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Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hello everyone and welcome to the Rate Raw and Raw Recap! Raw tonight is live from Madison Square Garden! lets just hope the show is better then the last few weeks, as alway share your thoughts below rate in the poll above, as i recap Raw! Enjoy!

Firstly i must admit this recap gave me alot of trouble, im adding star rateings to the matches now! ofcourse these are just my opinion so take them for what you will and enjoy the show!

The Glass Shatters...

We kick off Raw tonight in Madison Square Garden with none other then Stone Cold Steve Austin, hes in the ring crowds going nuts, hes drinking bear and everyone loves it, his music ends and he says oh hell yeah.

he say sits good to be back in madison sqaure garden, and its been over 20 years in the garden, and before we take care of the contract, let me go back down memory road, he says he will never forget, survivor series, him against bret heart, he came out here leaned on the turnbuckle and brets music hit and the hairs on his arms stood up.

he went on to talk about how he hit vince with the first ever stunner right here in the garden. and how the undertaker knocked him out once

The crowd laughed as it was hilarious, and then we get down to buisness, Austin brings out strowman. he comes down to the ring. he offers his hand out for stone cold to shake, notably he doesnt and introduces seth freaken rollins.

Seth comes down to the ring and now austin shakes both their hands. they all say more stuff and finally sign the contract, then here comes The OC.

AJ styles says this may be funny comin from me steve, but the OC dont want none, we dont wanna get the riled up, he makes fun of austin, he says stone cold, know this, let this play out or you might get hurt, the OC head down the ramp says this has ntohing to do with you steve this si about seth and braun, crowds chanting what chants in a frenxy.

Aj says more stuff crowds chanting asshole, Austin points it out to him and its great. We got austin chants the OC get on the apron.

Aj says in his old age austins tunred into an asshole, he says let me ask you somethin you old fart, you gotta know where im comin from right?

Fight breaks out rollins and strowman take out the OC braun runs over gallyws and chases anderson, seth goes for the curb stomp but AJ tosses seth out fo the ring, hes mocking seth and austins behind him, he hits the stunner crowd goes nuts and austin celebrates. and we go to commercial.

Cedric Alexander VS AJ Styles

Ajs still in the ring Cedric comes out and wastes no time, match starts he takes control immediately and they go back and forth and do some decent stuff, working off of Aj already being hurt from the stunner, its not long before we head to commercial.

We come back both do stuff, eventually cedric goes to do a move from the apron and the OC come out the three take out Cedric and then, here comes the viking raiders and they lay waste to the OC. at last they are doing something with these guys.

We got bayley and sasha backstage they say some generic stuff..not really WORTH OH WAIT A MINUTE!

We're Really glad that you're our friend! and this si a friendship that'll never ever end! Bray wyatts in the funhouse and says there will be a brand new episode of the Firefly Fun House Tonight! WOOHOO!

After a connors cure video package we a bit of a shoot and serious segment, we got romans reigns talking about connors cure and his own battle with cancer, how he wants to raise awareness and help the kids out, and so rather then go to them, he brought them here, so the kdis come out all dressed up in their own wrestler names and outfits and its cute.

Roman says they have been through the toughest fight of their lives and they are still standing here strong as ever, but their work isnt done as we show their victorys there are others just starting their fight and lets help them as we have helped others or something to that effect.

You can go to connerthecrusher.com to donate and help these kdis fight.

And with that up next we got Becky andCharlotte VS Sasha and Bayley.

Sasha Banks and Bayley VS Becky Lynch and Charlotte

Before sasha and bayley could get to the ring, becky and charlotte get out the ring charge them and we get a big brawl and we go to commercial.

We got the match officially started, Bayley becky in the ring, becky gets bayley in the corner beats her up, they do a bunch of stuff and i end up having to go AFK so i miss a decent portion of the match, its your standered tag team match, charlotte gets the hot tag runs wild, hits a neckbreaker for the near fall.

Charlottes in control she goes for the figure 4 but banks reverses it into the bank statement, but charlotte rolls through into the figure 4 and bridges into the figure 8, bayley comes in becky tries to lock in the dissarm her but bayley reverses into a kind of schoolboy and knocks becky into charlotte breaking the hold, and after this is awesome chant as we go to commercial.

