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Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hello everyone and welcome to the Rate Raw and Raw Recap for September 2nd 2019! after last weeks dissapointing episode hopefully this episode is better! so as always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, as i recap Raw! enjoy!

For those who read the recap, i still gotta fix the formatting, so i will put a update below when its done and you can read it!

-UPDATE- The recap is finished! enjoy!

Contract Signing Starts The Show

So admittedly i missed quite a bit of this, needless to say they ddint sing the contract because the OC came out and ripped up the contract, they brawled and we go to commercial.

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman VS The OC

I got things set up and ready mid way, but so far the match wasnt anything special, some back and forth as the OC double team seth and work him over, building to the braun hot tag. The OC knock seth to the outside and Aj Styles gets a sneak attack in with the ref distracted as we go to commercial.

We come back as Seth fights through and makes the hot tag braun goes wild, he hits gallows in the corner he goes to hit anderson but he runs into the ring post, seth tags in him and anderson go back and forth but Seth rolls up anderson for the pin, so OC do not win a future tag team title shot...lovely. Aj immediately comes in to beat up seth but seth fends them off, brauns back up runs around the ring knocks down anderson, goes for gallows but he accidently hits seth. then ziggler and robert come out and the OC and dolph and roode beat up seth and braun.

I suppose thats WWEs way of making the OC look strong in defeat.

Next up we got conners cure again, helping raise funds for cancer research.

We got Cedric Alexander backstage. He says i will be honest, i saw baron last week calling himself king playing pretend.. but he-BAM! Oc comes in beats the hell outta him.

i was down on OC loseing, but if this pushes them to just destroy the roster im okay with it.

Now we got tag team action.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode VS Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Dolph and hawkins do some good back and forth, but hawkins has control so far robert got a sneaky tag and he takes control from hawkins.

Dolph and Roode are a surpriseingly decent team for being formed a week ago, luckily its partly because both superstars have had plenty of tag team experience

Ryder gets the hot tag runs wild on roode he takes control. he goes for rough ryder but roode rosses him over him hawkins gets the tag. more stuff happens as dolph hits the super kick and robert roode hits the glorious DDT for the win.

Next up we got Lacey Evens in action.

Lacey Evens VS Natalya

Lacey doesnt even get to the ring and Natalya sneak attacks her, natalya gets in the ring then waits for Lacey, Lacey gets in and the match gets started.

They go back and forth (which if you didnt know, is my way of saying exactly that, niether have control, trading momentum doing stuff to eachother.)

Natalya takes control and gets aggresive, beating up Lacey on the outside she gets her back in the ring. but lacey gets right back out and lacey rops natalya down and takes control. both are back in the ring lacey gets a nearfall.

Laceys now beating natalya up, slamming her hitting her, calling her a "nasty" and locks in a headlock. they do more stuff (my way of saying nothing special) as Natalya takes back control and lands a discuss clothesline for a nearfall.

natalya picks her up lacey hits a suplex and calling lacey a nasty bitch. Natalya gets distracted by lacyes hankerchif thingy and then BAM womens right for the pin.

next up we got Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch Responds to Sasha Banks

becky comes out and says its good to be back in baltimore. She says the man has somethin to say live on raw, sasha banks where are ya? because i heard ya last week mumbleing excuses about why ay ran away after wrestlemania, it was a load of crap. What happened to you? you of all people have no reason to whine, you were the center peice of NXT main events of Raw.

Appearntly the company gave sasha flowers after he matches, and while charlotte and ssha were paraded, she said well i already shown the flairs why im the man, and now its sashas turn, ya little weirdo.

She says when sasha left she left with nothin, but bayleys been doin just fine, she says thats gotta sting, just remember that with all your talent, you should be the one who is historic the game changer, you should be me.

She says if you wanna do this then lets do thsi face to face, im not even mad. then Sasha music hits and sasha comes out mic in hand.

Sasha says Becky..i was supposed to be you? i was supposed to be YOU? your right! i was! i was supposed to main event wrestlemania have all the fame, but look at you! you see the only reason you got any of this is because nia jax broke your face!

i wish nia broke my face so people could feel bad for me. but lets not make this personal and said after she beat up becky they ahd to scrape her off the floor.

She says you dont get it, im not gonna do anythign free for these people! no i do what i want and for the paycheck, and the next time i fight you will be calsh of champions for the raw title.

becky accepts sasha challenge. Sasha says after clash, the man is gonna be the bosses bitch, then sashas music hits and she leaves.

As we go to commercial its shown that we will get a new firefly fun house TONIGHT!


