Spoiler Rate Raw 9/4/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 4, 2017.

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  1. Rate the first Monday Night Raw of September and let everyone know what you thought of the show by leaving some comments.

    John Cena vs Jason Jordan

    John Cena defeated Jason Jordan by pin fall.

    After the match was over, Cena helped Jordan up and gave him a half hug and pat on the bat. Then, as Cena celebrated, Roman Reigns' music hit and he came to the stage. The two bickered with Roman insulting Cena's talent and Cena insulting Roman's skill and relationship with the crowd. Roman than challenged Cena to the fight tonight. When Cena didn't, Roman told him he was all talk.

    Cesaro and Sheamus vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

    Sheamus and Cesaro won by pin fall.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship: Champion the Miz vs Jeff Hardy

    The Miz retained the IC Championship by pin fall.


    Nia Jax confronted Kurt Angle about why Sasha Banks was getting the title shot at the Women's Title at No Mercy other than her. Emma then approached them and introduced herself as the most deserving of the title match. Nia Jax then threatened her. Angle made a match Nia Jax and Emma vs Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. If Nia and Emma win, the No Mercy match would become a fatal fourway.

    Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik vs Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Drew Gulak

    Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik won by pin fall after Enzo cheated

    Finn Balor

    Finn Balor had a promo where he talked about Wyatt cheating him out of the IC championship. Wyatt appeared on screen and the two bickered a bit.

    Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax and Emma

    If Nia and Emma win, the No Mercy Women's title match becomes a fatal fourway.

    Nia and Emma won to add themselves to the No Mercy match. However, Nia hit her finisher and Emma stole the pin fall. After the match, Nia attacked Emma.

    Gallows and Anderson vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

    Sheamus and Cesaro tried to help Gallows and Anderson win but it backfired and Rollins and Ambrose won. Gallows and Anderson then attacked Sheamus and Cesaro after the match. Then Sheamus and Cesaro cleared the ring.

    Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman vs Big Show

    Braun Strowman defeated Big Show by pin fall. After the match, Strowman easily picked up Big Show and threw him against the cage, knocking the wall over and Big Show onto it.
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  2. This was a pretty decent show. I enjoyed it. The steel cage match was a pretty good highlight of the show, but none of the matches were really bad. Cena vs Jason Jordan was a decent opener too. But nothing really compared with the cage match though.

    I guess my only real complaint was that from the moment they announced the cage match was "Next" it didn't start for the next 20 minutes. That was a bit annoying because it brings up the very reason why three hour Raw has always been awful, because they don't have enough content to fill it so they drag out the little bit they have. I mean it's no use complaining... been complaining for 5 years and it still is here so oh well.
  3. I really don't get the momentum behind the whole "Fox's ratings thread sucks" gimmick. Of course, I never got the "Yes movement" so, go figure.

    Didn't watch, got the gist though.

    My takeaway is that they book this thing on a week to week basis and a person's goal any given week can change completely at the drop of a hat.

    No problem. All the pandering they do to show how philanthropic they are must mean they're virtuous people after all, right?
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  4. Okay...

    ~ I honestly don't care about Cena vs. Reigns...so here is a random video of
    a fight I actually care about...

    But I will ask again...wrestlers getting a "push" are meant to win matches right?

    ~ Slater & Rhyno were better off on SmackDown...as was Jason Jordan...

    ~ So was the Miz & Maryse...

    ~ I'll save my thoughts for the women's division till later...

    ~ Just because Enzo is the throw away 6 man cruiserweight tag match does not make me
    care about it...in fact it makes me care less.

    I hope Neville squashes the idiot in 30 seconds at No Mercy (if that is the match they book)

    ~ As much as I like Bray & Finn...I don't care about this feud. I'd be interested if they
    started working together (possibly turning Finn heel or Bray face) but without that...I'm
    over caring.

    ~ Okay...so...

    Sasha now doesn't get a one on one rematch...and is now in a 4 way match with 3 heels...that
    seems like the kind of decision Stephanie would have made...not "Face" Kurt Angle.

    And Sasha...you can threaten Alexa all you like and claim you will win the title back at
    No Mercy...but thanks to the booking you'll just end up loosing it the first time you defend
    it...so the real question is...WHY THE f*ck SHOULD I CARE?!

    Am I still pissed off they took the belt off Sasha after SummerSlam? YES!

    Am I sick to death of Alexa Bliss? YES!

    Am I still bored by Nia Jax? YES!

    Am I happy that Emma is getting a pay per view match and a title shot? YES!