Sasha is in control she tags bayley in and they beat up charlotte, charlotte creates seperation and becky gets the hot tag goes wild, sasha comes in becky hits the becksploder, she lays sasha out side the ring gets back in, we got more fighting between becky and bayley, sasha gets back in the mix and chaos insues, lots of double team spots back and forth stuff, this match gets good and picks up pace, bayleys in the ring refs distracted sasha pulls charlottes hair, charlotte smacks sasha away and bayley rolls her up for the nearfall, charlotte regroups and hits natural selection for the pin.

Next up we got OC backstage talkin about how they run this place, but dont let that dsitratc you from the beating they took. Dolph and roode come up offer to form some kind of alliance they shake hands, and now we got ReyMysterio in action next.

Rey Mysterio VS Gran Metalik

They lock up in the ring metalik gets the upper hand they lock up again and there are so many awesome revserals and this match starts off strong, immediately great stuff between these two. Rey gets the upper hand knocks metalik to the outside, rey dives outside metalik dodges rey adjust rolls through spins into a metalik superkick, meltik gets in the ring does his own dive onto Rey lands hard gets rey in the ring into a rest hold.

great match so far and it aint over yet, Metalik has the upper hand takes control hits some chops to rey in the corner but rey reverses and hits a hurricanranna to metalik into the corner,

Both on the top turnbuckle fighting it out, metalik hits a hurricanranna from the top rope for a nearfall, rey answers back with a canadian destroyer for a nearfall, he sets metalik for the 619 nails it, then hits the frog splash for the pin.

This was a fantastic match and definately worth watching.

Next up we got street profits, these two are fantastic, if only WWE would let them have a match to shwo their in ring skill..oh wait! they want them to get over first before letting them have a match..or vince does atleast, despite the fact they need to have a match to get over...Nice logic vince.

Triple threat action next.

Samoa Joe VS Baron Corbin VS Ricochet

The match starts and Ricochet fights both corbin and joe, corbin wisely gets out fo the ring as Joe and Ricochet goes at it, ricochet knocks joe out of the ring and ricochet goes for the dive but corbin gets in the ring halts his assault but not for long. as Ricochet gets the upperhand and we go to commercial.

And as i come back with food all three men are down in the ring, joe chops the hell outta ricochet, ricochet runs the ropes but joes hits a wicked fast powerslam, corbins outside the ring. Joe gets ricochet in the corne rputs him at the rop, joe climbs up headbuts ricochet, joe goes for the superplex but ricochet fights out, but not before corbin goes for the powerbomb on them he fails, they all attack eachother in various ways and eventually all 3 are layed out, crowds chanting this is awesome..and dear god we got Lets Go Corbin Corbin Sucks chants.

Thats the darkest timeline friends

Anyway joes out fo the ring and corbin hits a massive big boot on ricochet, ricochet and corbin goes back and forth, corbin goes for the chokeslame but ricochet rolls through and right intro a deep six in spectaculer fashioon, corbin gets a nearfall as joe pulls him out locks in to clutch crowds goin nuts.Joes got corbin down but ricochet hits a moonsault to them on the outside breaking the hold.

ricochet gets joe in the ring, goes for 630 but joe rolls away and ricochet adapts mid air and joe locks in the clutch but ricochet fights out and hits the codebreaker, goes for the 630 again and hits it but corbin pulls him out and steals the win.

Next up, Lacey Evens is in action...guessing against natalya..lets find out.

Lacey Evens VS Natalya

Yup, called it.

natalya brings it to Lacey and lays into her, beating the hell outta Lacey crowds aleady done with this match because we got CM Punk chants, Lacey gets control crowd is bored, lacey goes for the moonsault but natalya gets out of the way but she meets a big boot by Lacey, they do more stuff natalya locks in the sharpshooter for the submission.

Firefly Fun House is next! WOOHOO!

Firefly Fun House

We got bray in the funhouse, he says today we got a very special lesson planed! and then Ramblin rabbit come sin saying stranger danger! stranger danger! stranger danger!

bray says ramblin rabbit whats got your tail tied in a knot? rabbit says there was a stranger with our friends seth and braun, bray says you mean stone cold steve austin? DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! Abby says yeah, and what ar eyou gonna do about it? then mercy shows up and says trangers are bad people, you always stop them, huskis says kurt angle mick foley finn balor and bray said HEY!!! THE FIEND hurt those!..- and then abby mentions her clocks been stuck at 3:16, and then all the puppets repeat stranger danger over and over and it gets to bray..until finally he screams QUUUIIIEEEET! and it goes silent, bray then listens to the hurt hand.

