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The "Narrow Minded" Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Before the intro sequence even starts it began (The then now forever thing) to distort, this is gonna be good. Hello everyone and welcome to the rate raw and raw recap! we got a fun show tonight its the last episode before the supposed new season begisn next week, when we will get new set designs and everything, so rate in the poll above give your thoughts below, as i recap raw! Enjoy!

So as i said above in the intro bit its already distorting, the fiend is taking over, and we get a recap of what happened last week.

Seth Rollins Starts The Show

Seths in the ring, he says look i gotta level with you guys, for the last 7 years ive seen alot done alot, but i never felt the way i did last week..now look im layin in the corner im defgensless, and before i know whats goin on, i got the lviing embodiement of a nightmare this close to my face, and i got no fight left in me and all i can do is close my eyes and hope im dreaming, but im not waking up, because i gotta defend my universal title against the fiend bray wyatt.

You guys know how dangerous the cell is, but faceing the fiend inside it is a whole other story.

Seth says i'll tell you what i do, when my back is against the wall i previel, he talks about how he survived against brock and braun, He says inside hell in a cell it doesnt matter what kind of mind games he plays hes gonna do what he does, survive and previel.

And as he continues, here comes braun strowman.

Braun gets a mic, he says look seth, you got somethin to say to me i prefer it you say it to my face, because unlike your opponant i dont run around like mr rodgers playing mind games with puppets.

They go back and forth and seth says with the way your in my face i wanna fight you tonight, and it ends with the two basicly making it official, seth vs braun tonight.

We start off tonight proper with a tag team match, viking raiders are in action.

The Viking Raiders VS The O.C.

these two teams go back and forth in terms of who has control, the OC end up getting control though, but ivar tags in, hits a side slam knocks down gallows, gallows throws him to the corner but ivar (who understand is a BIG man) rolls over the turnbuckle to the apron, getting abig pop for his crazy atheletic ability, gallows distracts the ref while aj grabs ivars leg, ref sees it and sends Aj away, as Aj goes up the ramp cedric alexander attacks Aj and as the two head off backstage we go to commercial.

we come back eric is making a comeback beats up the OC tags in ivar, eric picks up ivar and slams him into anderson for the near fall. eric tags in, they go for a double team move but gallows stopped him, they ended up hitting the boot of doom for a near fall, they go for magic killer but eric faught out ivar takes in does a kartwheel then hits a clothesline, they hit the viking experience, and then eric dives out to gallows, then they get the pin.

Next up we got The Man, Becky Lynch., it was decent, i will add this in in a little bit, i forgot what she said tbh lol.

Next up Rusev is in action against EC3

Rusev VS EC3

We got we want lana chants which corey graves achknowledges, Rusev quickly takes control and hits a superkick and locks in the acalade for the quick submission.

And now we got sasha banks in action.

Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley

Its nikki vs sasha this should be interesting.

Nikki charges against sasha who quickly gets in the ropes ref breaks them apart, back to a stand off, the two locvk up get to the corner ref breaks them up, sasha charges nikki slaps her, she mocks alexa and then nikki smashes her and takes control, a basement dropkick for the nearfall banks rolls to the outside. Bayleys chatting with sasha giving her advice.

Sasha goes to get back in the ring but nikki charges her not allowing her in, nikki wants to fight.

Its a slow pace and as nikki goes to sasha it was a trap and sasha hits her and gets in the ring, but nikki quickly recovers and takes control, she locks in a armbar in the middle of the ring. Nikki turns it into a pin near fall and transitions back to the armbar, banks tries to mvoe away but nikki rolled through again for a nearfall and back to the arm, keeping sasha on the ground but sasha fights back but nikki hits a crossbody for a nearfallo, both outside the ring nikki locks in a kind of sleep on sashas back, but sasha falls on her back in a kind of back drop to stop nikki as we go to commercial.

during the commercial sasha took control, but nikki fights out a near fall for a roll up, they go back and forth sasha hits double knees for a nearfall, sasha kicks nikki a bit while shes down and sasha locks in some kind of arm based submission, locking her legs around nikkis arms. then sasha goes to pick nikki up but nikki fights back, kicks sasha and makes her comeback, soem clotheslines sasha sin the corner and nikki hits her and hits the running bulldog for a nearfall.

nikki goes to kick sasha but sasha slams her legs in the rope, sasha does the double knees in a corner again for a nearfall, sasha is in control, sasha targets nikkis leg, has a leg lock, switches position a bit continues to target the leg, the pace slowing down, nikkis leg looks like its gonna break in half but nikki fights out, sasha targets the leg again but nikki throws her into the corner sashas on the ouside, nikki hits a dropkick and then launches herself out onto sasha, nikkis gained control, she gets sasha in the ring, hits a neck breaker for a nearfall.

sasha kicks nikkis leg and hits a knee for a nearfall, sasha hits a dropkick to the already down nikki knocking hert to the outside, sasha rusn the ropes goes to slide nikki pulls the ring apron and beats on sasha who is trapped, sasha bacvk in the ring nikkis at the top rope sasha knocks her down goes for backstabber and then nikki hits a huge neckbreaker, bayley distracts nikki but alexa saves the day and smashes bayley lays her out, nikkis fired up on the top rope hits the crowss body but banks rolls into the bank statement and nikki taps out.

