ruined the show for me.
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  8. This may be unfair, but the HHH/HBK was very intense. Whether it was a RAW match or a brawl, WWE sold it. (Let alone the actual PPV matches)
    There's plenty of animosity between these two (Lesnar's claim that Cena is only a star because the former left) and should make it count as we head toward NoC (particularly if they're waiting for Sep. to arrive to heat it up)
    A simple 2004 feud between HHH/HBK or a 2008 HBK/Y2J had loads more heat than anything they drive today. Maybe this merely reinforces Vince's hard-on for Shawn Michaels.

    Brawls/head to head confrontations have to be the easiest angle to book in the world. Then again, Brock Lesnar's never rehearsed a sneeze, so this may be asking too much
  9. You think Slater will make a run at the IC title if Ziggler wins it at SummerSlam? His current momentum streak, as well as the scuffle he and Ziggler got into after their match makes it seem a likely.
    In other news...
    Anyone else notice Big E, Kofi, and Xavier Woods on the ramp? They were all next to each other and each wearing some form of red attire. Perhaps they're still a faction.
    What the hell is creative waiting for to use them though?
  10. You guys are chomping at the bit for Slater aren't cha? This is Zack Ryder again without the upside of revenue.
    If anything he'd be U.S title material, considering the IC title prestige stepped up a notch recently.
  11. I'm just saying, it looks like Ziggler has a decent chance to take the IC title, and I don't see why WWE would give Slater this momentum push, and have him scrap with Ziggler if not to feud for the title. I don't expect him to win it any time soon, but it just seems possible.
  12. I actually have to agree that Cena wouldn't have gotten where he is today had Brock stayed in WWE.
  13. 5/10 Seen better seen worse
  14. About to watch last night's episode, will rate it later!
  15. nWo yay
    Slater wins yay
    not sure what else was on the show
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  16. 7/10. It was good overall.

    Loved the opening segment. Lesnar's, well Heyman's promo was gold, like always.

    Roman Reigns vs Rybaxel was decent, their segment was more interesting when the match was over, than the match itself.

    RVD vs Rollins was alright, best part of it was Ambrose coming out of present box and attacking Rollins.

    Stephanie/Brie and the 'therapist' segment was meh.

    Cesajob vs Swagger. Cesaro lost again? Really? So far, WWE have been doing a real good job at burying Cesaro.

    For the first time ever, I really listened what Cena was saying in his promo. To my surprise, he wasn't as boring as he usually is when he's on the mic. It got my attention when he said 'When does John Cena turn?'. I'd legit mark out if he turned heel at SummerSlam!

    Nice build-up for Brie vs Steph. They're really looking to make Brie a star, while not forgetting about DBry.

    Umm, where the hell are Harper and Rowan? That's a huge minus for this week's episode. Hopefully they get a title shot at ME against the Usos, since it's an open challenge.

    Ziggler vs Slater was meh. This should've been a 15 min match. Slater won! I couldn't believe it. They must have something good in store for him. Maybe the US/IC title run...

    Orton vs Sheamus was great, as usual. These two always deliver.

    Lesnar crashing Hulk's party was good, but should've ended in chaos, with Lesnar cleaning up the house. Damn!
  17. That final segment where they celebrated Hogan's birthday would have been a lot more epic if Savage and Warrior were still around to be apart of it. Would have loved to have seen an eye-to-eye between Lesnar and the "Macho Man", even though Savage kind of matured into looking like Santa Claus by the time he died.
  18. 10/10 for Hall and the nWo
  19. Forgot to mention another great segment, Y2J and Bray. Really enjoyed it!
  20. My head's still spinning. Of all the angles WWE could rip off from TNA... :lol1:

    Didn't watch the whole thing so can't grade it but from what I saw it wasn't a bad show at all. Heyman is pretty good at talking.
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