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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. 4/10 yet again from me. Two weeks running I think.
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  2. 4/10, legitimately.
  3. Overrun: 10/10
    Show: 0/10

    I'd rate it higher if there was a chance of WWE actually following up on so many of these guys putting up a fight when they have no business doing so.
    Rhodes got a nice rub from lasting 16 minutes with Orton, but I know he'll just be jobbing again next week so can't give them credit for that.
    There were several good wrestling matches, but man... Superface booking is really really really hurting this show. If we know who's winning, why watch?
    That's why we love the Shield. Every time they beat someone down, there's always a chance that #wwelogic will prevail. It still hasn't. Thank you.
    Wish I could say the same about Mark Henry, but at least they try to book him strong before the Great White Dumbass ruins it. Thanks?
    At least Cena ate a pin. He had an excuse and there's no reason for him not to.
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  4. 8/10. Best Raw I've seen in a while.

  5. 2/10
    Get your shit together Raw, this was a very very boring episode. I honestly enjoyed the match between Del Rio and Cesaro, a good back and forth type of match between the two, but it was to obvious who was going to win. The segments were lame, and Sheamus/Henry was just embarrassing. The match between Shield/Cena and Team Hell No was entertaining, and gaining the pin one Cena was something nice to add. These three hours are really killing me though, at least add more wrestling instead of shitty segments if you're gonna run this long. I couldn't even pay attention for so long, had it mute with music playing and fixing my iTunes library. Get your shit together Raw.
  6. 3/10

    The only saving grace of Raw last night was the Team Hell No/Cena vs The Shield match at the very end. Other than that it was very lackluster.
  7. WWE does an impeccable job at combining boring and illogical booking. Usually you only get one or the other.
  8. This is what I said yesterday about the show when asked to predict it:
  9. This show was just awful. I don't really care about seeing great wrestling matches if A. There's no story to them/incentive for the winner or B. The match is too predictable. They should save shit like this for SD, Raw is apparently where the big stories are meant to occur.

    Oh, and Shield being star of the show shocker. Awesome for them to get the rub from Cena, that's another massive win for them.

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  10. So much filler and my god how many times do we have to see Swagger, Coulter, Big E, AJ, DZ in one show. Highlight of the night RR getting a win. Lowpoint of the night most of the show. 5/10 purely for RR the Orton and Rhodes match and JBL.
  11. 3/10 cena gettin pinned is always sweet. And well Rhodes had a nice spot,he hit a crossrhodes and well even if did zero damage on da viper is was cool. The counter of the disaster kick was predictable IMO and well back to another jobber. (Not even having a fucking enhance pathetic )
  12. Would like to add more Brad Maddox backstage though thats always good.
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