    Am I aware that she is most likely in the match to tap out or be pinned by the winner? Yes...

    Do I hope the RAW creative team "Pulls A Jinder" and has Emma somehow win the match? YES!


    And while I'm here...I would like to nominate this track to be Emma's new entrance theme...

    Or...just go back to her old Evil Emma theme...you know...that would work.

    Look...as much as I have my own ideas about how the entire women's division should be booked...
    their is a looming shadow hanging over the RAW women's division...and its Asuka.

    You have to know that whoever is champion once Asuka arrives is going to be kicked to pieces
    and made to beg for mercy in the Asuka lock...so I began thinking...

    Perhaps the WWE will use Emma as a transitional champion between now and TLC and have
    Asuka's main roster debut be at said pay per view with her winning the title from Emma and
    continuing her Goldberg-like "Undefeated Streak" story line.

    Just thinking out loud...

    ~ Remember when fans were excited about Gallows & Anderson joining the WWE? I do...

    ~ When is Kalisto going to start wrestling with the Cruiserweights? He was moved to RAW for
    that reason right?

    ~ And Strowman defeats the Big Show...no surprise there.

    And I'm Done...
  5. So i guess WWE are bored already of this Jordan is Angle's son thing as they haven't really done much with it.
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  6. Honestly, putting him in matches with former world champions isn't really hurting him too much. He needs to get wins, sure, but it is a way to get him to rub shoulders with these guys and test him. From an in ring standpoint he's respectable and has room to grow, just he has this storyline as a hurdle and he needs to develop character.

    For Raw, idk, I was forced to clean a kitchen for three and a half hours and only saw the first 35 minutes. :\
  7. Who "forced" you to clean a kitchen?
  8. My brother who is also my roommate. I'm at my apartment for Uni now.
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  9. Okay...Just checking...

    Sounded a little "rough" the way you worded it...
  10. I LOVE listening to Kylie.
  11. Honestly sounds like a lot like a fraternity hazing erotic story...
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  12. I won't rate the show because I didn't watch it in its entirety. However, I did watch Cena/Reigns segment, it was good.

    Oh, and I fast-forwarded to the ending of Strowman/Show and that was cool, as well. Especially Strowman launching Show through the cage.
  13. Probably not as eventful as last week but wouldn't call it a terrible show either. In all honestly, being this was in the midst of the Labor Day holiday (and we all know how those holiday shows tend to go) I feared for it being a lot worse but I guess a 5/10 sounds just about right. Just a couple of comments:

    - If they (WWE) think that by having Roman throw the "b*tch" word around in his promos will make him look like more of a man or a tougher guy, they ought to think again. Eww, he called Cena a b*tch...what a man...

    There's a saying here in Greece that says "a dog that barks too much usually doesn't bite" and though perhaps not the best analogy I can come up with right off the top of my head, I think it's pretty damn close. In fact, I think the exessive use of the "b*tch" word only damages Roman even more because the way I see this, it pretty much exposes his already known weakness on the mic. I mean, seriously, that's your comeback line after being literally destroyed by Cena? Eww, you're fake a$$ b*tch...yeah, you tell him Roman....sigh...

    - If the idea was for the Woman's Championship match at No Mercy to be a Fatal 4-way, they sure as hell picked the worst way to book it. And how interesting is it that it's going to be one face versus three heels?

    - Main event was just fine and one should give Big Show a lot of props for pulling out them high risk moves. It's not very often that you see a giant flying around in the ring but while that was all well and done, can someone please tell me how is it that a giant man of his size would elect to escape the cage by....climbing out of it rather then just using the door?

    - Pretty damn good Monday for the Miz....No only did he beat Jeff Hardy while succesfully retaining his IC title, but even John Cena put him over during his opening segment with Reigns.

    - Can creative not think of one...JUST ONE...other way to introduce Kurt Angle before promos? Every single time they cut back to him backstage, he's always "reading" whatever on his cell phone. Does he do nothing else all night other then going through his phone?
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  14. I'm indifferent to Reigns but the whole fly is open retort was pretty funny:bayley:
  15. Pros :

    + Jordan you beast, what a performance. That double northern lights suplex was delicious.

    + Die Roman die.

    + Emma is getting a title shot, amazing.

    + Strowman and Big Show.

    Cons :

    - Didn't like Jeff losing clean to Miz. Hopefully this isn't over, as I really want that title on Jeff.

    - Wyatt and Balor feud.

    - 205 live lul.

    Overall : 7/10
    Good episode.
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