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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. You know what to do.

    7/10 for me.

    -Cena's promo garnered a lot of crowd response, and at times came off kinda heelish.
    -Brock/HHH build was good, and Heyman owning HHH always means ratings.
    -jericho/Fandango was good
    -Henry/Ryback build yet again was good, and we saw shades of Ryback's previous tweener character
    -Punk's backstage promo
    -Zeb/Swagger match and segment was great
    -The Rock
    -That main event
  2. 8/10.

    +Cesaro and Jericho worked amazing together.
  3. Good parts were the end, Henry and Jericho/Cesaro minus Fandango. The rest was pretty bad. I'll say 6/10 for a regular show, 3.5/10 on WM go home show standards
  4. Judging it not on show quality but by how many matches it got my pumped for: 3/10 matches not counting Swagger/Del Rio since I missed that.

    Pure entertainment value was really difficult. Parts of it were mind-numbingly boring, parts of it were mediocre, parts are quite exciting. A 5/10 would settle the mediocrity but not the excitement or the boredom, a 2/10 would say boring, but not mediocre or exciting, and 8 would be exciting but not the other two...

    So, using a Random Number Generator between 1 and 10, and it says 7. So 7/10 it is!
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  5. I would rate it a 6/10. The Jericho/Cesaro matchup was awesome as well as the final segment with Punk and Undertaker. If it wasn't for those two segments I would have ranked it a lot lower. Those two segments saved the show imo.
  6. 6/10 I guess for me....hard to judge really. Parts were great, and parts were horrible. Would have expected more consistent good material just before WM, but with WWE letting me down lately I didn't expect a lot anyway.
  7. Good show

    Ziggler vs Bryan was fun

    The chick match was good too, had to give that a shout after dissing that division for awhile

  8. Yeah, saw it coming, pretty obvious.

    Show Spoiler
    [1:03:18 AM] Daniel Woods: I believe crayo
    [1:03:25 AM] Joel: me2
    [1:03:46 AM] Joel: at least until it's revealed as a ruse, where i'll say i knew the whole time
  9. Raw was a ruse?
  10. well shit, posted in wrong thread :facepalm1:
  11. Yawn for me.

    Not enough hustle and bustle.
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  12. Watched first two hours then tapped out. First two hours were 3/10 for me. Looks like I missed all the good stuff, but they didn't keep me into it. My bed was more appealing than more RAW at the time.
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  13. 1/10 CM PUNK STUPID SELF :angry:
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  14. Cena said something in the lines of "you'll see a moment not quite possible in this lifetime" or something. He did say it was Rock failing but I'm still going for a heel turn :awyeah:
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