Baron Corbin VS Cedric Alexander

Corbin quickly takes control due to cedric already being hurt. but cedric uses what little speed he does have to gain control for a little bit, it doesnt last as corbin regains control as we go to commercial.

Corbins in control for a while, cedric has a few moments of offense but corbin stops him every time. Cedric laps through the ropes and leaps right into a Deep 6 for a nearfall

Cedrics in the corner baron rusn at him and cedric leaps over, corbin rolls around the ring post as cedric goes to another corner and corbin rusn into the ring post as cedric dodges, he then shoves corbin into the ring post again and again, knocking corbin otu the ring then diving out to corbin.

we got more back and forth corbin goes for end fo days cedric rolls through for the rollup a nearfall, not gonna lie i missed a bit of this because i was getting into it, the match even got this is awesome chants, Baron and cedric work well together, corbin hits end of days for the pin.

Best match by corbin in a very long time, great stuff, i admit id dint pay much attention at first, but i should have, might rewatch and update this part of the recap.

We got another backstage interview, heel bayley. heel bayley says se has talked to sasha, but she wont get into what they talked about, its persona, she says sasha took her ball and went home, thats her choice but not mine, i took advantedge of every oppertunity i was given, and now im teaming with becky, sow hy not ask me about that? so interviewer later does and says it seems bayley might be in beckys shadow.

Bayley says she wont be overshadowed by anybody, the smackdown womens title means just as much as the raw title, and since she beat nikki this week she will beat alexa, and we will see whose standing in whose shadow.

And not we got war viking dont mention the raid experience in action.

The Viking Raiders VS You guessed it..local talent..i dont even gotta put anything below this...why?..just why?


We got sasha banks backstage, lady asks about bayley and if shes routeing for bayley, sasha says i see what your trying to do here..NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE

Now we got Samoa Joe VS Ricochet for the king fo the ring tournament.

Samoa Joe VS Ricochet

This match starts the two lock up, they do some good wrestling targeting eachothers arms with some join manipulation, they go back and forth wrestling eachother with holds going back and forth, ricochet gets joe to the ropes ref breaks them up and we are at a standoff.

they lock hands again joe goes for the legs of ricochet does a few kicks, joe goes to kick ricochet dodges but joe uses this to get ricochet into a submission in such a fluid seemless transition, then joe wrestles ricochet into the corner chops him down and takes full control.

Ricochet fights back up they got back and forth as joe charges ricochet he send sjoe over the ropes and ricochet goes out and gets on the barricde and does a moonsault. he gets joe back in the ring both get up, ricochet strikes joe but joe picks ricochet up crosses ricochets legs and does some kind of buster move on the matt, brutal and awesome.

Joe contineus to target the legs of ricochet, but ricochet fights back and limps a bit, joes in the corner ricochet charge sbut runs into a nasty urinagi, then joe gets him outside and slams him into the barricade, then joe brings him back in the ring.

We get Joe is gonna kill you chants, though its faint. he gets ricochet in a bit of a submission but ricochet fights out createing space, ricochet rusn the ropes goes after joe but joe does a backdrop to ricochet he lands hard as we go to commercial.

We come back, joes got ricochet in a submission hold, wearing down ricochet but ricochet fights back, but gets shut down. ricochet is in the corner, joes runs at him but ricochet hit shim, kicks him and then rolls through and hits a dropkick.

The exchange blows back and forth, ricochet hits a hurrican ranna and a standing moonsault, despite cole just saying ricochets flying ability is basicly done for. speaking of which ricochet dives from the top rope rolls through as joe dodges he rusn back right into a powerslam from joe, they do more stuff joes on the outside ricochet dives to the outside on joe.

Once again, didnt cole say his flying ability was basicly not a thing now? guess he was wrong...

anyway joes in the ring hes down ricochet goes to the top rope joe gets up stops him joins him on the top rope. and finds a way to lock in the clutch but ricochet kicks off the turnbuckle. both men have eachothers arms on eachother, ref counts the pin, everyones confused, ref gets a mic talking to someone. Ref says they will make a ruleing soon as he walks backstage.

ricochet and joe fight a bit, ricochet hits the codebreaker. Ricochet gets out of the ring joe gets up shortly afterward.

Seth and braun backstage, braun complains about stone cold moderateing the contract signing next week since he endorsed seth, seth says somestuff, mentions he knwos what its like to betray his freidns, and he knows what its like to have his brother stab him in the back, referenceing dean ambrose, jon moxley

And now..Firefly Fun House is NEXT! WOOHOO!

