SPOILER! Rate RAW 9/29/2014

Rate RAW 9/29/2014

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ShaRpY HaRdY

Main Event Mafia

Rate the RAW show from tonight.. the results are below:

-IC Championship: Ziggler (c.) def. Cesaro & Miz [w/ Mizdow] in a triple threat-

-Layla def. Rosa-

-Bo Dallas def. Mark Henry-

-Brie def. Eva Marie in Cameron in a handicap match-

-Slator Gator def. Los Matadores-

-Alicia Fox def. AJ Lee-

-Sheamus def. Damien Mizdow-

-Dean Ambrose & John Cena def. Randy Orton & Kane after Seth Rollins interfered-​

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
I've seen worse than this episode, it was decent to say the least. It's definitely a progress from the shit we used to watch while Ambrose was absent. 5.5/10


- The openning segment with The Authority and Paul Heyman was good, Heyman and Rollins got a huge pop, at one point. Then this disease called Cena came out and ruined everything. GTFO, Juanito. We don't want you and we don't need you. Period.
- Ziggler vs Cesaro vs The Miz for the IC title was damn good! Mizdow was hysterical, as always. He's doing a better job at impersonating The Miz than The Miz does himself. lol
I would absolutely love it if they turned Mizdow on The Miz and had Mizdow have a run for the IC/US Title. The dude is damn good, but WWE's 'Creative' team doesn't have a clue!
- The Wyatt Family promo/vignette was creepy, I loved it. Glad they're not forgotten (anymore) and are back on delivering great promos they used to do. Happy that the 'Big Rig' Harper is getting more prominent, as well. Can't wait to see them back!
- Ambrose coming out with the MITB briefcase and all that merchandise was some hilarious shit. Saying 'Oh, oh! They sent the cruiserweight division out to get me...', made LOL so fucking hard. The dude is pure gold on the mic and pure gold in general. Stickin' it to Seth afterwards with that green slime was cool, as well.
- Loved the 'Thank You, Rollins!' chant after he hit Curb Stomp on Cena. Thank you, Rollins, indeed!

- Mark Henry starting off his forced and robotic promo was, well... Good thing Bo interrupted. The match that followed was shit, though. Turn heel, Mark.
- Sheamus vs Mizdow was meh.
- Not having Gold & Stadust compete.
- Cena's appearance in general. Plus, how many times is he gonna change his shirt and the colors on it in one night? Jeez.
- The ME was rather generic and predictable.

The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:

- The Divas division crap
- No need for Hulk Hogan, really. Go away, old man. You're shite.
- Shitdam Shitrose and all that shit. Get 'em off TV. They're BS.
- Rusev/Big Show segment
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The Showoff
Dean Ambrose for me was pretty much the only reason to watch. Except for that awesome triple threat IC title match. Also the Wyatt Family promo was awesome. Things look good for Luke Harper. Come on WWE use then wisely. I think Raw was at least a 5/10


The Game
I gave it a 3. Ambrose and Rollins are always good. Wyatts good. Ziggler winning good. But im sick of the Authority DQ matches....I also hate Kane and Orton headlining only to get DQ most of the time.

Aids Johnson

The Beast
The IC match was amazing, Ambrose all up there was awesome, and the show was absolutely terribly by the time we were an hour in until the end. Two diva's matches, Mark Henry becoming Big show's crying replacement (although the Bo move worked well, love the idea of a double switch) and I could care less about the end of it.

Stephanie wore a terrible dress and her biceps overshadowed the bits, HHH vs Miz was hilarious, and worst of all....Cody Rhodes.

I cannot stand stardust being the main character in it and Golddust being the background noise, he should be the leader by leaps and bounds. They ALMOST make me want to cheer for the Uso's but, tbh, i'd be cheering Rybaxel at this point just to get them to go a different way. It's a shame knowing after this ends Cody is either taking time off for a reboot and Golddust disappears/jobs, or Cody Rhodes has a match vs Golddust as Stardust. I'm not sure which one i want less.

4/10 for Dolph Ziggler's booking lately, two cheap wins, and a straight up great match shining over Miz and Cesaro both.


