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The Guardian of Light
Rising Star
Hello everyone and welcome to the Rate RAW and Raw Recap for August 5th 2019! the go home show for Summerslam, as always leave your thoughts below give your rateing in the poll above, and if you missed the show or wanna read it anyway, you can read my recap below. enjoy!

We Stand Together

We kick off the show tonight as we pay tribute to the lives lost in the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and familys who were effected by those terrible acts, may those who lost their lives rest peacefully.


After the raw intro, which hasnt been shown in ages it feels like, Samoa Joe interupts it standing on the announcers table, he says hes here to right a wrong, saying he didnt make that construction stuff to fall on roman, and had a fairly decent back and forth with the commentary team, we go to a replay of what had happened, he said there was more cameras then a dystopion thing, he says his good name is bismurched, and hes gonna wait all night until roman reigns gets here, only to be interupted by the man, Becky Lynch, as we get to our first match of the night.

Becky Lynch and Charlotee VS Trish Stratus and Natalya

Before we start we get confirmation that Becky vs Natalya at Summerslam will be a submission match

Becky and Natalya start off with some good back and forth, reversals counters into submissions and such, then charlotte tags herself in and dominates most of the match working over natalya, eventually becky tags herself back in only to get hit in the back by charlotte, who then proceeds to leave as natalya puts the sharpshooter on becky, becky gets to the ropes natalya doesnt break it and gets DQed, as natalya drags becky in the ring sharpshooter still hooked in Trish stops her natalya leaves, and thats that.

Next up after a recap of last weeks gauntlet we got rey in action next

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade

As always these two have a fantastic match, after knocking andrade to the outside rey flys threw the ropes and does a rolling powerbomb into the barricade, they do more great stuff, after alot of great stuff andrade tries to take reys mask off he fails, rey goes to the ropes to recover, vega attacks rey then andrade hits his finisher for the win.

The 24/7 Title Saga Continues!

We get a recap of what happened last week with the moshpit tag team match where truth retained, then it all led to Maria becoming champion

we got maria with her husband at the doctors apointment, maria tells mike that he has one job, protect their unborn child, protect her and protect the 24/7 title, he says he wont let her down as they go to the apointment, In said apointment mike tells her not to worry, he gives her a hug and a tap is heard 3 times, turns out the doctor was a female ref and mike pinned his wife for the title, gets a huge pop from the crowd, he escapes to the other room only to discover R Truth, whose water breaks he throws out a baby for mike to catch as R Truth pins mike to become 24/7 champion and escapes.

nexst we get a backstage promo from becky which is short and not note worthy, same for natalyas promo right afterward, but what is noteworthy is the fact Lesnar is here, and hes next.

Brock Lesnar and Paul heyman

Brock and Heyman make their way to the ring, he says brock instructed and ordered him to educate the fans both in the arena and at home. He says wasnt seth supposed to be the beast slayer? wasnt seth supposed to be the conqurers conqurer? the one who had brocks number? isnt he supposed to be the big hero for the new generation, isnt he supposed to be Seth Freaken Rollins. the answer to all of this lies in the footage of last week, because recaps.

We ofcourse get a recap of the beating seth took last week, still just as awesome. He says seths got more balls then brains, and that seths appearntly here, seths music hits and there he is, barely walking down the ramp steel chair in hand, useing it like a crutch. He gets in the ring, seth tries to hit Brock but lesnar easily kicks him first, crowd is silent as brock hits seth with the chair a few times, he picks seth up drives him into the corner, then does it again, crowd is dead silent for the most part, he pulls seths shirt off revealing his tapped up torso, seth tries to stand and brock just casually shoves him, Brock just toys with him for a bit.

Finally brock hits him with a F5, brock raises the title and leaves as we go to commercial.