Firefly Fun House

We are back in the fun house! Bray wyatt says HI! before the fun starts today iwanna say..Finn Balor, i think what the fiend di to you was super duper rude! so on behalf of the funhouse i wanted to say, im sorry, he gives a wink to the camera. he then says But HEY! onto bigger news! and out comes vince puppet. who says How DARE you challenge seth or braun to a match at HITC your..your! and then bray says hold on boss! look what ive been making! he brings out money and feeds the vince puppet money which makes him leave.

Bray then says that was close! besides, as we saw seth and braun arent a very good team, they are selfish..greedy..and in another life they took something very dear to me....but unliek those bosos! ive learned to embrace teamwork!, we switch to show the puppets, ramlin rabbit has a sign that says help but bray casually pushes him down and away.

Bray says his team helps him coup with the pain, but the fiend helsp him inflict it....See you in hell! he smiles, says let me in..we see the fiend and then it switches back to bray..BYE! see ya later!

Great stuff..love it so much.

We got corey graves backstage.the ref confirms both Ricochet and Joe advanced, a triple threat match is next week between baron joe and ricochet.

Now we got rey mysterio, he says two weeks ago dominc spoke to him from the heart, and convinced him to dig deep and continue fighting.

He says im not done crowd cheers, he says i still have much more to accomplish here, he says hes doing it for his son.

Miz comes out, he sin action next.

The Miz VS Cesaro

This match starts with a huge uppercut from cesaro, he takes immediate control with with uppercuts, he beats up Miz, does a suplex from the outside to the inside of the ring for a nearfall.

Miz however htis a surprise DDT to gain control, but it doesnt last as Cesaro hits anothe ruppercut, they trade near fall roll ups cesaro laying in uppercuts but miz dodges one and hits skull crushing finale for the surprise pin.

Next up, Becky Lynch and Hell Bayley against Nikki Cross and Alexa

Becky Lynch and Bayley VS Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss.

Realisticly, Alexa and nikki should win this match, they are the tag team champions, this si a tag team match, if they lsoe it devalues the titles veen more and makes them look like fluke champions, even if becky and bayley are the womans champions, thats still a singles title, they shouldnt beat Alexa and nikki in a tag team match.

Bare in mind im saying this dureing a commercial, the match has started it...i just wanted to point this out.

So appearntly, this si the main event of the show..interesting.

So Bayley and Nikki cross start this match, Bayley quickly gets control. but it doesnt last long, after Becky and Bayley take control sasha music hits and we go to commercial as sasha stands at the top of the ramp.

We come back Alexa an dbayley in the ring, Alexa has control she has a hold on bayley. Alexa and Nikki work over bayley and keep control. Bayley makes multiple hot tag attempts but fails. eventualy bayley fights out of her corner dodges alexa and nikki and makes the tag Becky goes wild.

becky take sfull control beating up alexa and nikki, and with becky distratced focusing on alexa Sasha comes in and hits a backstabber for the DQ. sasha gabs a chair and beats the hell outta becky but bayley comes in and stops her, she holds the chair... they look at eachother...AND FINALLY MY GOD FINALLY BAYLEYS UNLOADING ON BECKY WITH THE CHAIR! FINALLY! HEEL TURN CONFIRMED! IM NOT CRAZY AFTERAL! CROWDS GOIN NUT WITH YES CHANTS! AS THE SHOW GOES OFF THE AIR!

I just realised i called her heel bayley before she turned heel and had no idea she would turn heel, all because of what ive been saying that shes been acting like a heel.....

Man it feels good to be right.


And that was the show! i will put up my review soon! it will be below! have a good night!

This episode of Raw was a half in half show, half was eh and not good, the other half was great. Ricochet and joe had a great match but it ended in a double pin, Baron Corbin and Cedric actually had a good match, the rest of the card was pretty eh, but The Firefly Fun House returned and it was amazing as always. And Bayley FINALLY turned heel to end the show.

So i gotta give this show a 7/10, due to firefly fun house and bayley heel turn.
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Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!
4 things made this whole episode and earned a 7/10 from me.

1. WWE continuing to keep the Sasha heel storyline going.. it really is very good.

2. Firefly Funhouse

3. The Vince Devil puppet in Firefly Funhouse.. Bray stuffing money in the Vince puppet's mouth. Perfection.

4. BAYLEY HEEL TURN! FINALLY!! Best moment of the show by far.

The rest of the show was below average and only earned a 3 before the third hour brought the 4 moments above and made the show a whole lot better.

Bayley got a HUGE pop when she attacked Becky.. sooo sooo good!

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Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!
I'm going to add one more thing that I almost forgot about.

Rey Mysterio... his interview was very touching and I believe it was genuine.


Grievous 3D

A Means To An End
Great work InsaneAlphaBeta InsaneAlphaBeta

& wait a second...

