Spoiler Rate Raw 8/28/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 28, 2017.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and let us know what you think of the show :emoji_slight_smile:


    The Miztourage was in the ring but before he could talk, Kurt Angle came out and told him he would defend the title at Summerslam. Miz interrupted and defined respect and told Angle he did not understand respect. Angle started a battle royal to name the number once contender to the IC title.

    Battle Royal for the IC Championship

    Jeff Hardy became the number one contender for the IC title by winning the battle royal.

    Enzo Amore vs Noam Dar

    Enzo Amore won by pin fall in his cruiserweight debut

    Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

    Cesaro won by pin fall.

    Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose won by pin fall

    Emma vs Mickie James

    Emma won by pin fall.

    Contract Signing Roman Reigns vs John Cena

    The two bickered about who was better. They were both interrupted by the Club and Angle made a tag match.

    The Club vs Roman Reigns and John Cena

    Cena and Roman won by pin fall.

    Elias Samson

    Elias was interrupted by Jerry Lawler who introduced Heath Slater as Pelvis Wesley, whom Elias beat the crap out of.

    Raw Women's Championship: Champion Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss

    Alexa Bliss beat Sasha Banks to become the new Raw Women's Champion. After the match, Nia Jax beat Sasha Banks down but then turned on Bliss and attacked her.

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  3. Liked it up to about the main event then i didn't care so much but otherwise a decent show
  4. :troll:
  5. 6.5/10

    Overall good show. What was holding it down was the Tag match between Club and Cena because they didn't really follow up their...ya know...heated shoot-like segment beforehand... and the Pelvis bit I didn't care for other than the memes. Also, clearly an unpopular opinion, but I like Alexa Bliss (not just because I use her as Nova Taylor's rep). Do I like Sasha having a short title run again? Not really, but I get the story they're telling of Sasha being unable to stay champ. The main event was actually pretty good between them and Nia coming out at the end makes me intrigued for a new feud.
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  6. Okay...

    I know wrestling is fake and I know I shouldn't get stressed or angry...
    I know its basically a "Violent Soap Opera" and that at the end of the day
    its just a television show written and performed to entertain people...


    I am so physically and mentally angry at the fact that once again Sasha Banks
    wins the RAW Women's title only to loose it so soon afterwards.

    Its not funny, its not telling a compelling story and its not fair to Sasha as
    a performer...and not only that...but it appears that now Nia "3 Moves" Jax
    is being positioned as the possible Number 1 contender and next champion.

    Nia is too green and too boring as a character to be a credible champion...
    and who honestly wants to watch Alexa vs. Nia? Possibly two of the worst
    (female) workers on the entire roster.

    But knowing the WWE they will book a triple threat at No Nercy between Alexa,
    Nia & Sasha and I will again have to watch Sasha get ragged dolled by Nia and
    eventually get pinned by Nia or Alexa.

    I want to enjoy wrestling...but this year...the booking across all the wrestling I have
    been watching has f*cking SUCKED!

    I can't even be happy that Emma finally had a win on RAW...because they once
    again took the belt away from Sasha.

    I can't be bothered talking about the rest of the show...because it will be nothing
    but me spitting venom at a company I want to support...but I'm slowly growing to

    I'm done.

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  7. Decent show but it was made better by all the great people in the chat. Even when we disagree, we still have good talks :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. @Red Rain

    Don't laugh at me, little boy. I'll take your candy a$$ out to the woodshed :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. That was one surreal a$$ promo.
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  10. #10 King Of Armageddon, Aug 29, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
    I rated this show a 7: The Miz did another great promo as he campaigned about not getting the respect he deserves as Intercontinental champ.

    What the hell is up with Hairless Big Show?? AND LET THE JOKES BEGIN, I know The Rock would have the best jokes on Big Show's new look right about now.

    Anyways, I glad Jason Jordan did not win this Battle Royal to face The Miz for his Intercontinental title and now I'm excited to see Jeff Hardy in that match.

    Alexa did another good promo for her rematch that would be later in the evening.

    Enzo Amore gets a clean win over Noam Dar?? Using an inverted stomp facebuster (basically Xavier Woods' Lost In The Woods move)?? WOW very unexpected, maybe the WWE is going to give him a small push.

    Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman did a great promo for the No Mercy match against Braun Strowman.

    The Shield Brothers (Ambrose & Rollins) did one on one matches against The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus), it was good. Well the finish that Cesaro got over Rollins was too cheap of a win but WWE fixed this by Rollins getting the sneaky win off of Sheamus.

    The segment that Emma & Mickie James had, was a little funny. Is it me or does Emma gets funnier each week?? However the match that these two women performed, was unnecessary and drab. And why the hell did they change Emma's entrance music?? They made it much worse because now it sounds like 90's pop music, is the WWE working on their own mixtape album again??