As we come back appearntly seth hit another F5 before leaving, Seth is still in the ring recovering as he asks for a mic and cuts a pretty solid promo. He says its gotten to the point where hes had to ask himself if this was worth it, he says ya love somethin so much that youd do anything to protect it and keep it safe, even if the thing you love keeps you getting beat up week after week after week. he says for him the answer is yes, because this is all he is every second of every day, its all hes ever wanted, and all hes got and he will be at summerslam and he will beat Brock Lesnar. he guarnties it as the crowd chants Burn It Down.

He then walks on his own two feet as he leaves. We got interviwer lady backstage with none other then Kurt Angle, he says its great to be in his home town as the street profits show up to continue being awesome, drew interupts says its all really funny, he says he comes in peace to give kurt a reminder, about what happened last time they were in the ring together, how he tapped kurt out to his own ankle lock, a friendly reminder, and if kurt dosnt call it down the middle drew will kick kurts head in.

Next up, viking raiders vs local talent

The War Viking Raid Experience VS Random Local People

Same story as last week, nothing to see here.

In Memory of Harley Race

WWE then pays tribute to the late WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, they play a lovely video package, may he rest in peace.

Cedric Alaxander VS Drew Mcintyre with Kurt Angle as Ref

Before Cedric could finish his entrace drew ambushes him and beats him up around the ring as kurt watches, slams him into the barricade here and there, Cedric knocks drew into the ring post and hits a tornado DDT to drew on the floor..but then the lights go out and here comes The Fiend, he uses the mandible claw on Kurt to lay him out, then does a kind of Roar as the spooky lighting cuts off, we hear the Bray Wyatt luagh as we go to commercial.

The New Day VS The O.C.

Next up we got The New Day Big E and Xavier Woods, The O.C. then comes out with Aj Styles, before the match can get underway properly Aj Styles immediately gets in the ring and starts helping the OC beat up New Day, then Ricochet comes out for the save, and now we got ourselves a 3 on 3 tag team match, which doesnt last too long, its a decent match with O.C. hitting the magic killer for the win.

samoa joe backstage, says hes gonna stop the show and demands an apoligy from roman, which is next.

Samoa Joe Demands An Apology

We get another recap of the incident last week where stuff fell on roman. Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring he gets a mic. He demands roman comes out gets out here and apoligizes to him, roman doesnt come out he grabs a chair puts it in the ring sets it up sits down, says raw is shut down until roman arrives, he sits and waits, and waits says hes got all night. Crowd chants CM Punk, then he talks to some worker who says Roman is here and in the parking lot, Joe says he aint waitng any longer and he goes backstage to find him, he makes his way outside, samoa joe goes up to roman and they start to have a war of words, roman see something and dives into his car as another car comes in from outta nowhere and smashes into romans car and we cut to commercial.

We come back and see what happened next, Joe actually showing sympathy for roman, telling him to stay down dont move as he calls for a medic, we cut to a bit later and now triple h is there instead of samoa joe for some reason, appearntly in that time no medics arrived.

Next up we got a fatal 4 way tag team match for the wwe womens tag team championships.

Kabuki Warriors VS Iconics VS Sonya and Mandy VS Alexa and Nikki. Fatal 4 Way tag Team Elimination match for the Womens Tag Team Championships.

After Corey Graves has multiple orgasms seeing both Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss, we finally get this match underway, We start off with the iconics wrecking house on all three other teams, dominateing, mandy rose comes in sneak attacks the iconics and before ya know it, the iconics are elimanted, we will have new tag team champions, this just got good.

After a few tags we get some Sonya Deville vs Asuka action, these two could put on one hell of a match it seems, great stuff, espacially corey graves mention scurvy and kari zane, hilarious stuff even michael cole laughed a good bit, as did i, mandy hits a solid right to asuka as they double team asuka. Asuka and Mandy do some great stuff, Asuka puts Mandy in the asuka lock and taps out. Its now down to The Kabuki Warriors vs Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. One of them will become tag team champions.