Holy Fuck!

Bayley attacked Becky with a chair?! And got a huge pop for doing so?!

Finally...Bayley has been redeemed in my eyes...

I can finally let that Kendo Stick match go...


I'm not going to ask why Bayley & Becky were even in the ring together
because I know the answer...WILD CARD RULE!...but finally Bayley has
grown a spine & the possibility of that "War of the Four Horsewomen"
storyline I pitched once Sasha returned appears to be happening.

Damn you WWE...

Stop trying to pull me back in...

I don't want to watch your horseshit product!

Don't do what I want you to do!


Luchasaurus > The Fiend...


WWE should book a women's tag match for the main event of RAW
next week...Charlotte & Becky vs. Sasha & Bayley & it should end with
all four of them beating the fuck out of each other!

Do it!

Book it!

I'll watch it if you do!
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Make The Phenomenal one an us and a world champion at the same time at the ppv after CoC. His promo was at the very start of the show and still the overall most interesting thing that happened
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The Artiste
I was a big fan of the Corbin/Alexander match. Gotta give massive props to Corbin for that deep six, and for making Alexander over with the crowd big time.
Joe vs Ricochet was also a really good match. Making the semifinal a triple threat next week is interesting. Hopefully Joe wins.
Still not pleased with the OC booking, they need to be far more dominate.
Bayley turning heel is very interesting, and makes sense overall since her character has been acting like a massive dick for some time now. Maybe this will lead to Sasha/Bayley vs Becky/Charlotte, which I am alright with since I like the dynamics of both teams (especially Charlotte and Becky).
Last but not least the Firefly fun house segment was very good, as expected. That being said, I am not so sure about Bray challenging for the Universal title at Hell in a Cell. Why rush it so fast? The only momentum he has is from beating Finn Balor, which is really not that impressive. Whatever, hopefully it turns out alright.


Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!
I, personally, do not believe the match will be for the title.. I see Seth retaining and The Fiend attacking Braun to start their feud.


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
I found this to be a very entertaining edition of Monday Night RAW and did not really hesitate to go with a well deserved 7/10. Since most of our fellow members above already pointed out the main talking points of the show, I’ll just stick to just a few thoughts/comments:

- Bailey turning heel was definitely a pleasant surprise and though I’ve been amongst those that her character overall isn’t exactly fitting for this kind of a role, I am all but willing to give this a chance. Besides, Lord knows she had been stale for quite some time and that not being necessarily her fault…

- This time around I really enjoyed Sasha’s work on the mic. Good promo, even better delivery, sounded a lot more like the legit boss…

- AJ Styles telling Michael Cole to shut up was probably one of the best lines of the entire evening…

- On the flipside, can’t say I enjoyed the Rollins/Strowman interaction, with these contract signings getting lamer each and every time. Stone Cold Steve Austin being appointed to moderate the contract signing this coming Monday on RAW certainly adds a bit more interest though, lets be honest, the main reason they’ve called for Austin is to boost up ticket sales; apparently they are having a hard time selling out the Garden, which once upon a time was a given…

- This installment of the Firefly Funhouse was certainly one of the best overall and Bray Wyatt just continues to do amazing work with it.

Now, in regards to him challenging the Universal Champion at Hell of Cell, I for one am totally aboard with. In my view, you go with the hot hand and this is the time when Bray/The Fiend is at his hottest. We’ve already seen him take out a few legends and we already seen him pretty much destroy Fin Balor so, sure, why not? As a matter of fact, I strongly believe he should defeat Seth Rollins (because of course Rollins will retain at Clash of Champions) and hold on to the Universal Title until at least Wrestlemania next year, if not even beyond that.

Yes, there is no denial a Bray Wyatt/Braun Strowman feud is money with a big backstory to it but in my opinion it’s one they should save for a bigger stage down the road, perhaps even for Mania.

- Props to both Corbin and Alexander for a fucking amazing match...

- Must admit, the Richotte/Joe angle kind of baffled me but at the end of the day, my take is this is all for Richotte to eventually shine in of the biggest venues all around, as is Madison Square Garden. It pretty much looks like your typical story of the underdog baby face going against two monster heels with all odds stacked against him, hence why I believe Richotte is winning. Granted, WWE love them some Baron Corbin and I can't say I'd be surprised if they were to have him win and eventually take down the tournament but on a personal level, I feel Richotte is the better story to be told, even more so than Chad Gable, only for the reason that I honestly dislike this whole thing about him being "short" and/or "small". Like, seriously? Isn't he a multi time tag team champion? Now, all of a sudded, we are meant to be surprised with his skills and think of him as small?

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