Spoiler Rate RAW 8/3/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill. Vote above and give your thoughts below!

    RAW Recap:

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  2. I gave it a 6. It's sort of the score I give average RAW and it wasn't bad but not really good. It was just sort of there.

    I liked:

    Piper tribute

    Miz saluting Piper

    Rollins vs Neville. This was a good match. I even liked the ending of it. Only thing I don't like is Rollins using the pedigree. It's just weird.

    Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeating the Bellas. It was a good match, still not on the level of NXT Diva matches, but was good.

    Paul Heyman's amazing promo. The guy could make Al Gore look exciting.

    The main event was a decent match even though I really didn't care about it.

    I didn't like:

    Paige vs Naomi. This was boring.

    Henry vs Rusev. This was dreadful.

    the Four team tag match was boring.

    Barrett vs Ryder was boring.

    It wasnt a bad Raw, just not a great one either.
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  3. Iced-Z got a RAW match? no waiz.. I gave it a middle 5... Neville vs Rollins was a great match.
  4. -The match between Seth Rollins and Neville was good. I love the idea of Seth having his own version of the "Open Challenge" with the WWE Championship on the line. Hopefully he continues doing it every week until Summerslam gets here. Seeing a few midcarders get ring time with the champion and coming a hair away from winning the big one could be pretty fun to watch, and a slew of (clean?) victories would make Seth look strong going into his match with Cena at the PPV.

    -The segment between Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and The Miz on MizTV enjoyable. Good little back and forth verbal spat between Owens and Cesaro here, and I love how Miz got trapped in the middle of the action.

    -Glad to see The New Day become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Now here's hoping they regain them at Summerslam like they should have done at Battleground.

    -Paul Heyman delivers yet another amazing promo.

    -Main event was pretty good, especially the end.
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  5. Decent episode. 6/10
    We got the usual mix of good and bad stuff.

    - The opening segment featuring Rollins was good. It's been a while since I could enjoy a Rollins promo. I usually loathe The Authority related opening segments, but this one was good.
    - Rollins vs Neville was really good, I enjoyed it.
    - Charlotte & Becky vs The Bellas was decent.
    - The MizTV segment with Cesaro & KO was fine.
    - Heyman was simply fantastic!
    - Reigns, Ambrose & Orton vs Sheamus, Wyatt & Harper was a decent ME, although I wasn't thrilled about it.

    - The New Day & The Ascension vs The Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores was a yawn fest.
    - Rusev vs Henry was garbage.
    - Clown Barrett vs Ryder was garbage.
    - Paige vs Naomi was a yawn fest.
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  6. So after having nothing better to do than to watch this... Gotta say this show's in such a weird place for me.

    7/10 and 3/10 both at the same time somehow. Dadadada dadadada.

    Heyman, though. Where did that rank on the best promos OF ALL TIME?
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    I just wanted to point out that seth's initial promo was really good. I don't know what was about it that I liked so much, but something clicked with me, It's weird because I usually skip him talking out of boredom(mostly his character's fault, rather then his).

    edit: grammar
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  8. You were staring at his awesome shirt the whole time :otunga:
  9. That shirt is pretty good, hun? Good catch
  10. I think it's the fact that the crowd was cheering him on as he spoke of dismantling Cenas face. The dude is a natural face and works much better feeding off of crowd positivity. Once they finally turn him face he will battle Cena for top baby face in the company, no matter how hard they wanna push Reigns.
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  11. I couldn't agree more.
    That promo by Seth in the opening segment was good, indeed!
    I've come to loathe pretty much everything that's Authority-related, especially them opening the shows, but Seth did a good job this week on RAW.
    More of the same, please.
  12. I suspected that was it. Even if he was being ironic, it was a babyface-ish promo(the first-half, anyway). He works the crowd really well
  13. Okay, after thinking more about this show... I'm going the positive route. :blackshock:

    Excellent episode of Raw... Usually I'm the guy who pays attention to storylines and likes having character development and promo segments on Raw, but... Ya know, WWE really

    Ironically, this was such an in-touch episode. Us wrestling fans talk about how we want a better Divas' division, so here's Steph saying "Look at me! Better Divas' division! Y'all did that stupid hashtag a while back and we said we'd listen... Look! We listened!" while we do kinda wish the girls could have motivations of their own... Hell. We have a trend going of two GOOD Divas' bouts on every episode of Raw for three weeks now. Incredible. On top of that, Neville vs Rollins was psychologically awesome for a performer who could use more of that. More wrestling for wrestling's sake in the main event, but it was fun... Hell, we got four good matches on Hulu Raw. How many years could we have begged for that on the two-hour show? This was like the 2012 dream show so lets not bash this one too hard.

    AND we had five great talking segments. Rollins' promo was great, then it became a lot of fun with the challenge, haha. Heyman pulled out an all time great promo and had me revved up to see a match I don't give the slightest piece of fuck about. KO and Cesaro had me jumping. Sheamus being part of a smokey backroom Wyatt promo was something right out of the smartassiest parts of my mind, and any kind of Shield callback is great TV.

    although someone in creative better get to steppin or he gon' get his ass kicked :henry:
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  14. 7. Rollins/Neville, Heyman, and the TT triple threat. Good stuff.
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