Firefly fun house is NEXT!..or not, here comes lacey evens in action..will she put on a Dead Star match like last week? i guess we will fidn out after this commercial break...im curious if Firefly Fun House will be first or the lacey match..i suppose you will find out before i do.

Lacery Evens VS Ember Moon

Well there you have it, here we go. ember hits a huge kick on lacey for a nearfall. Lacey goes to do a hip toss on ember who flisp through lands on her feet. They go back and forth, embers on the apron so is lacey,. she grabs the ropes and flys around into a dropkick, knocking ember to the outside but eventually ember and lacey are back in the ring laceys got a rest hold emeber fights out, but lacey takes ember down hits double knees gets ember in the corner hits a bronco buster i think the move is called for a near fall, and locks in a rest hold.

THis time ember fights out hits a samoan drop, both ar eup lacey goes for womens right ember ducks makes her comeback, lacey tosses ember to the corner rolls around hit hits lacey lacey uses her legs to knock ember down, lacye son the outside embers on the apron, embers hits a kind of stunner, she gets lacey in for a nearfall. She then goes to the top rope for the eclipse but lacey stops her, she hits a womens right and then locks in a sharpshooter for the pin.

Firefly Fun House

We see a pic of kane with the eyes blacked out, and bray hangs up another pic, but its blank, he says there is always room for one more, meanwhile huskis and rabbit are fighting over a seth action figure, they say they are both huge fans of seth,

Bray says alright guys, sharing, its not easy, but tis never good to be too attached to something, if you lvoe soemthing too much it makes you weak! and you become vulnerable to negative feeligns like dissapointment, neglect and lonelyness, and i know what its like to eb abandoned by those you care about most.

Rabbit says they also dont want the fiend to hrut seth, bray says mayb e he wnts to protect seth, he never forgets and doesnt liek to share, i think you tow can!, bray then takes the seth action figure and tears it in half..Yowie Wowie! sharing IS caring!
Bray stares intently at the camera, then says see you in hell!

24/7 Title Saga Continues

So R Turth and carmella run to the ring, they are followed and as they get to the ring to get, carmella yells at them to stop, carmella grabs a mic and says please stop, she says she cant take this anymore! r truth says somethign but carmella says shes tired and to shes serious, she cant handle this anymore, they hug and then BOOM! armella pins R Truth to become the 24/7 champion, then here comes the womens roster to chase down carmella, she jumps on truths back as they run.

Baron Corbin vs gable is next.

Baron Corbin VS Chad Gable

I must admit corbins new crown does look nice, the two lock up go back and forth, they both end up fighting to the outside and corbin throws gable right into what looked like fans but was justs ecurity people, still a great spot as we go to commercial.

We come back gables fighting against corbin, gable trows corbin to the corner corbin swings around and hits ashoulder tackle like move, brutal hit for the near fall, corbin locks in a headlock, gable fights out and corbin throws gable into the corner with intense force for a nearfall. Corbin brings gable to the corner hits body shots, sets gable on the top rope but gable hit sback elbows to get away, then springboard crossbody to create seperation, both men down, gable hits corbin punchs kicks knocks corbin away, corbin responds with a bbig boot.

We got Gable chants and corbin looks on, corbin tackle sgable in the corner mocking the crowd, he sets gable in the corner charges again a huge hit, corbin sets up again and gable dodges, corbin swings aroudn the ring post but this time gable is ready a rolling kick, gabvle lays in the kicks and hits lays corbin down, gabl.e goes to the top rope but corbin catches uim lifts him up slams him down for a near fall.

Corbin argues with the red chad gable hits another kick lays in the hits, corbin goes for a chokeslam gable rolls through into a sunset flip rollup for a nearfall then corbin hits the chokeslam for another nearfall, gables on the top rope (not the corner) and corbin jumps from the top gable moves corbin hung on the ropes gable htis a german for a near fall, crowds goin nuts.

corbins on his knees gable gets too close goes for the chokeslam gable reverses corbin goes for end of days gable once again dodges and rolls it into the ankle lock corbins in trouble, corbins gonna tap so he has no choice but to grab the septre and hits gable for the DQ busst his mouth open.

Corbin lays out gable to stand tall, that was a fantastic match despite the ending.

We get another A.O.P. promo, they say they are calling this who is AOP? and they say we will show you, they go out fo the room and attack two random people, then say nobody is hard enough to fight AOP.

it was okay, but nwo we got fatal 5 way action, winner faces seth for the universal title next week.

AJ Styles VS Rey Mysterio VS Ricochet VS Robert Roode VS Shinsuke Nakamura

This match starts at a frantic pace everyones fighting, eventually ricochet and rey knock everyone down and out of the ring, they take turns jumping out of the ring to leave everyone laying as we head to commercial.

