Spoiler Rate Raw 8/14/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. Rate this week's exciting adventure of Monday Night Raw and make sure to leave some comments to let us know what you thought of the show!


    Dean Ambrose came to the ring. He called out Seth Rollins, said he was tired of playing games and asked what Rollins was up to. Rollins accused Ambrose of being inconsistent in saving Rollins. He said he knew Ambrose cared and if they teamed up, they could run this place. He asked to let bygones be bygones. He put out his fist for a fist bump and Ambrose accused him of "kidding him."

    In talking about trust, Rollins said he sometimes had a hard time trusting himself. But he made the point that if they worked together, no one could touch them. Ambrose then put his fist out for a fist bump and Rollins resisted at first and turned away. Angry, Ambrose pulled him back and the two began beating each other.

    When the two fell out of the ring, Cesaro and Sheamus came down and began beating on them. However Ambrose and Rollins worked together and beat the tag champs out of the ring.

    Afterwards the two finally did their fist bump.

    As the two celebrated, Kurt Angle came out and announced that Rollins and Ambrose would get a shot at the tag team championships at Summerslam.

    Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

    The winner of this match goes to Summerslam to face Alexa Bliss for the Raw women's championship.

    Sasha Banks won by submission.


    Kurt Angle was approached by the Hardy Boyz and he mentioned that they would get to fight the Revival. Matt Hardy began talking until he was interrupted by the Miz. Miz demanded Angle make up for unleashing Brock Lesnar on him and Angle refused. Angle told Miz he had a match with Jason Jordan and that Miz would have to take it up with Lesnar. Miz accused Angle of protecting people and was trying to tell Angle off, but a referee came up and told Angle they had a problem with Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt and they ran off.

    After the commercial they broke up a fight between Balor and Wyatt and Angle made a match between them tonight.


    Elias Samson was playing guitar and was interrupted by R Truth, and Truth got beat down.

    Big Cass

    Cass came out while a shark cage was being lowered in the ring. The crowd kept booing him and he had a problem talking. He spoke about his match against the Big Show at Summerslam. He mentioned Enzo will be locked within the cage.

    Enzo eventually interrupted him. There was an altercation and Big Show came down. He was attacked from behind by Gallows and Anderson.

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Champion Neville vs Akira Tozawa

    Tozawa defeated Neville to win his first Cruiserweight Championship.

    Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor

    Wyatt won by pin fall and covered Balor with blood after the match.

    Mickie James vs Emma

    Mickie won by pin fall


    Finn Balor came out of Angle's office, announced his rematch with Wyatt at Summerslam. He said that Wyatt may have his demons, but Wyatt will find out at Summerslam that Balor has his demons too.

    Miz vs Jason Jordan

    Jason Jordan won by DQ when the Miztourage interfered. The Hardy Boyz came to help Jason Jordan and the Miztourage ended up laying outside the ring.

    Jason Jordan and the Hardy Boyz vs Miz and the Miztourage

    Jason Jordan and the Hardy Boyz won by pin fall.

    Meeting of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe

    Heyman and Lesnar came out first and claimed that Lesnar was in a bad mood since WWE had a conspiracy to make him lose the title. Samoa Joe came out second. Joe told Lesnar he didn't fear him and he would put Lesnar to sleep in the middle of the ring. Braun Strowman then came to the ring. He told Lesnar that he was always the last man standing, to which Joe disagreed since Joe interfered the previous week. Roman Reigns then came to the ring. He attacked Joe. Braun then attacked Roman. Lesnar stood back and watched and then approached Braun from behind. Security then came in and separated them. The two beat down the security and faced each other again but Angle called the locker room to the ring. Both guys were able to plow through the mob and get a few hits on the other.
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  2. Decent show. I gave it a 6. Nothing really stood out but I wasn't really bored either.
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  3. cats/10

    jk i didn't watch
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  4. #4 Grievous II, Aug 15, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
    Hey Sports Fans...lets have a look at the SummerSlam go home show
    episode of RAW...

    ~ I'm actually a big fan of the 2/3 of the Shield Reunion...it has given
    both Dean & Seth some direction...and I won't be surprised if they win
    the tag titles at SummerSlam.

    Mainly because Sheamus is due for some time off to film a movie...but
    still...I'm stoked that Dean & Seth are actually doing something.



