Spoiler Rate Raw 8/7/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. Rate tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw and leave some comments so we know what you thought.

    Miz TV

    Jason Jordan was scheduled but instead, Kurt Angle came out and informed Miz that Jordan would not appear on Miz TV and announced Brock Lesnar as the guest. When Heyman tried to speak, Miz interrupted him. He then gave a promo about how Lesnar was guaranteed to lose at Summerslam. When Heyman could finally talk, he compared Miz and the Miztourage to Lesnar's opponents at Summerslam and then gave them a "preview." Lesnar took out Miz and the Miztourage easily.

    Seth Rollins vs Sheamus

    Sheamus won by pin fall. There was a post match beat down on Rollins and Ambrose did not come out and help him. There was a backstage segment where Ambrose and Rollins had a confrontation in which Ambrose accused Rollins of making him look bad since Ambrose didn't help Rollins. Ambrose said he would go it alone against Cesaro.

    Jason Jordan vs Curtis Axel

    Backstage a doctor told Angle they couldn't approve Jordan for combat and Angle then replaced Curtis Axel with a jobber. Jordan won by pin fall.


    Bayley talked about being injured and not being able to make it to her title match at Summerslam. They initiated a contest with two triple threat matches... the winner of both matches will face each other with the winner challenging Alexa Bliss at Summerslam.

    Triple Threat: Sasha Banks vs Emma vs Alicia Fox

    Sasha Banks won by submission.

    The Club vs Enzo and Big Show

    The Club won by pin fall.

    More results to come

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  2. the shade has been thrown....
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  3. Anyways since Fox has fell asleep....


    Finn Balor is out next, and he is getting cheap pops like nobody's business. The crowd buffets him with chants of ' too sweet'. Balor issues a stern warning to Bray Wyatt. The light goes out and the Eater of World's has teleported into the ring. However, the Irish Superstar is ready for him and is perched on the top rope. Wyatt attempts to get one over Balor, but the Demon King is a step ahead of him. However, just when you think that WWE is finally booking a non-Roman Reigns babyface properly, Wyatt teleports out of the ring and a pre-taped promo airs. It's just more of his dreary, grim verbiage with calls to the macabre.

    The Lean guy vs The Swing guy

    Normal match of Ambrose beats up Cesaro, Sheamus gets involved, Cesaro beats up Ambrose. It’s that kind of match. Boo. Of course, at the end Dean reverses the distraction and rolls up Cesaro for the win. After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro assault Dean Ambrose, but Seth Rollins is out to make the save. The Architect repels the Tag Team Champions and takes a long look at Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe grudgingly offers a fist bump, and Toronto is in love with this angle. The audience is serenading these two men with Yes Chants, but Rollins declines and walks away. BECAUSE REASONS?! You wanted to do it last week. Like I understand the bit of character development they’re gonna do but come on!

    Person I don’t how to spell name of so I’m not gonna try vs TOZAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Flippy STUFF! Do you actually care? As long as it’s cruiserweights and it ain’t Neville then I don’t think anyone cares at this point. Tozawa wins the cool down match!

    Reigns interview

    Roman Reigns is being interviewed by Renee Young. He promises to retire Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and defeat Braun Strowman tonight. Well ain’t that nice. So nice.


    So....Mickie James and Dana Brooke want to be apart of Titus Worldwide. Remember when that was over? Like a month ago? Yep. Oh and you'll never guess what. Nia beat both of them to face someone in a first ever matchup. Sasha Banks. I expect Grievous to pull a 1,000 word rant over this and I look forward to it.

    Big Cass is secretly also Kurt Angle's son.

    Big Cass enters Kurt Angle's office and convinces the General Manager of Raw to make a particular match at Summerslam. It's official: Big Cass vs. The Big Show at Summerslam with Enzo Amore suspended in a shark cage. Because we didn't just get this match in January. Nope. I feel like everytime WWE do a stipulation for the first time in a couple of years, they then have to spam the match type a bit more, I wouldn't even be surprised if the Punjabi Prison made another appearance by this time next year.