He says Yowie wowie! guys we take turns here at the fun house! Abby...allow me to fix your clock! he brings out a hammer and smashes it and boom! its fixed! he says see abby? now yoru clock si right as rain the kids cheer, he says huskis, those bosos took soemthing dear from me in another life, but steve is just an odl rattlesnake, and you cant blame a rattlesnake for doing rattlesnake things! guys remember! strangers are just friends ya havent met yet! just look at what seth abd braun did tonight! cedric and those viking guys were just strangers but now they have a trio of new friends! but friends wont help you where you are going...

He says you see, friends forgive...but the fiend never forgets...See you in hell!

Up next is a 10 person tag team match.

Seth, Braun, Viking Raiders and Cedric VS The OC and Dolph and Roode

As vince once said "thats alotta Beef"

Seth and Ziggler starts off this match but it quickly becomes chaotic and people are brawling everywhere, the faces stand tall as we go to commercial.

we come back and things are back to normal, cedric is being worked over but cedric tries to get the hot tag but fails, crowd is doing the wave lol. They continue working over Cedric not letting him get a tag, Robert roode is working over cedric and we got Yowie Wowie chants, i like this crowd lol.

Cedric fights out and hits a huge back elbow and finally makes the hot tag to rollins seth goes nuts taking out the OC who tagged in, and now the chaos begins both teams taking turns hitting eachother with moves seth stands tall tags in braun, seth and braun run wild, rollins dive into them then braun rusn them over, braun hits the powerslam but ziggler pushes seth into braun breaking the cover then got out before braun could see to create conflict as we go to commercial again.

We come back and order ha sbeen restored and now seth is being worked on, eventually he fights out and makes the hot tag to Braun, he lays everyone out but AJ dodge shim and strowman runs rtight into the post and here come the viking raiders and they lay waste, more crazy stuff happens cedric tags in Aj goes for the forarm misses and cedric hits a crazy lumbar check for the pin. INSTANT GLASS SHATTERING SOUND the second after the pin, stone cold comes out and celebrates with seth the wiking raiders cedric and braun.


And thats the show! i hope you enjoyed the recap! you can find my review of the show below! have a great night!

Tonights show was much better then the last 2 weeks, good matches a great match, firefly fun house is always a treat, overal tonights show was really good, so i give it a 8 out of 10.

Thanks for reading! thanks! and good night!
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Perfect opening of the show. Seriously, that entire segment was just gold. Probably in top 3 promos in WWE this year. All of the participants were at their best but Stone Cold was especially fuckin good. Having him on Raw by itself is automatically a +2.
Most of the matches were good, some even way above average but that triple threat was an utter dissapointment. It's a mockery of the sport to make fucking Baron Corbin win against the class A wrestlers such as Joe and Ricochet. That's quite sad, they ruined one awesome Money in the Bank some time ago by having Corbin win and now we can't even have what we want in a sad excuse for King of the Ring which has lost most of it's prestige years later. That decision by itself is -2 in rating. If I didn't like the rest of the show this much I would casually give it 1/10 just because of that shit.

Cedric vs AJ was an awesome match with a very good appropriate ending, exactly how I would do it. Rey Mysterio vs What'sHisName was a good luchador show, quite a match honestly. I respect what WWE did with spreading the awareness of cancer, and having Roman bring those little warriors to the stage, that was a good move. Natalya vs Lacey was somewhere around average, good decision of a winner and the way of winning tho. Women's 2on2 was also not bad excluding Charlotte botching that moonsault like a complete fool. Bray Wyatt's show was likeable as well, he really knows how to make things entertaining, his talk skills are completely outside of this bullshit era. 5vs5 match was a little bit boring and below the average definetely but that ending tho, THAT ENDING.. Fuckin perfect. It was quite satisfying to see Stone Cold getting those shotguns with the babyface squad, reminds me of how WWF used to end classic shows, pure art.

So yeah, Baron Corbin managed to fuck up what seemed to be a perfect Stone Cold filled show. Not that I'm blaming him, it's completely WWE's fault. Decisions like that make me wanna switch completely to AEW and Impact because I don't really want to look like I'm supporting making below average wrestlers main event. If they continue like this with Corbin they are gonna make him more insanely overrated even than Roman who beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.
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Main Eventer
You need to stop letting one wrestler ruin your enjoyment of the overall show.