Bliss has asuka in the corner hitting her with various stomps keeping asuka in the corner controlling the ring, good stuff despite the slow pace the match has crawled to, asuka chants dureing a near fall, more working in the corner asuka starts to fight out hits a german suplex on nikki as she makes the hot tag to Kari Zane, Zane goes off on zlea and nikki, Asuka puts in the asulka lock but she rolls into a pin asuka kicks out she lays out alexa tags kari, kari goes up but nikki stops her, nikki takes out asuka and then Alexa goes up and hits twisted bliss for the win.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are your new Tag Team Champions.

After a recap of the beating seth got earlier in the night, we got Miz coming out for the contract signing, which noteably is the final segment of the show.

MIZ TV: Miz vs Dolph Ziggler Summerslam Contract Signing

Miz kicks off Miz TV aswell as the contract signing by bringing in Shawn Michaels, shawn comes down like the star he is, then Miz brings out Dolph Ziggler. All three men are in the ring, Dolph says miz and shawn are ass kissers, he says hes been the best thing in pro wrestling since shawn lost his smile and miz lost his balls, he says when he wins he will get the appreciation he deserves by being a living breathing legend, he then signs the contract as miz says he cant wait to get his hands on ziggler next monday on raw, he says the contract ziggler signed wasnt to fight miz, they look at shawn, and shawn says it isnt him.

And then here comes Goldberg, he marches down to the ring and dolph quickly leaves as goldberg signs the contract, he grabs the mic and says Dolph Ziggler, guess what son, your next. And as dolph leaves in anger he gets some sweet chin music as the show goes off air.


Well everyone that was RAW! i hope you enjoyed the recap despite the various grammar fails that im sure i derped on, not feeling too good today so it will take a bit to edit, either way dont forget to rate in the poll above leave your thoughts below, and i'll see yall later!
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Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!
5/10 tonight.. pretty disappointed.

You can tell that Heyman has some control.. but you can also tell that Vince still does as well. It was almost like watching 2 shows in one.. the new improved RAW as developed by Heyman and the old bleh, doing the same thing over and over RAW as mastered by Vince.

Heyman = Seth/Brock segment, Samoa Joe opening and promo segments, Reigns attack segment, Fatal 4 Way Women's Tag Team Championship match, 24/7 segment

Vince = Fiend segment, Lynch/Flair vs Nattie/Trish, Viking Raiders, Rey vs Andrade, New Day vs The OC turned into 6 man tag crap, Ziggler/Goldberg crap

Because of that it gets a middle of the road score tonight.


The Game
Pretty good show.

Rey vs Andrade was fantastic

Natalya and Becky both progressed their fued effectively. Natalya not letting go of the sharpshooter. Good stuff.

Seth's promo is a blessing in disguise. Seth has busted hes ass for 3 years trying to redeem himself and fans still boo him going up against brock. This heel turn is going to be great.

Alexa and Nikki winning the titles is the way to go but you feel bad for the kabuki sisters. Kinda buried them. Its pathetic that they are not even going to win the titles lol. Terrible booking. The only bad thing on this show.

The Joe Roman tuff was great. Developed Joe's character immensely. Also we legit have a mystery. Someone is trying to get rid of Roman. It ain't drew or Joe cuz they just do it to hes face. This person is a snake in the grass not wanting hes identity to be revealed. They should drag this out for longer. If it gets revealed on smackdown tomorrow then that's a shame

The Goldberg reveal was well done and fun to watch. The fans were hot for it and I'm excited to see the match.

The OC are being booked strong. They are a force to be reckoned with and are going to be a big part of raw.

The Fiend attacking Angle is only a good thing for Wyatt. Bit of a repeat from raw reunion though. Need some motivation for these attacks.

A really good episode of raw. Not as good as last week but nonetheless a huge improvement in general.