I had some tech issues but i did watch, lots of back and forth between several people, nobody is eliminated yet, that was until ricochet hits robert roode with the recoil, but before he can pin roode shinsuke hits kinshasa for the pin, ricochet si eliminated and we go to commercial.

we come back shinsuke is down and rey is getting to the top rope but shinesuke gets up and gets to the top rope with him, then aAJ joins him, then robert roode comes and does the powerbomb spot that they like to do alot. roode goes for pins gets near falls.

Robert goes after shinsuke but shinsuke fights out and he lays roode out for a nearfall, Aj comes in does his flury of punchs and kicks but shinesuke dodges with speed and they go back and forth and shinsuke knocks Aj down, then rey comes in and sets shinsuke for the 619 but Aj stops him, shinsuke grabs robert roode as Aj goes for the phenomanal forarm roode gets out fo the wya aj hits shinesuke and pins shinsuke hes eliminated, then roode gets in hits the glorious DDT to pin AJ.

We are down to rey and roode, winner faces seth next week for the universal title, crowds behind roode, he goes for the DDT rey revseres it into a rollup, rey sets roode up for the 619 but roode dodges it and hits a spinebuster for the nearfall.

Roode goes for the glorious DDT but rey turns it into the 619 and hits the frog splash from the top rope for the pin. Next week its Rey Mysterio VS Seth Rollins for the Universal Title.

And now time for the main event.

Braun Strowman VS Seth Rollins

Seth lands some quick kicks in, trying to chop braun down, it fails, braun catches seths foot, seth flips backward out of it and runs into a solid right from braun. he then charges and just slams seth, he charges at seth seth dodges and seth rolls around him into a sleeper hold but he knocks seth off and maintians control as we go to commercial.

we come back braun has seth in a bear hug but seth fights back and fights out and as seth goes for the pedigree braun stops him, seth rolls to the outside braun runs around the ring but seth leaps over the barricade, dodgeing strowman, seth leaps from the barricade but braun catches him throws him down, both men back in the ring seths in the corner braun charges seth gets the lesg up, braun charges again this time braun rusn into the ring post, brauns there legs aroudn the ring post rollins slams brauns legs into the post, he gets back in the ring strowman can barely stand, rollins leaps from the ropes hits a knee then a superkick but braun kicks out at 1

before braun gets up seth locks in a sleeper hold brauns on one knee, but braun stands up backs up into the corner seth lets go, braun charges runs into a super kick, seth top rope hits the blockbuster for a near fall. Seth goes to the top rope again, hits the frog splash he goes to another corner and hits a second frog splash for a nearfall.

Seth goes for the curb stomp braun catches him braun goes for powerslam but seth gets out pushes strowman to the outside, seth dives out strowman is still standing, he does it again knocks braun down but he sgetting up, seth goes to do it again but he trips and braun catches him and hits a chokeslam on the apron, then runs the ring slams seth, braun has seth in the ring goes for the powerslam and the lights begin to go out. infact they all go out.

The spooky lighting happens bray has the mandible claw on strowman and lays braun out, the fiend then crawls to seth who is hdieing in the corner again, but braun si stirring, and the fiend and braun are face to face, braun tries something but the fiend locks in the mandible claw again, laying out strowman for good this time, the fiend then crawls back, looking at seth who looks horrified the fiend stares at strowman as the lights go out again and the show ends with brays laughter.


Well that was the show! hope yall enjoyed the recap! as always give your thoughts below! my review will be up shortly!

Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!

The Fiend has been using Seth to get to Braun... Seth and The Fiend will not be wrestling at HiaC because Seth will no longer be Universal champ.. REY MYSTERIO WILL! Mysterio wins the Universal title on the season premiere of RAW next week.. Ricochet comes out to congratulate Mysterio.. tells him he respects him but he believes he deserves a shot at the Universal title.. Mysterio agrees and accepts the challenge.

The HiaC match originally scheduled between Seth and The Fiend becomes a triple threat between Braun, Seth, and The Fiend.

God.. I wish I was writing for WWE!!

Anyway... 6/10 on the show.. not great but not terrible either.


Main Eventer

Opening was strong, but then the next few bits of the first hour made me lose my interest. It only came back when the Fatal 5-way. Rey was the right man to win, I love what they have been doing with him this year.

A lot of the matches were too long. How many fucking rest holds was in the Sasha/Nikki match? I tuned out to it, plus it seems both Sasha and Bayley are going to lose their championship matches to feud with Alexa and Nikki for the tag titles. Lame.

King Corbin is great. I'm loving the Shorty G/King Corbin feud.

The main event was great.

So basically, the opening was great, then the show dragged, but then in the final stretch it became great again. Hopefully next week will be more consistent.


The Artiste
This episode gets a 7/10 from me. Not too much storyline progression, but I liked the Rollins/Fiend stuff. The wrestling was consistently good from top to bottom. Highlights of the episode for me were Gable vs Corbin, and the Fatal 5 way. Corbin is continuing to impress me. I don't remember actually rooting against a wrestler in a match for a long time, and Corbin is pulling that off. Gable plays the underdog role perfectly, and he is a fantastic wrestler. I would like to see him vs Shinsuke for the IC title soon. The Fatal 5 way was really good, with everyone looking decent and getting their offence in. Mysterio winning was a nice way to capitalize on his win streak, and him vs Seth should be great match next week.

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