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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. First time I've ever done this, but 10/10. Sorry, no flaws.
  2. 9/10 - Ziggler being Champ, The Crowd was fantastic. Jericho pwning Fandango - all good

    The main event let me down. Saw it coming a mile a way. They did very well surprising me, but the main event ended up being predictable
  3. 8/10

    Was 10/10 for the first half, second half was a bit down.
  4. Watching the ME now, but read what happens

    Show 7/10 first half was a 10 second half wasn't as good.

    However the crowd brings it to a 9/10 final for me. It's amazing the difference a good crowd makes.
  5. 20/10
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  6. I mean, besides the cash in what was really different from last night?

    The crowd was hot and they went nuts for the two best in the world (ziggler and bryan)


    I gurantee the crowd was this hot last night but it was outside.
  7. Barrett destroyed Miz that's an automatic 2-3 points extra.
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  8. Good things:
    Crowd - 10/10
    Ziggler - 10/10
    Barrett - 10/10
    Ryback - not Cena/10
    Y2J - Y2J/10

    Not good things:
    Cena - Cena promo/10
    Big E/Bryan - :why: /10
    Orton/Sheamus/Show - zzz/10 (yeah the crowd was awesome, but shit still bored me. 30 minutes of these buffoons? :no: )
    3mb/jobbers - who cares/10
    No Cesaro - :upset: /10

    It'd probably round out to... pretty good Raw with some killer moments, and a very hot crowd but I wouldn't say it was flawless lol/10
  9. Probably. 6/10 is pretty low coming from you, but not surprising. :obama:
    Yeah, it was a good Raw with some great moments (namely ZIGGLER and Ryback at the end) but 10/10? Come on now.
  10. I'd say a 9/10. The only moment I didn't care for was the Sheamus/Orton match. Other than that, the crowd was electric and the matches were great. On top of all that, I'm so thrilled that Ziggler is the new World Heavyweight Champion! :yay:
  11. Just realistically a raw isn't going to be better than wrestlemania.

    Mute the show and watch mania and this raw and you will see no difference.
  12. 10/10 because #LQ.
  13. The results make a big difference to me dudester.
  14. If that's the case

    0/10. Big E over Bryan... fucking dumb.

    I'll go 2/10 because ziggler won.
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  15. WM:
    Miz wins: :eww:
    No cash in: :sad:
    Cena left standing victorious: :annoyed:


    Barrett wins: :yes:
    Zigs cashes in: :yay:
    Cena left lying: :happy:
  16. Crowd + Ziggler + Barrett + Henry + Jericho = 8/10
  17. I was in the dumper for the DB/Big E segment so it didn't taint me. :otunga:
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  18. It was a 6/10 for me.

    I gave mania a 6/10.

    I think that's a fair assesment
  19. At this point, Daniel Bryan is like Chris Jericho. It doesn't matter whether he loses, he'll be over as fuck.

    6/10 is an ALRIGHT rating.
    Even though Big E won, the match was good.
    Plus, next weeks RAW will be degraded by 2 points just because of the crowd.
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