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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Sep 8, 2014.

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  2. 3/10

    I'm being generous there, too. With the exception of the NXT tag team match, the Bunny and the Heyman promo, I really can't say anything positive about it.
    Getting to see an NXT match on Raw was brilliant, those guys deserve to be seen by a larger audience.

    The Divas tag match was underwhelming, especially as three of the top divas (and Rosa) were involved. Divas Tag matches are a complete waste of time anyway, bearing in mind they don't have a tag division.
    The Bellas segment was...there are no words to describe how bad it was.

    The rest I'm not even going to mention, it isn't worth it.
  3. WWE has more kayfabe installed in Total Divas then they do in their own product, lol.
  4. I didn't watch it but I'll give it a 4/10 just because.
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  5. Nah really, the show is taped MONTHS in advanced and Rosa Mendes is still acting like it's her first match back and Natalya telling her to calm down and shit? Really?

    So stupid.
  6. Tyler Breeze/10
  7. 9/10. I'm only to Wyatt over Jericho and it was amazing. I loved it, and I don't have to watch Jerry Springer, commercials, or any of that other dogshit.

    We should do a post raw LD setupid on watchwrestling or here, where it starts at a CST and everyone can adjust for it. Cut the 45 minutes of dogshit out and we can take piss breaks accordingly.
  8. Still waiting on HD version of the show to be uploaded on the main site, so I'll watch it and rate it later, I guess... Hopefully this episode will be slightly better than the last one, which was horrific (too much Bella crap).
  9. There was just not a whole lot going on this episode as far as being what the 2nd to last RAW before NoC?.. Dug the NXT tag match, thought that was a nice way to fill in some time.

    Glad they keep finding work for Justin Gabriel aka The Bunny.....
  10. lol Gabriel is the bunny? I loved the NXT match, count me in for watching Thursday night after work, and if it's as great as I assume, i'll be purchasing WWE network for that reason alone.

    I think the show has been great, but I marked hard for Cena's promo, all the way to seeing HHH or who knows losing to Cena next week so Brock vs Cena can wait. Bork will go over Ryder (hopefully it's Ryder) and we all win. Honestly I am enjoying the product in general, although I hate what they did to Cesaro, it's a small price to pay. I want more Dust matches, I loved the hell in a cell, I am a huge fan of Jericho vs Bray continuing until end of OCT where Jericho will dip most likely, and most of the booking has been great.

    My only gripe is no entrance time for the NXT guys, i feel it really sets the tone for what their personality is. Zayn and Neville were amazing, but so were Kidd and Breeze, and that is the reason i'm so excited for it. I really, really hope WWE don't run #2 Nature boy out too quickly (I assume they will) and instead save him for Charlotte's debut in WWE. Cena will be waiting til WM32 it seems for his big moment, and i'll mark for it also tbh. We'd all love to see him heel but i doubt it happens until he's 40+, because lets bet honest, he has plenty of time left.
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    Just done watching this. 6/10 at best.

    Bray Wyatt vs Y2J. Loved every bit of it, especially Y2J diving off of the top of the cage.
    Ziggler mocking The Miz
    Heyman's promo was gold, as always. Cena did just fine, as well. This is only the 2nd time in 2014, or for the last couple of years, should I say, where he didn't manage to bore the hell outta me once he opened his mouth. Hopefully there'll be a brawl 'tween Brock and Cena next week.
    Rollins defeated Sheamus, and then Cesaro assaulted Sheamus, yes!
    Zayn/Neville vs Breeze/Kidd, loved it.
    Goldust/Stardust winning again, hopefully they become the new tag champs at NoC!
    Orton vs Reigns, and the beatdown on Reigns after the match. - Rollins almost got impaled by that spike and plus, that dive off the top of the steel cage was even better than Y2J's, holy crap!

    Sheamus not selling the Curb Stomp properly. Ambrose is still the baws at selling Curb Stomp, Ziggs and Reigns are on that list, as well.
    Jerry Springer and The Bella crap. Huge minus.
    Seeing Usos, really starting to become bored when seeing these guys
    Adam Shitrose vs Shitus O' Neal and the whole bunny beatdown
    Please, just focus on AJ and Paige. No need for Natalya and Rosa to ruin the feud.
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    NXT was best part
    Heyman and Cena was great
    Rollins and Sheamus was good
    Regins getting beat down after Rollins dove off the cage was great.
    Wyatt beating Jericho was good for him.

    The show was alright at best....the NXT was a nice change.
  13. I can make them every Tuesday afternoon (Central time) for those Brits who don't stay up late to watch, and people who hate the bullshit. Though with my experiences someones bound to do some stupid shit like fast forward and give everything away.
  14. I'm not interested in LDing with a bunch of Eurofags.
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