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Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF
Hello everyone and welcone to the Rate Raw and Raw Recap for August 26th 2019! we got the in ring return of Sasha banks tonight aswell as the next chapter in the King of the Ring Tournament! so as always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, and if ya missed the show or just feel like it, you can read my recap below. Bare in mind i had a bit of a hard time keeping up tonight, so if you do read the recap bare that in mind, though part of it was just a lack of interest in the matches that took place, either way if you do read it i hope you enjoy it for what its worth!

Last thing, my keyboard is being dumb right now with keys sticking, so i cant properly edit this recap right now, so your getting a uneditted raw look at what its like before i edit it lol, be warned its messy lol. Speaking of which ima clean my keyboard then edit the recap and make it alot less...well not good.

Anyway..enjoy the show! and i will make a post in thsi thread once the recaps been updated!

And since the recap needs to be updated and i wouldnt want to subject you guys to that, below the recap you can find my personal review of the show!

Sasha Banks Kicks off Raw

We start off the show tonight with Sasha Banks, she comes down to the ring crowds cheering, its great to have her back. After a recap of what happened last week with Sasha Heel turn, we got Sasha in the ring mic in hand.

She says so everyone wants to know why, everyone wants to know why and where has sasha banks been. For 4 months, 4 months vies been gone, out fo sight minding my own buisness, yet all she hears is sasha banks sasha banks sasha banks...how sahs abanks threw a fit, yeah i did, how sasha banks at wrestlemania wa sseen crying in the back, i did, she took her ball and went home, and she did, because she was relagated to a tag team matches she cared nothing about, with tag titles that meant even less, so she went home..but she had a plan, to come back at the perfect moment, and then there natalya was.

She continues saying I came out here two weeks ago gave her a hug and leid straight to her face by saying your daddy would be so proud of you. Crowds booing, and look who came to save the day becky lynch! and you saw what happened to her didnt you? and now im getting all the attention i deserve...she goes on to say shes the boss of this womens devision, she owns it claims it.. and then Natalyas music hits she runs down and the two have a huge brawl.

Next we got sreeet profits backstage hypeing up the show, they talk about the tag team turmoil..turmoil? its a torunament with atleast 5 teams, and the winners face seth and braun for the tag titles at clash of champions.

And now for the first match of the night, and this should be a great one.

Ricochet VS Drew Mcintyre

So we start off this match Ricochet useing hsi agility to do some flips but drew shuts him down, Ricochet knocks him to the outside and runs the apron to the ring post in a attempt to land on drew, but drew gets out of the way Ricochet lands on his feet and the two have a staredown, ricochet tries to do a type of hurricanranna but drew uses hsi strength to stop ricochet mid flip, he solds him and does a sidewalk slam onto the barricade but holds on, goes up the ring steps and does it on the ring apron to leave ricochet laying as we go toc ommercial.

We come back and drew has ricochet in a nasty submisson, ricochet turns it into a cover but drew kicks out, both men knock eachother down after some back and forth, ricochet gets the upper hand with a dropkick from the top rope knocking drew outside, ricochet runs the ropes dives outside to lay out mcintyre, Ricochet gets drew in the ring, tries to lift him up but fails, he goes for the reverseranna but drew turns it into a alabama slam for the near fall.

Drew picks him up slaps him, he picks him up again ricochet fights out but gets a elbow, ricochet gets in the corner drew leaps to tackle him ricochet catches notern lights rolls through drew tosses him ricochet gets the upper hand

Ricochet gets drew in place and gets to the top rope, drew stops him hits him with a solid right, drew gets outside tossed ricochet stairs ricochet leaps over uses the apron for a kick, he goes for something again but meets a headbut drew gets him in the ring goes for claymore ricochet does a superkick stuns him drew is down does kicks mcintyre tackles him and follows it up with asit down powerbomb for the near fall.

drew gets him up on hsis houdls to the top rope ricochet fights out lands hurts ricochet gets to the top rope hits recoil drew is down goes to the top rope and hits the 630 for the pin.

Next up we got a interview with Seth and Braun.

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman

We got seth and braun backstage after the replay of what happened last week. Seth says its quite a situation but its what we do, we win titles, and if anyoen wants their tag team titles they will be ready. Brauns stareing at seths universal title but said they will be ready, but what braun wants to know is who will seths opponant be at clash fo champions. and it leads to braun challengeing seth for the title at clash fo champions...which seth accepts...interesting

For the first time ever, at clash fo champions the tag team champions will defend their titles, and then battle eachother for the main title...interesting.

