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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings on this edition of RAW in this thread.
  2. I fell asleep but woke up at the end. Good ending, and now i'll be up all night, great. Oh well, bout to go and pick up madden in a grip Dolph'sZiggler
  3. It was a solid show.
  4. 9/10. What a fantastic episode of RAW.
  5. I just woke up, about to to pick it up
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  6. 8/10 on Hulu Plus. Apparently was better live.

    cutting out half of Orton/Christian like that how dare you
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  7. 8/10
    Nice job with Triple H the new corporate heel, pissing off every superstar, AJ's pipe bomb deserved a round of appausle. And the Cadillac Yescalade was very funny too. Not the first time Orton's new ride was wrecked though.
  8. Solid B+
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  9. Not great for me.

    The main feud of The McMahons and Orton I'm loving.

    Wyatt family still going strong as well constantly interested to see this progress and where it will go.

    DZ seems to have lost huge momentum and needs something to move him forward to catch his momentum from when he won the WHC.

    But the rest of the NOC feuds are not great so far.

    Punk and Heyman has lost any impact without Lesnar.

    Miz and Fandango I have an empty care cup for.

    ADR and RVD again not interesting me.

    Total Divas stale and boring actually on AJ lee's side with her promo lol.

  10. I said the same thing! Shit came back from "commercial" and we were in the middle of a match. WTF

    Also, how come the camera guy didn't get the shot of Bryan's new finisher on Rollins. Hello!? Eye on the action man!
  11. Wow, shocked by the ratings ITT honestly. I was bored for most of the show and felt the major stories were stagnant with very little meaningful progression. Add in Ziggler's continued abuse, along with the continued over-exposure of Bryan and I'm like... bleh, that episode sucked.

    3/10, maybe 4 if I put on my pink shades
  12. I mean, really, what did I miss?

    Opening segment was complete dog shit. Literally the first 6 minutes were HHH recapping the past 2 weeks. Then Orton comes out and they do the 'oh HHH got him a car' routine. Fucking yawn, plus at that moment it is obvious DB will fuck it up later in the night. HHH/Orton are both boring as fuck in this opener, DB is 'OK' if I'm being generous. Terrible start to the show, but I guess it set up the ME for NOC. And another gauntlet match for DB? original

    Miz/Rhodes is a once good feud that is stuck in the mud at this point. They used this feud to set up a pre show match between Miz and Fandango. If there are two members of the WWE roster I care about less than Miz/Fandango, I can't think of who they'd be.

    Punk/Axel match was OK, but that feud is just stalling until they can afford to bring Lesnar back as they try to stretch his remaining contract appearances. Heyman was good in the post-match stuff, but it seemed to drag a bit (a lot actually)

    AJ's promo was the highlight of the show, which as I said before says more about the show than anything AJ did or said.

    Del Rio continues to job as WHC. Fucking brilliant booking.

    Christian/Orton.... just too fucking long for me. I wasn't into it at all, and you knew Christian was eating the RKO, so who was truly into that match? I left, took a shit, walked my dog, beat off 3 times and the fucking match was still on. fucksake.

    Wyatt's stuff was good, but a taped promo isn't exactly the most exciting thing to watch.

    Then we had a good ME wrestling wise, but the same old shit storyline wise. I get that DB is awesome and everyone loves him, but I am personally a bit perturbed that he is the only guy being utilized properly. The parts with rollins were good, but after that it was just predictable and tedious to sit through. Big SHow chants? Yea, the crowd was desperate for anything to happen, but it didn't.

    So again, what was so great about Raw? un. event. ful.
  13. There was a lot of treading water on the show, but it didn't feel like it imo.

    The New Corporation/Daniel Bryan stuff was the same as last week, but there were different elements to it. They're doing a better job of making Triple H look like a tyrant and the babyfaces look miserable. HHH's promo was better, too, but part of that might be me just laughing at them using everything I hate about this asshole as a way to get heat.

    Fuck, forgot about the potheads vs Dorito. Change my score to a 7/10 plz

    The Punk/Heyman stuff was great, and it going so long > another filler segment happening. Seeing Heyman just crush Punk like that (and using the stupid app poll to get heat, too) was just awesome. There's a very old-school feeling you get when watching Heyman and HHH right now, you can almost feel the heat they get. Haven't had that feeling in a long time, and a lot of our scores reflect that.

    But there's a huge glaring problem right now. There's 2 main angles involving Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Show, Miz, HHH, Orton, Heyman, and Axel + maybe Lesnar. Heyman and Triple are getting a lot of heat which is great for Punk and Bryan, but the rest of these guys are getting absolutely nothing out of this.
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