    John Cena & Roman Reigns put on a very interesting promo segment as they prepared to sign their contracts. Although Reigns stumbled a bit on some of his words, Cena sealed the rest of the segment with his deep, hard hitting insults. This helped Roman Reigns quite a bit long term and also leading up to No Mercy. Then The Good Brothers (Anderson & Gallows) killed the mood by coming out to stir up trouble but a quick tag team match with the top faces of the company served them well. As Cena took all the pummeling from The Good Brothers, finally tagged Reigns in where he laid waste to both guys and prepared for a Tag Team Finisher moment.

    After this there was another pointless Elias segment where he beat up on Heath Slater (dressed as Pelvis Wesley).

    And lastly, we had the main event between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss in a rematch for the Raw Women's Championship. I wasn't that interested at this point, mostly because of the up and down excitement in the whole show. However, I watched it anyway and just when I thought all the bullshit was over for the night, it wasn't. Alexa Bliss gets the win and her title back as Nia Jax came down to the ring, crushed Sasha, pretended to be happy for Alexa just to attack her as well. If this is a chance for Nia Jax to either get the Raw Women's title or be more aggressive or both then I'm all for it. DON'T WASTE OUR TIME WITH HOPES OF NIA JAX BEING MORE DOMINATING IN THE DIVISION, WWE!!! Just don't.

    All in all, 3 great promos, 4 good matches, 4 matches with unusual end results (that includes 3 of the good matches) and a few things that people will take issue with.
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  11. I only saw the beginning and end. Battle Royal was great, cruiserweights were fine, Pelvis Wesly was lame, and Sasha losing was gold. On the plus side, I had amazing chicken and rice at my local mexican restaurant mid show
  12. That Cena/Reigns promo was f*cking beautiful. Meta Cena is best Cena.
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  13. Pervert
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  15. Gave it a 6/10 myself and while somewhat boring at times, this weeks show did have some "wow" moments. A few thoughts on the main talking points of the evening:

    - First off, giving some love and thoughts to Booker T....

    On that note, it was actually nice to have Lawler back in the commentary booth, even if it was a one time thing due to Booker's necessary absence for obvious reasons. No disrespect to Booker or anything and this is perhaps coming from an old school guy who grew up with his voice (alongside JR, that is), but I actually liked this better.

    - "Suplex city...b*tch" and...enough said; sometimes, all it takes is one line and this case, being it was another one of those typical Heyman promos, Brock closing the promo himself the way he did was brilliant and to the point.

    - When you have guys like Cedric Alexander or Mustafa Ali (to name a few bright examples) I find it very bazaar that Enzo Amore, out of all people, gets the title shot against Neville. While I am sure we all love Enzo, it isn't exactly his in ring skills that we all admire and Neville's reaction last night in questioning Enzo being actual competition was actually hillarious. My fear is, being that Enzo is as over as he is and a great merch seller, I can totally see WWE giving him the strap. There's no denial we could have some fun with it but at the same time, how will they make me believe that Enzo has a chance at all against Neville?

    - Without any doubt, the Cena/Reigns segment was the highlight of the night. I am very pleased to see that WWE are allowing at least some of the talent to take it a step further with their promos, be somewhat edgy and add some reaslism into their promos. Granted, they won't (and don't) do that with everyone aside the few selected ones but it's situations like this one that remind us why we are WWE fans to begin with.

    I've already heard some talk that this might have partially been a shoot but I honestly doubt that. I'm pretty sure most of it was scripted beforehand and the only part that perhaps Cena took some initiative was when Reigns stumbled and probably forgot his line, in which point Cena said "it's called a promo...you gonna need to learn how to do it if you wanna be called the big dog".

    Other then that, Cena talking about "heel turns" and "4th walls" or "burials" was all really interesting stuff and though people may think that Reigns came out a fool at the end of it and/or questioning why WWE would do this to their chosen one golden boy, make no mistake about it, it was part of their plan because apparently they think that this will help Roman Reigns in the long run. Pretty questionable idea, the way I see it but I won't hurry to judge and wait to see how this all plays out being we do have another month (more or less) till No Mercy.

    - Last but not least, I can see why my good friend Grevious is all frustrated about...

    While I understand this "Sasha failing at every title defense" is a story that WWE are seemingly trying to push, I fear that it mostly damages her rather then elevating her and it's really hard, at the end of the day, to take her serious as the "legit boss" that she calls herself. Just my two cents...