Next we got the next king fo the ring match for the night..please for th elove of all thigns sacred dont let corbin have the suit.

Baron Corbin VS The Miz

this starts off with Miz in the ring and he says In my 13 year career ive done alot, he goes on to list his accomplishments, and promotes Miz and Mrs, and throughout hsi career, what do you want? simple, i want it all he says, these are the firsts teps to becoming king awesome. then corbins music hits.

Damn it hes back int he dan suit...why? damn it WWE.

And as the match starts corbin takes the suit off, thank goodness. So this match starts the two going back and forth but Miz gets the upperhand as he knocks corbin to the outside, he slides out the ring and runs into a right by corbin, as he takes control. Beating up Miz on the outside gets him in the ring, Miz throws him to the corner to create distance but corbin slides around the corner back in the ring and hits a big clothesline for a nearfall. We go to commercial.

We come back and Corbins about to hit Miz who dodges it and hits a swingign neckbreaker, miz si in control laying in the kicks then rusn back and forth hitting corbin with double knees, and hits a double axe handle from the top rope for the near fall.

Miz goes for the figure 4 but corbin stops him, he gets up and hits Miz with deep 6 for a near fall. Corbin goes for end of days but Miz dodges it and hits a DDT for a nearfall, Miz then hits the yes kicks to corbin, he goes for the last kick but corbin turns it into a roll up for the near fall,, corbin does the slide again but miz turns it into the skull crushing finale, and gets the near fall.

Miz beats up corbin on the outside rolls him back in, gets on the apron and tries to hit corbin but misses, eh rusn the ropes and runs right into a End of Days, Corbin gets the pin, and advances in the torunament.

Corbin goes up to the stage and goes to the trone puts the crown on grabs the sceptre and mic. Corbin says (my stream cut out ima have to go to youtube with find out what he said after the match)

Next up we got OC backstage, anderson says last week rollisn and strowman earned a title match out of thin air,. but they gotta compete in a tag team turmoil match to get a shot, its not fair, but tonight they will right the wrongs and get their shot at the tag team titles.

bayleys music hits, because the brandsplits nonexistent, shes in action next.

Nikki Cross VS Bayley

So this starts off they go back and forth, Bayley quickly gets the upperhand, until they get outside and Nikki knocks bayley into the ring apron gets her in the ring and puts in a submission, nikki beats her up a up keeps control until Bayley gets control, if you noticed by me not going into details, that tells you how good or not good a match is.

Anyway bayley hits the rope from top rope for the easy pin.

Next up we got braun backstage, he says clash of champions will be a busy and historic one, they will deal with whoever challenges them and he will beat seth for the universal title, and defend his U.S. title after he wins it tonight from AJ Styles.

Now then, its time for Tag Team Tormoil.

8 Team Tag Team Tormoil Match.

Viking Raiders VS B Team

B Team gets a little bit of offense but they quickly get shut down and lose..next up, The OC.

Viking Raiders VS The O.C.

The O.C.quickly get to work isolateing one of the viking raiders, before they brawl on the outside ahuge dive, both teams fight in the ring and its chaos, Ref calls for the bell and its a double DQ. Viking Raiders and The OC are elimnated.

Well..okay then.

Robet Roode and Dolph Ziggler VS Lucha House Party

We come back and Lucha house party is here and taken control of the match, the teams fight a bit until dolph hits a super kick to the back fo one of the lucha house party members heads for the pin, and here comes the revival.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode VS The Revival.

Goodness man they need to slow down i cant keep up from this chaos. dolph and dash do some back and forth and this match seems like it may actually get somewhere, scott dawson does a sneaky tag and they get control, they keep dolph near their corner and work him over.

they keep working over dolph keeping control for a bit until dolph hits a elbow, gets the tag but remains in the ring,

Dolph Ziggler VS Hawkins and Ryder

So now we got Hawkins and Ryder out, they do a few things and Dolph hits a super kick for the pin...dawmn that was fast...and now we got the last team, heavy machinary.

Dolph Ziggler and RObet Roode VS Heavy Mahcinary

So they go back and forth but somehow Dolph and Robet take control dolphs got a rest hold, they go back and forth and do some okay stuff, but as they go for their finisher, dolph comes in with the superkick and does the zigzag to otis who lands on his partner, robet roode hits the glorious DDT for the win.

Sasha Banks VS Natalya

This match starts fast they beat the crap out fo each outher, Sasha targets natalyas arm and locks in the bank statement for the tap out,

Sasha leaves goes to leave but then locks it in again to add insult ti injury, then finally leaves.

