Spoiler Rate RAW 8/25/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Aug 25, 2014.

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  2. Having the Wyatt's job to Cena was ridiculous. It's sad that WWE acts like John Cena is all they have. Good thing MNF starts soon.

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  3. I thought it was decent.
    I didn't like the Cena pair up with Wyatt.
    I am loving the new Roman and Seth feud. I have been waiting for this!
  4. +
    Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns segment (Not the match)
    Bo Dallas
    My nap half way through

    Bray Wyatt jobs to Cena twice.
    Damien Sandow's dwindling career.
    Cringe worthy opening segment.
    Rusev and Swagger's thousand hour match.
    Big Slow and Mark Henry running like 2 freight trains to help John "Brock Lesnar Lite" Cena.
    Divas match was the usual
    Hogan's ass kissing
    John Cena's ass kissing
    Brie Bella and Nikki Bella
    Kane's uneeded involvement in Reigns and Rollins
    Main Event

    Overall - 1/10 for one of the most boring, half ass and cringe worthy RAW in months. STAY AWAY is my best summary for someone looking to watch. Some of these are the same thing like Main event and Bray Wyatt jobs to Cena, but I was just choosing the specifics.
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  5. I started doing other shit after Nikki Bella, but I think I'll have to see my main man, Roman Reigns in action.
  6. I'm glad Orton and Reigns is over at least.
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  7. I'm looking forward to a Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns feud, but that's about the only good thing I have. Is anyone else ticked off about how bad Raw was or is it just me? I'm usually not one to complain, but seriously this week's Raw was bad. I was really hoping The Wyatts would save the show. I'm really not happy with the way The Wyatts are being booked. They really needed a win. The Wyatts and The Shield had one of the best matches of the year. Now The Shield is no more and The Wyatts are put down by John Cena. Way to go and ruin a good thing WWE.
  8. typical/10
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  9. Watching this right now, will rate it later!
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  10. Yup, pretty much... Thus far.

    Got to the eulogy part, hopefully the show picks up from here.
  11. Sorry for party rocking, Seth.
  12. Why do I bother?/10


    Cesaro Vs RVD: Only for the fact that they seem to like Cesaro enough to give him a shot at a title.

    DZ Vs Damien Mizdow. I actually enjoyed Damien being Miz's stunt double.

    Lesnar's segment: Despite disliking Lesnar being current champion, this made it a little easier to take. It wasn't just his usual 'I like to hurt people' spiel and was actually really good.

    Dean Ambrose Eulogy: Seth usually strikes me as a terrible pantomime villain but he sold great heel to me this week.

    Slater Gator: I really like them in the 'unlikely' tag team role.


    Paige Vs Nattie: Making Nattie look like utter garbage in comparison to super Paige isn't doing anything for me at all. The AJ and Paige feud is doing even less- I don't know if people have jumped on this so much just because it's best divas feud of a bad bunch or what, but I'll be glad when we can move on.

    Kane: Just in general. I don't even know what his purpose is anymore.

    Wyatt Vs Cena: We're re-living this again? Really?

    The average:

    Bella Vs Bella: Ran a little too long for me, but Nikki is a good heel. Although everything Nikki said, I always thought applied to her and not Brie- like she would be the selfish one and not have Brie's back etc.

    Roman Reigns: Sorry, I'm not buying into this 'Roman Empire' stuff. Average move set, not exactly exciting on the mic.
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  13. Horrendous, the only thing that came close to being enjoyable was Nikki literally beating the fuck out of Brie, that looked like it really sucked.
  14. Does anyone have a gif of Henry and Show running to the ring? It sounds nearly as good as Mark Henry out running the nexus.
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  15. I'll get ya 1
  16. Cheers babe.
  17. [​IMG]

  18. it was a 5 if you ask me lol

    The Cena/Wyatt thing was so dumb....I posted a thread about it....frustrated.

    I agree. roman and seth = gold.
  19. It's like baywatch, the next generation.
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  20. LOL more like slow motion earthquakes
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