Chillin' with the snowmies.
I don't know what it was. Maybe it was not watching this crap in 6 weeks and having everywhere I turn tell me that Raw is the worst it's ever been, maybe it was my love for the Hulu version over my

Let me steal Majour's way of doing stuff...

The show opened with logic! :yay: Opening segment was entertaining after Triple H shut his trap, and Rollins came out to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON. "The Authority didn't make me cash in, I did. I went to hunt down the biggest dog in the yard which is your client Brocccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk Lesssssnnnnarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". I mainly remembered WWE as the land where nothing made sense and even less mattered, so this made me question if I accidentally turned on 2012 Impact and I loved it. ALSO AMBROSE!

Since that got me in a good mood, hot damn was it nice to see the 2 best workers on the roster again and immerse myself in all of what wrestling is (even if the Miz decided to get in the way) between the entrances and the action and the bad commentary and everything else. That Triple Threat match was fantastic!

CRUISERWEIGHTS ON RAW! :yay: Haha, Noble and Mercury are great in this role.

Also catch the sequel to "My Name is Earl" starring Luke Harpers, Monday nights at 8 PM

Also in the good section: Ambrose Live. Or just Ambrose. Anything involving Ambrose. This was great television, and if you didn't watch it, go somewhere and find it!

Everything with Mark Henry was great! From the story continuity of him letting the fans down to him going all MARK MOTHERFUCKING HENRY and getting royally pissed at Bo to Bo getting the surprise win, but nothing is like an OLD SCHOOL MARK HENRY ASSWHOOPIN! If only he woulda chucked Renee Young over those boxes.

*sigh* I can't believe I'm voting THIS crap as good, but... B.... Br.... Briewasabletogetsomethingwatchableoutofhermatchwithhergreatbabyfacecomebackandthestorytellingwasgood *deep breath... deep breath*

Another Best comes from something I've been begging for: Unique characters with their OWN set of motivations! Blandy and THE DEMON KANE can be pissed at Hunter and Rollins for treating them as worthless henchmen. Cena and Ambrose can go fight each other because they want a piece of Rollins. Great! Again, did I accidentally turn on Impact?


The main event classifies as "Bad" because even with the white-hot Ambrose in there, he was overshadowed by the completely played out old guard and the match still feeling pointless despite doing so much to explaining why the heels' should do Rollins' dirtywork. Enjoyed the ending with everyone hating each other and all the effort that was put into this show

This Bella crap is continuing. Nikki Bella's breasts had a mic in front of them. Cameron and Eva Marie are still employed. All of these issues need to be rectified.

Rusev vs Big Show does absolutely nothing for me.

Grandpa Simpson has devolved into a complete waste of time lol

OH HOLY CRAP WHO WROTE BRIE BELLA'S THEME SONG! I'm not saying it's BAD or anything, just that they need to be sending MP3's of this aural vomit to interrogators overseas. USA: "Oh, really? So you don't wanna tell us where Bin Laden is? BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA." "FUUUUUUUUUUCK THAT'S TOO MUCH! BIN LADEN IS IN THAT CAVE OVER THERE!" Screw waterboarding, Brie Mode should be banned according to the Eighth Amendment. You know, after it helps us catch another terrorist.

Oh, right, Raw. 8/10


Chillin' with the snowmies.
K, how much did they pay you to say the show was as good as you've just written? 8/10? Dude... :dawg:

They paid me only....

:haha: From what I saw, if you include the crap that was cut out on Hulu it probably deserves a 5/10, lol. Didn't see stuff like Mizdow vs Sheamus, Layla vs Rosa, the stupid shit with the Bunny, etc, so that's not included in the grade lol.

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
They paid me only....

:haha: From what I saw, if you include the crap that was cut out on Hulu it probably deserves a 5/10, lol. Didn't see stuff like Mizdow vs Sheamus, Layla vs Rosa, the stupid shit with the Bunny, etc, so that's not included in the grade lol.

Only 9.99? That's cheap.

Well, for the record, I don't watch it on Hulu, I watch it on the main 'watchwrestling' website.

That's not fair, dude... Why'd you neglect the stuff that gets cut out and not include it in the grade? lol

5/10 it is. Good lad.

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