Cedric Alexander VS Cesaro

So these two go back and forth with uppercuts and cedric gets the upperhand with a dropkick, he rusn the ropes ready to dive but gets a uppercut, they do some good stuff both taking control from the other, and we eventually go to commercial.

We come back and Cesaros targeting the leg of cedric, they show a replay of him smashing cedrics leg into the ring screen thingy and on the apron, and now Cesaros targeting the leg and does a big superplex from the top rope for the near fall. Locks in a leg lock, cedric fights out and as cesaro rusn the ropes he hits a standing spanish fly for the near fall and takes control, he tries to lift Cesaro up but cant due to his leg. Cesaro goes into the half crab again and continues to hurt cedrics leg.

Cedric rolls cesaro to the outside but he runs right back in, and rusn right into a Lumbar check, as Cedric gets the pin.

We get a replay of the recent 24/7 title stuff that happened over the weekend, a backstage interview with newly formed team of Dolph and roode, the only thing i took away was robert saying "This team didnt form on a whim"...because it totally did, we arent stupid WWE.

After some street profits greatness we are getting braun vs Aj next.

But first. We get a recap of everything thats happened with Bray Wyatt and The Fiend and Firefly Funhouse, its a awesome video package as youd expect. And then we get Aj Styles VS Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman VS AJ Styles. United States Championship

So this match starts and Braun immediately sends AJ over the top rope, he gets out rusn the ring and slams AJ not once, but twice, then he tosses AJ Styles back in the ring AJ gets in the corner storwman charges after him Aj gets his feet up knocks stroman away goes for the phenomal forarm braun catches him with a chokeslam for the near fall, Braun knocks AJ outside the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back and Braun Strowman remains in control, but Aj locks in a sleeper hold, braun is fadeing and down to aknee, but braun gets back up and backs up into the corner making AJ release it, braun charges at AJ but Aj dodges and chops at brauns legs, Styels then continues to chop down braun kicks to the leg an dgets him down again.

AJ does a moonsault from the middle rope for the near fall, he kicks strowman in the back of the head keeping him down and locks in the calf crusher, brauns screamin in pain trying not to tap. Braun lifsts himself to hsi knees and slams Aj down for a nearfall.

Braun charges and slams AJ and attempots the powerslam but AJ gets out strowman charges him but hits the ring post, refs out AJ rakes the eyes hits the low blow, he grabs a chair gets in the rin, and starts hitting strowman with the chair, he goes to hit braun again but braun turns it into a powerslam, but there is no ref, OC come out try to beat down braun but braun fight sout and hits the OC with the chair, he then goes to hit AJ but the ref sees braun with the chair and DQs him.

Then braun wrecks havoc, beating The OC and Aj Styles with the chair and hitting a running powerslam to stand tall at the end.


Well that was Raw everyone! as always leave your thoughts below rate in the poll above and i will see you again soon!

EDIT: Like i said its messy lol, i gotta clean my keyboard a few keys are sticking, but after that i will edit it and make it better. But dont worry if ya read it anyway thanks! i appreciate it very much so!

This was a very and quite clearly Vince Mcmahon edition of Raw in allmost every way, no good promos, only one good match, throwing a team together like Dolph and Roode and them actually winning, thinking fans are stupid and having Roode say their team wasnt made on a whim, which it was and thats a flat out lie, insulting our intelligence. Combine that with a double DQ for Viking Raiders and The O.C. which was dumb.

And not to mention them basicly spoiling Clash of Champions, talking about how historic it would be if Seth and Braun defend their title sin the same night as they face eachother for the universal title, the tag champions faceing eachother for a world title, never been done before, so you know they will do it, so Seth and Braun winning is basicly set in stone, and add to that the same old same old ending to the show. (Good match with a bad ending..also predictiable, i would have liked The Fiend coming out and saving braun from the OC, makes sesne character wise) And you got a very obviously Vince episode of Monday Night Raw, and thats not a good thing, its bad, very bad.

I give this a 3/10 or rather a 2/5. The only reason i didnt rate lower is the Drew and Ricochet match was really good, but the rest was not at all.

Grievous 3D

A Means To An End
Another Alpha Recap...these are good value.

My Thoughts...without actually watching the show:
~ Sasha...less talking...more kicking ass!
~ So Drew is a jobber at this point right?
~ So...its Strowman vs. Rollins for the Fruit Roll Up at COC...
Why is it every time Seth wins the tag titles everything goes
to shit? Jason Jordan got injured, Jon Moxley turned heel &
now Strowman wants the Fruit Roll Up. Am I the only one
noticing the pattern here?