Then again I used to bitch about Roman all the time. But that was different as they built the show around Roman and ruined a lot of other wrestler's for Roman's rocket-strapped push. They are not building the whole show around Corbin (although they did at one point last year).

white crow

The Serbian Butcher
It's kinda different, this guy is worse than Roman ever was. And making a terrible decision in the most expected part of the show really makes a big difference. I'm not underrating rest of the show, but that part overall has huge weight.
Without that match, if we were to completely exclude it, I give the show a solid 8/10.
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
gnoring the result of the triple threat for just a second - did you enjoy the match?
Mixed feelings. It was somewhere around average with awesome performance from Ricochet's side, worse than usual but still likeable performance by Joe and absolutely terrible by Corbin. I would rate it worse than AJ vs Cedric even without counting the decision.
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Grievous 3D

A Means To An End
Rant Mode Activated!

Fucks Given: None!


The fact Becky even stuck around for this tag match makes no sense...
especially considering Charlotte abandoned her in a similar situation
before SummerSlam...

Also...who was pinned? Bayley or Sasha...wait...it doesn't matter...
because either way they look like chumps.

It was very simple WWE...Becky walks out...Charlotte gets beaten
down & pinned so Sasha & Bayley can actually look like a legitimate
threat/Dominant Champion...but no...50/50 booking to the ruination
of everyone.


Corbin is fucking cringe...so much for Joe/Gable...or Ricochet/Gable...

Wow...Ricochet/Gable would have been incredible...but no...the fans
don't deserve that. You hate Corbin? Well all you're getting is Corbin.

Its like the WWE wants their fans to watch AEW.

Seriously...King Corbin will be SO fucking cringe it will break faces.

I actually remember a time when I thought Corbin could have been
something...now he's one of the many reasons I don't watch the


The fact Natalya is beating Lacey proves the WWE have given up on
her...which is a shame as she should be sent back to NXT for a year
to develop her skills more.

Also Lacey does a moonsault?

Jesus..."Charlotte 2.0" much?

G...its almost like teaming her & Charlotte up would have made too
much sense!


And finally Austin can fuck off...

He can fuck right off!

I'm not giving him a free pass & how any woman can cheer for this guy
(let alone work with him BECKY!) is frankly baffling to me.

(But hey...whatever gets you over right?)

Every other wrestling fan can ignore it if they want...but I'm not...and
I don't care if it paints a bright, red target on my face.

Austin is a scumbag who beats women!




That felt good...


[email protected]

The Game
Also, Natalya beating Lacey was weird. Are they building Lacey up again or not? Enough with the 50/50 booking wwe
I don't mind the back and forth wins. Nothing wrong with a back and fourth fued between two women that wouldn't be doing anything else. Lacey cheated last week and Natalya gets her win back and gets revenge with the ultimate satisfaction of tapping her out with the sharpshooter. I guess Lacey is going to get under her skin again next week.

They definitly should of had Natalya not let go of the sharpshooter resulting in a reverse decision.

It's nice to see more then one womans match on raw regardless
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The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
To be perfectly honest, I had a lot higher expectations with RAW returning to the Garden and considering this was also the go home show for Clash, I found it a bit hard to go above a 5/10 rating. Now, granted, there was some good stuff that happened, such as another excellent Firefly Funhouse segment or the Triple Threat but as a whole, again, rather average.

- Don't know if it's just me, but I'm starting to like Seth Rollins lesser by the week...

- Will always pop for the glass shattering, no matter what. The flipside of the coin unfortunately, this is always a reminder of how WWE have miserably failed to create new stars of such ber...

- As mentioned above, another piece of gold from Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse. Don't know if this is to be considered a hint or some kind of hidden message, but Wyatt "reparing" the clock to show 11:19 from 3:16 must have some meaning behind it and I for one find it very hard to consider the new time a coinsidence, being how meaningful this specific date is...

- I've always been against the champions being pinned (clean, no less) on non title matches and such was the case with Bailey the other night. Either way, so long as Bailey retains (as she should), I'll be fine with it...

- I feel a lot of you are being a bit unfair towards Baron Corbin. Granted, there was a time (especially when being the constable) where he was indeed rather annoying but I think one should at least give him some credit for his excellent work in the ring these past few weeks. You know, I keep hearing people say how Alexander was the reason their match was so good and/or Richotte the other night but...doesn't it take two to tango? Furthermore, the Deep Six and the End of Days are both one of the better looking moves overall in WWE nowadays and I also feel he has very much improved on the mic so I for one think he actually deserves some props...

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