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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lady Deathbane, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I'll give it a solid 8. Pretty good, but same old shit.

    Edge's opening and Goldust's match with Orton bumped a 6 to an 8.
  2. 9/10. Edge's segment. Bryan's knee to Orton. and the Goldust match made this Raw.
  3. 8.5/10 was a fun show.
  4. Btw, fucking WWE! I wanted to see a Christian entrance.
  5. 8.5/10

    Love seeing the heels getting a top edge, and nice to see DB come out on top :obama:

    "You're not a dictator, you're just a dick." This quote by Edge made me giggle :dawg:

    Antonio's sssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg was fun :yes:

    BAHAHAHAHA At Punk hitting the fake doctor :haha:

    Steph continuing to be a bitch is fun :yay:

    Nice to see this stuff instead of the bullshit we were getting last year :obama:
  6. Watching now, love AJ on commentary.

    Jerry: Any other tattoos?

    AJ: I think im a bit old for you Jerry im 26, I know you like them younger.

    Fuck you Jerry.
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  7. I would give it an 8. Good stuff. About time Bryan isn't left in the ring in a heap at the end of the show for once.
  8. 6/10

    Okay show. Goldust + Edge made the show.
  9. cesaro + byatt this week = good

    Other than that a lot of triple h, and boring ass orton. 6/10
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  10. 7/10

    As everyone has said before, Edge and Goldust made this show.
  11. 8/10

    I really liked the opening as everyone involved did fantastic(excluding Boreton of course)

    Triple H burying Edge in the back was hilarious,plus, Dean's face looked beautiful on my 36' inch plasma screen TV:yay:

    I wasn't fond of the segment/match The Wyatt Family participated in,they've lost all their momentum already imo

    Cesaro and Marella put on a quality match,the swing spot was a thrill,but, it sucks Santino came out on top even though that was to be expected

    Goldust and Orton was a whole lot better than it sounded,the finish wasn't well executed though

    Ambrose and Bryan put in a grade a match,I was surprised how The Shield didn't interfere at the end

    Bryan finally getting some retribution at the end was nice,although, it pretty much seals the fact that he's going to lose at Night Of Champions.

    All in all it was pretty good imo,nothing too great though.
  12. 5.5. Glad I didn't watch live. Seeing Edge and Goldust made it good but other than that there was only a couple other things I liked.
  13. Thought the booking was good, but despite that it lacked... entertainment, somehow. Guess it's like those dreaded middle of the road nxt shows that are story pivotal but not the greatest. Edge and Golddust were awesome, AND they were actually useful in helping talent get over + clearly cared, so it was really nice to finally cheer for a legend again. They finally changed up the formula like I've been begging them to do + yet another awesome Bryan vs __________ match + AJ's epic one-liner... maybe this wasn't so bad after all. 7/10... wait, 6/10 because of whatever Numbskull booked Ryback and RVD

    Also, I was thinking Hulu Plus was terrible with all that was cut out, but then after seeing what was left on the cutting board... yeah, you're a freak in' lifesaver.
  14. What was on the Hulu version?
  15. Anything involving the New Corporation, except the first Golddust promo. The entire Heyman thing, the Divas tag and RVD vs ZZZ
  16. Why would they book Ryback to go over RVD without ADR interfering or anything? Seems retarded
  17. They didn't, he just crotched him and got himself DQ'ed for no reason before shellshocking him in the... never mind you're right, that's like both guys losing lmao

    It's like they want everyone around the WHC to be hapless. Maybe they want to bring the belt down to Sandow's level instead of him up to it. ADR rarely seems to win matches, Ryback just mindlessly gets himself DQed, Ziggler isn't anywhere close to that belt, Sandow is jobbing to idiots like R-Truth... so you can't have RVD look so much better than everyone else, can you?
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