    Please WWE creative...let Sasha end the Bliss and finally have her big moment
    on pay per view.

    I'll forgive you for all the other booking mistakes you've made this year.

    Also...the more Nia taps out the less of a "monster" she looks...just saying...

    But who cares?! SASHA WON!!! SHE'S GOING TO SUMMERSLAM!!!

    ~ Its a real shame the Revival are out of action again...

    ~ I don't really care about the Drifter or R-Truth...

    ~ I also don't care about the Show/Enzo/Cass feud...just have Cass win so
    he can move on and actually start his singles run proper.

    ~ Okay...so Neville lost the cruiserweight title...which is annoying...but I can
    give it pass because SASHA IS GOING TO SUMMERSLAM!!!

    But...why did this match even happen? Why not save the match and title
    change for SummerSlam? Can someone explain this booking decision to
    me please?

    ~ Okay...so its great to see Emma & Mickie James on RAW...but...I've already
    watched them fight twice on Main Event in the past month or so.

    Well...I guess I can give it a pass...because...SASHA IS GOING TO SUMMERSLAM!!!

    ~ Okay...again...I have to ask...why are we getting a SummerSlam match 6 days
    before SummerSlam? I mean I'm happy Bray had a win...and the "blood" was a nice touch...but...why now?

    The rumor is Bray is only being built up (again) so he can be fed to whoever is the
    Universal Champion after SummerSlam.

    Just a rumor...

    ~ And Emma vs. Mickie Rd.3 and Mickie wins...once again Emma eats a defeat...but that's okay...because SASHA IS GOING TO SUMMERSLAM!!!

    ~ Okay...so some stuff happened...The Hardyz, Jason Jordan, The Miz...whatever...Next!

    ~ And the ending segment...which features 2 performers I like...and 2 I
    couldn't give a less of shit about...so...I'll just pass on voicing my opinion
    as I don't want any people reading this to get sand in their vaginas.

    Instead...here is something random and stupid...


    And I'm Done!
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    • whoever wrote the whole ambrose/rollins story gets it. What a great story for our tag title match
    • thank god they didn't do the whole "you lose in your hometown" thing with Sasha, there was no way she was not gonna make this title match better. Also hope she wins the title, now is the right time. As a matter of fact, everytime is the right time for her to win it again and make this division matter.
    • So I don't know if the cruiserweight title match and Balor/Watt is still on for Summerslam because I could swear they just went "we don't have enough time on Summerslam" and just put it on Raw, which would make sense because Summerslam has 12 matches booked
    • Elias is doing nothing for me, he's easily skipable.
    • recently read that Enzo might turn heel at Summerslam and reunite with Big Cass. I mean that would make sense considering his backstage heat and the company not knowing what to do with him. Also would make sense from a kayfabe perspective because if you're Enzo, you'd want to go back to Cass. Maybe moreso as a manager than as a wrestler but at least it's something to do other than sending him to 205 live or something
    • the main segment was alright, but nothing special. They seem to do that Raw ending way too often. Especially for Lesnar matches.
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  5. Had me scratching my head at times and I thought they could have done a whole lot better being it was the go home episode but overall I'd say it was enjoyable enough for a 6/10. Thoughts/Notes:

    - You typically like opening the show with a bang so electing to start off with the second hottest angle was certainly a wise decision and, as expected, the inevitable Shield reunion indeed happened; well, partially, I guess since Roman Reigns is still being kept far away from this storyline. Speaking of, it shall be quite interesting to see how they eventually add him in this picture cause it will happen sooner or later down the road.

    Good stuff, good promos overall, nice feel good moment...

    - Another thing we all pretty much expected was for Sasha Banks to defeat Nia Jax and move on to Summerslam to face Mrs. Bliss for the woman's championship. Months back I had called it the money match for this particular event (being they are refusing as of now to turn Banks heel and go against Bayley) and indeed that's what we're getting, even though there was always a chance of the "hometown hero being fucked" factor that WWE always like to toy around with. In this case, however, they made the obvious decision and I for one had very little doubt to begin with, being WWE still likes to have that face/heel dynamic going.

    - "It's quite unfortunate...Hardy's always have a...DELIGHTFUL time at Summerlsam..." You know, every week you listen to all these reports coming out from random sources about this thing being over and never will happen on WWE television yet Mat keeps dropping these references.