    The guy that’s more heel than human at this point vs. Gru among minions in Last Man Standing Match. DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN!?

    So Braun murdered reigns like normal and Haze wants Reigns to win almost too much at this point. It’s like more than Mr. Roman Empire at this point and I’m scared. It doesn’t happen as Samoa Joe predictably shows up and attacks Reigns and puts him to sleep but does nothing to the person who took him out last week. WWE Logic, ladies and gentleman. TBF Do like the idea of Joe/Braun Tag team :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Also screw you fox. I actually stay up to do the reviews because I care about people's opinions on a random wwe show on a wrestling forum....that was less awkward in my head than written.
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  4. He was actually going to come back later and do it...
    Blood is on your hands now...
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  5. You're welcome for getting the rest of the results up faster than they would have then.

    Jeez, so ungrateful.... :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I saw that Video, Very weird
  8. what video? XD
  9. Cat goes meow..
    Dog goes Arf...
    Bird goes Tweet...
    :bige3:I'd hate to say but its annoyingly hard to not listen to.... LOL
  10. The fox is going to say ban for taking his thread off-topic.
  11. THIS:
  12. ... i mean who was the one that took it offtopic?
    plus I've been trying to get banned for how long?
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  13. So...

    Raw. That happened. How was it?
  14. #15 Grievous II, Aug 7, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
    So...I just...don't care...

    Emma eats another loss...its clear she is only
    around to eat pins/submissions so Alexa & Nia
    don't have to...on TV and at house shows.

    And next week we are having Sasha vs. Nia
    a-fucking-gain in a match that is sure to make
    me cringe.

    I'm almost resigned to the fact that Nia will
    win next week because she is on Total Divas
    and Sasha is not.

    I'm sick of Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax bores me to tears,
    Dana Brooke should be in NXT, Mickie James should
    be on SmackDown, Alicia Fox is fun but misused, Emma
    is clearly going to be released soon and Bayley has been
    completely ruined.

    All I want is Sasha to win the title and keep it for longer
    than 30 days.

    Is that too much to ask?

    I just want to enjoy wrestling...but so far this year...I haven't...


    You know what the Strowman vs. N/A feud reminds me of now?

    A retarded kid smashing two rocks together and expecting
    the surrounding people to find it just as entertaining as he does.

    And I'm done...
  15. Vince logic for ya :pity:
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  16. Possibly...I mean none of us here really know...

    May-be if I worked for the WWE and
    Vince paid my wage every month I'd just
    smile and nod and agree with everything
    Vince wanted to do.

    I know personally as a fan of "TV show"
    most of my "favorite characters" have
    been misused, underused or completely
    fucked over this year.

    2016 was so much fun compared to this
    year...at least it was in my opinion.
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  17. It seems like Raw in general has a hard time sticking to what it starts and the wrestlers suffer from this.
    Like, I know you mainly watch for the women's end of the WWE so I can really see why you have a hard time enjoying it this year.
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  18. #19 Grievous II, Aug 8, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
    But its not just the women's division Snake...

    ~ A.J Styles has only won once on PPV this year...
    ~ Finn Balor being wasted in the mid-card...
    ~ Bray Wyatt being fucked over completely...
    ~ Luke Harper not even being on TV...
    ~ Enzo & Cass being broken up too early...
    ~ Rusev basically being a jobber for the top of the card guys...
    ~ Jinder wrestling three painfully boring PPV matches against Orton...
    ~ Kevin Owens being squashed at Fastlane...
    ~ Nakamura's disappointing main roster run...(so far)

    Now don't get me wrong...some elements have worked...
    Samoa Joe is great, Strowman is awesome, Corbin has been...okay...
    but the rest of it seems like a giant mess with a boring and played
    out direction.

    The WWE has all the pieces it needs to put together a great wrestling
    show every week...but they just don't...
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  19. Oh I know. I can't keep my interest. I watch recaps and I am even losing interest in those. For the first time ever they have so much talent that they don't know what to do with it...
    And instead of figuring it out, they allow half the roster to be stuck in limbo and the other half minus maybe 10 of them to be stuck in a hole somewhere.
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