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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings in this thread.
  2. Didn't enjoy much of it, the only part i enjoyed was Orton's beat down on RVD. I'd rate it 3/10


    I finished watching around the first hour or so. It just felt like it was heading into pure crap mode.

  4. I was going to give it a 4, but changed my mind. You made a smart choice, it did head into pure crap mode.
  5. -Stephanie's promo on The Miz was one of the highlights of the show for me. I'm starting to find myself in agreeance with those who feel that Steph is outshining HHH in this story line. Never thought I'd praise Steph's work on the mic considering how much I used to cringe when she spoke back in the day but she does this corporate bitch role very well.

    -I'm just not 'feeling' the return of the Viper. Been there, done that. I would have preferred if he was just his arrogant pretty boy corporate sort of champion. Wearing a suit and stuff, even. Would have been a nice callback to he and HHH's Evolution days but whatever. I guess the injuries RVD suffered gives him an excuse to lose to Del Rio cleanly at the PPV and also allows ADR to zone in on his injuries and make them worse, giving RVD a reason to take some time off as well. RVD's contract says he works 90 days and then takes a break before coming back for another 90 days, etc. So this is how they're gonna write him off for the moment, I presume. Maybe he'll even pull out a WHC victory despite his injuries, only to be cashed in by Sandow and then destroyed by an angry Del Rio to send him off, but I doubt it.

    -Loved the CM Punk promo and the beat down from Ryback that ensued, the AJ/Stephanie confrontation, Cody and Goldust jumping the barrier and attacking The Shield (guess that rumored Shield/Rhodes Family match for Battleground is true, after all) and the ending with Bryan, Ziggler and the Usos standing tall. Del Rio/Kofi match was also very good by TV standards, despite me dismissing it in the LD discussion. Don't think there's anything significant I'm leaving out.

    Overall, an averagely good Raw for a three hour show, and what would have been well above average if it was condensed into two hours, as is so often the case.
  6. 8/10
    Good show.
  7. 6.5/10. Thought Punk's promo was awesome, as was Stephanie's.
  8. Steph making Miz look like a fool/10
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  9. 9/10 .because Justin Gabriel was in the main event
  10. I just finished watching, I thought it was a good show. I give it a 8/10.

    Great main event match, like the direction big show story is going, Miz did a good job too.. LOVE the Rhodes brothers run in on the shield.
  11. 2/10.

    3 hours dedicated to 2 storylines (heels v faces and punk v heyman)

  12. To be honest umm, it was quite an interesting night. My favourite part probably must be where the locker room worked together to eliminate/pin Roman Reigns for the first time. The Rhodes Dynasty attacking The Shield could've had a better build-up, security came in too quick. The Miz getting injured twice in a row of Raw's is kind of horrible. First in his hometown then Chicago, uggh! Apart from that the show was poor. Also the crowd was something I loved especially the CM Punk way thought CM Punk shouldn't have been knocked out in his hometown.
  13. 5/10. Not feeling this show right now, but can't put my finger on why.
    The good on this show was really good though. Loved Punk, the main event segment, the opener was fine, Kofi/ADR at least had a good match...
  14. 6.321456887/10
  15. Steph is the one thing that really keeps me entertained when I look over Raw these days. everything else is pretty boring
  16. 4/10. Only thing I really loved was the Rhodes brothers teaming up there.
  17. I really loved RVD, dude. And Triple H uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhgggggggg. And WEEEEEEEEEEEEELLL IT'S THE BIG SHOOOOW!
  18. I fell asleep during the last hour but it was just very generic match booking from what I saw in the beginning. Would be unfair of me to rate it
  19. 3/10 i was falling alseep
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