    Nia getting the opportunity is fine by me but I'm sure they could have let Sasha enjoy a lengthy run before all that and I'm also wondering if what transpired last night was the beginning of a face turn for Bliss. Fans love her, no doubt and perhaps WWE are thinking to turn her but I'm not so sure this would work based on her character....
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  16. Oh...and 1 other thing...Emma's new music SUCKS!!!
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  17. Exactly...all this does for Sasha is make her look like a f*cking loser who can't string two wins together...
    and the last time I checked...people and wrestling fans don't like losers! And I'm not counting Ellsworth
    because he is and always has been a joke.

    The idea of Nia being champion makes me f*cking cringe as she's boring in the ring and on the mic...and
    I dread the day they put the belt on her...I mean...if she improves then okay...but she hasn't improved since
    arriving on the main roster and she's been made to look weak as piss by tapping out at least 3 times in
    televised matches.

    "Look out! Its Nia Jax!"

    "Don't worry...just tire her out and slap a submission hold on her and she'll tap out like a f*cking loser"

    A face turn for Alexa Bliss already? I just can't see it...

    I mean what kind of character will she play? "A Likeable Nasty b*tch"

    Look...I was stoked when the WWE pushed Alexa and gave her a title run on SmackDown...but enough
    is enough already. She's sexy, she's expressive, she's great on the mic...but her ring skills are lacking
    and she is only 25 years old. WWE are pushing her like they only have her for another few months.

    Its almost like she's becoming the Ro...wait...I'm going to stop myself there...because that would be
    too harsh an insult.

    She isn't Goldberg or Brock Lesnar...injuries aside they will have Alexa Bliss for at least 5 to 7 years...
    so why are they pushing her so strongly so quickly?

    Wait...I know...because she's white and blonde...and while she isn't as tall as Charlotte...she is better
    on the mic and she is going to be on Total Divas...unlike the horsewomen who all said no...and look
    at how they have been booked in the last 6 to 8 months.

    The entire women's division across both brands as a f*cking mess...and its even worse now that Asuka
    had to vacate the NXT title.

    Add this to the Emmalina bullshit, Ellsworth ruining two history making ladder matches, Bayley being
    completely ruined, buried and injured, Charlotte basically being a non-entity on SmackDown, Rosemary
    loosing the Knockouts title to Sienna & being injured by Sexy Star at Triplemania...and this year has
    basically been one long nightmare of booking f*ck ups as far as I'm concerned.

    (And that's without me even looking at the men's division)

    And I won't be surprised if Carmella is the SmackDown women's champion soon even though she
    clearly isn't ready for it.

    But hey...she's white, blonde, younger than Natalya and is on Total Divas...who cares that she's been
    booked like a total f*cking loser her entire main roster run and only achieved something of note with the
    help of a man...give her the MitB contract and then put the belt on her.

    I swear...Charlotte vs. Sasha wasn't perfect...and the wrong woman came out on top in the end...but
    it was better than everything the main roster is currently giving us.
  18. Pros :

    + Lets get it out of the way first. Cena dissing Roman was by far the best part of this show. Reigns got completely b*tch slapped here, as he was way out of his league. My favorite parts of the segment were Cena calling him out for not being able to cut promos for sh*t, and also acting as if the US title was a demotion, which I completely agree with. Roman called him a b*tch a couple of times and that's about all that he really did. Never the less, this was a great segment and I am looking forward to their match at No Mercy.

    + The battle royal to determine who faces Miz next week for the IC title was a good idea. I thought either Balor or Jordan would take this, but no they gave it to Jeff Hardy, which is really interesting. I have been a big Jeff Hardy fan ever since I was a kid, so I don't mind this at all. I don't think this will be a one and done with Jeff losing, I think he will either win the title next week or at No Mercy. Please WWE, keep the IC title as far away as possible form the big dog.

    + Heyman's promo was good as expected.

    + Emma won, HURRAY.

    Cons :

    - Okay so in the battle royal Bray Wyatt interfered and eliminated Finn Balor which means their feud is continuing, and I couldn't care less. You had Bray win on Raw, and the demon lord god at Summerslam, why is this feud continuing???

    - Cena says there is no such thing as a golden shuvel, and then proceeds to bury Gallows and Anderson with the help from Roman in 3 mins.

    - 205 lel.

    - Emma has a new song, BOOO.

    - Ok I don't know who Sasha pissed off backstage but this is just mean. She has had 4 title reigns, and if you combine them all they didn't last for a frigging month. Now that is sad. You know what else is sad? Nia Jax turning face. She is already a cringe heel, now as a baby face she will surpass the main roster Bayley level of cringe. But do you know what is even sadder then that? Asuka comiting career suicide and coming to Raw. I give them 3 weeks before they absolutely gut her.

    Overall 6.5/10
  19. So, are these Roman/Cena segments from last week and this week worth checking out? That's like the only thing that remotely piques my interest.
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  20. I would recommend that you check the one from this week. I think you will get a real kick out of it :brock4:
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