    - I can understand how WWE wanted to make a point for Fin Balor to need a reason in bringing out the Demon for SS (cause, despite whatever he said on a recent interview, the Demon coming to Brooklyn was a lock) but this thing with Bray and bucket of supposed blood was...weird?

    - Hey, I'm not against what they are trying to do with Big Cass but so long you are on the same show with guys like Braun or Brock, sorry dude, you ain't shit, let alone the toughest big guy...or whatever he said...

    - Poor Emma...They say that Enzo has the nuclear heat backstage but it seems to me Emma is in a similar place cause otherwise I'm having trouble understanding why they treat her this way. I mean, are WWE really still stuck with that stupid gimmick she turned down? Is this a grudge thing? Just silly...

    - Well, they did again. Yet another big PPV moment given away on a random RAW in Neville dropping the cruiserweight championship. I am certainly not against Tozawa winning (in a way, they almost played out the story I had pitched months ago) but I figured this long title reign of Neville probably deserved a better ending and on a bigger stage. Anyway, congrats to A !!! A !!! A!!! Tozawa....Titus woooorldwide baby :emoji_slight_smile:)))

    - As for the main event, granted, it was meant to be a cock tease but i can't help but being a but dissapointed for the only reason I thought they would actually let all 4 guys go at it a bit more. Maybe like 3-4 minutes longer before security or locker room got involved to break it up. Oh well, still doesn't change the fact that I am hyped for this one...
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  6. #7 Grievous II, Aug 15, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
    I was honestly surprised Sasha won...but extremely happy the booking team
    decided to let her have another shot at Alexa Bitch...I mean Bliss.

    Time for Alexa to step up in the biggest match of her career so far...and
    hopefully...fingers crossed...praying to the wrestling Gods...Sasha gets a
    big pay per view win and a title reign that lasts longer than 30 days.

    And may-be...just may-be...The Boss vs. The Empress will be happening
    in the near future.

    I've heard a rumor that the WWE will be cutting some women from the
    main roster to make room for the next round of NXT call ups...and
    apparently Emma, Summer Rae & Paige are all going to be released.

    The way Emma has been booked since her (two) return/s from injury
    would indicate the WWE really doesn't have anything "solid" for her.

    Emma should just go work in GFW, Lucha Underground or even NJPW...
    anywhere else has to be better for her than the WWE.

    Its sad...but hey...at least Sasha is going to SummerSlam...

    The more I think about this...the more it annoys me...why not just save
    this match and the title change for SummerSlam?

    I was hoping for Neville to have a 500+ day reign...but there may be a
    silver lining to this situation.

    Perhaps Neville will be moved out of the Cruiserweight division?

    I like Akira Tozawa...but I don't really care about the Titus Brand...I guess
    I just don't "get it"
  7. Would not be surprised at all if that's the case. Quite frankly, I'd say he'd make a fine IC champion somewhere down the road.

    My feeling initially was they were planning a title change anyway with Bayley winning in Brooklyn so, if that's indeed the plan, they might as well stick with. My only "fear"? Sasha stood tall in the go home show (and in her home town no less) and in most cases, WWE booking suggests whomever stands tall in these situations, usually loses at the PPV. Time will tell...
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  8. The go-home show for SummerSlam was okay. 5/10

    Things I liked:
    - The opening segment was very good. This Rollins/Ambrose storyline has been one of the better ones recently, so no complaints.

    - Big Cass/Show/Enzo/Good Brothers segment was decent.

    - Wyatt vs Bálor was actually okay, the only thing I didn't really like was Wyatt winning clean and them giving away a finish ahead of the PPV. Oh, well. At least The Demon Bálor will be at SummerSlam and will likely destroy Wyatt. Fine by me.

    - JJ & The Hardy Boyz vs The Miztourage was okay.

    - The closing segment with Lesnar, Joe, Strowman and Reigns was good.

    Things I didn't like or skipped:
    - Everything else.
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  9. Pros :

    - Opening segment

    Cons :

    - Everything else. Giving away ppv matches a week before the show, how stupid. Congrats Tozawa and Bray, you are both losing on sunday

    Overall : 2/10 horrible
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