Also Strowman vs. Rollins can end in 1 of 3 ways...
1). Rollins drops the belt...again...and looks weak as piss...AGAIN...
2). Strowman fails in ANOTHER Fruit Roll Up match...which I think
would be the 6th of 7th time he's done that...
3). Le$nar shows up for a fucked finish which leads to a triple threat
at the next pay per view for the Fruit Roll Up...

~ Go away Corbin! The ratings don't want you around!
~ Also can the Miz focus on reclaiming the I.C title & making it worth
something again? Let Miz make the I.C title great again!
~ Bayley won...which is good...but why was she even on this show?
~ So Ziggler & Roode are a tag team now? Can the WWE just hire James Storm already?
~ Sasha won fast...which is good. Have her do the same thing next week!
~ So Cesaro is a jobber at this point right? Also fancy having Ricochet &
Cedric go over Drew & Cesaro on the same night...is Vince sick or something?
~ And the night ends with a DQ finish? Great booking there...
~ Also no Becky Lunch? Are we doing Becky vs. Sasha at COC or not?!

Nice work Alpha...

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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
It’s not worth it anymore to stay up till 2 am to watch this shitshow

EDIT: Actually it STARTS at 2 am so you have to turn into an owl until 5 am kicks in.
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The Artiste
Ok lets start with Sasha Banks, whom I really enjoyed in this episode. Her opening promo was good. The reason for the turn makes sense (I especially liked the fact she buried the garbage women's tag titles). The delivery was so-so, but then again she has never been amazing on the mic. The match with Natalya was good, and she did a wonderful job playing a despicable heel.

Drew vs Ricochet was a great back and forth match-up, filled with fantastic spots. Props to Drew for putting on some stellar matches in the past few weeks. Ricochet winning was an absolute shocker for me. I thought that Mcintyre was taking this tournament for sure, but boy was I wrong. This match should have happened in the semi finals, since Drew losing in the first round makes him look really weak. I also don't get the sudden stop in his push. Did he fail to grab the imaginary brass ring? Hopefully he bounces back, because this guy is the definition of a main event star, not to mention a MUCH better version of Roman Reigns.

Miz vs Corbin wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still pretty boring. Please God don't make Corbin the winner of this thing.

The tag team turmoil match was a mess, and an excuse to pop in 100 commercial breaks. Gallows & Anderson and the Viking Raiders looked like absolute idiots for getting DQ-ed. After that the random pairing of Ziggler and Roode proceeded to obliterate 4 established teams. LOL! Jokes aside, its not like any of these teams are actually credible, so I am ok with Ziggler and Roode winning in a dominating fashion here. Besides both of them are great wrestlers, but its clear WWE doesn't want to push them as singles competitors. So maybe they can transfer their talents to this god awful division, and actually elevate it a bit. Give them the titles at Clash of Champions and make them a legitimate team, lets see how it goes. I really don't see a better solution currently.

Cedric vs Cesaro was an enjoyable, fast paced match. Unfortunately the crowd was dead silent for this, which kinda ruined it. Cedric selling his leg after the match probably means that he is losing to Corbin. Goddamn it!

The main event was ok. I really enjoyed AJ dominating Strowman for the majority of the match, as I feel like he is one of the few guys on the roster who should be able to do that. Sadly in the end Strowman makes the OC look like chumps, yet again.

Apart from the Drew & Ricochet match, and the Sasha Banks stuff there was nothing noteworthy on this show. It felt very much like a filler episode, with some decent wrestling, but minimal story progression.



The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
It feels like after a nice run of a few weeks of very good shows, RAW returned back to mediocricy, which is why I couldn't find it possible to go above a 4/10 rating. Thoughts:

- Though I definetely dig the Sasha heel turn, her delivery was just awful in my opinion. Too scripted, too "robotic", if you will. As my buddy Grevious put it, less talk, more action is the way to go...

- Richotte versus Drew was easily the MOTN and though I love me some Richotte, I do admit I was surprised they eliminated Drew in this very early stage of the tournament. Honestly, this "start and stop" push with McNtyre had to end; you either make this guy the big star he can potentially be, or you don't. Presenting him as a monster heel and then having him fail to win the big matches that actually matter serves no purpose...

- Tag Team Tur...mess . Funny thing is, this out of the blue team of Ziggler and Roode will go over at Clash of Champions and become your new RAW tag champs which...I guess is ok? Would have been cool if they actually had the Street Prophets enter this turmoil match as a surprise instead of them being limited to the backstage schtick...Anyway...

- Hey, at least Corbin is getting rid of the shirt and doesn't look like a waiter wrestling anymore...

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