Heyman = Seth/Brock segment, Samoa Joe opening and promo segments, Reigns attack segment, Fatal 4 Way Women's Tag Team Championship match, 24/7 segment

Vince = Fiend segment, Lynch/Flair vs Nattie/Trish, Viking Raiders, Rey vs Andrade, New Day vs The OC turned into 6 man tag crap, Ziggler/Goldberg crap
Interesting to see both guys are responsible for bad segments and good segments on this show.
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Grievous 3D

[Title Redacted]
Leaving this here...

Alexa Piss-Break makes me sick...
& she is the main reason I no longer
watch the WWE.

At least Roman Reigns can put on a good match...

Alexa is a over pushed midget who can remember lines.

Fuck her & Fuck the WWE!
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President of DAOKO Stan Club
Bray's part was cool, but seeing the Kabuki Warriors lose makes me want to commit Seppuku.
Seth's promo is a blessing in disguise. Seth has busted hes ass for 3 years trying to redeem himself and fans still boo him going up against brock. This heel turn is going to be great.
For once, I kind of agree with you on this.


Meh, 5/10... Totally not worthy of a SummerSlam RAW go home show. A few matches and segments were very good such as Andrade vs Rey and The Fiend attacking Kurt Angle, so it deserves at least a 5 but most of the show was boring IMO.
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The Artiste
Pros :

+ The opening segment was a fresh way to kick off the show. Joe is great on the mic as usual, and I also really liked his involvement in the Roman Reigns stuff.

+ Andrade vs Mysterio was great. The match was full of innovative spots, and the wrestling was crazy smooth. Great chemistry between the two.

+ The Fiend attack was fun. Hopefully he knocks the cringe out of Balor at Summerslam.

+ The Goldberg reveal was well executed.

Cons :

- CTR C + CTR V formula for a 6 man tag team match.

- I thought the Seth Rollins appearance was unnecessary. After getting trashed so hard on the previous episode, having him appear this week to take a lesser beatdown really ruins the impact from last week for me.

- The women's tag team titles match was just pathetic. I can't stand to watch Asuka being treated this way, it physically hurts me.

Overall : 6/10 - Watchable episode, but not good enough for a go home show.
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Chillin' with the snowmies.
What an absolute fucking joke...


Alexa Piss-Break is the worst "thing" to happen to women's wrestling since Sable...
but at least Sable wasn't harming an entire division.

Sad...but true.
I cant believe I'm typing this, but for a minute I wanted to tune in for Alexa/Nikki/Bayley and that story. It was well done with interesting alignments and some cool ways it could go... It was really what I think WWE needs right now, interesting stories to go with AEW's wrasslin.

But now Nikki's just a full heel and they won the titles surely to give Alexa a Summerslam match, but on the good side Nikki Cross may get a HUGE spotlight carrying tag matches... Or just get fed into hot tags. Meh.

Grievous 3D

[Title Redacted]
I wanted to tune in for Alexa/Nikki/Bayley and that story.
But what's the point?

Its a "story" involving Alexa Piss-Break...so we already
know the ending. Alexa will be booked to look smarter
& stronger than EVERYONE else & even when losing the
feud she'll be protected better the gold in Fort Knox.

For a smarmy "chicken shit" heel...she sure does win
a lot of her matches clean while making her opponent
look like a complete idiots.

Seriously...Alexa Bliss is pure poison for the women's

I mean say what you want about Charlotte but at least
the woman can work a match, take a bump, puts her
body on the line and has put multiple opponents over
clean in title matches/feuds.

The only two women to go over Alexa & stay over are
Naomi (which only happened because they were moving
Alexa to RAW) & Ronda Rousey...& even then Alexa lasted
10 minutes against Ronda...which was fucking AWFUL
to watch.

Even Bayley only pinned Alexa once during their recent
feud...as not surprisingly Nikki Cross was added to the
Extreme Rules match & ate the pin.

Fuck a Duck...Hulk Hogan is jealous of how Alexa is
being booked & protected.

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