Spoiler Rate Raw August 10th 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. Results:

    Team Bella defeated Team BAD
    The New Day defeated Los Matadores
    Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens and Cesaro
    Luke Harper defeated Dean Ambrose
    Miz TV w/ Daniel Bryan ends with Ryback returning
    Mark Henry and Rusev ends in a no contest
    Neville defeated King Barrett
    Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins via DQ, after an interference by Sheamus

    For in-depth report, click here.
  2. I gave it a 5. The idiotic tease at the end that we have already seen 1000000000 times definitely dropped my score.

    I liked:

    Owens vs Cesaro vs Orton

    Diva 6 woman match was okay.

    Daniel Bryan interview and Ryback taking out Show and Miz

    Orton vs Rollins was an okay match until the ending

    HHH laying down the law with Stephen Amell

    I didn't like:

    Henry vs Rusev was pointless

    New Day vs Matadores was boring.

    Neville vs Barrett made no sense.

    Stephen Amell getting involved in the match. I HATE when celebrities get involved and I HATE tag matches with a celebrity as a tag match. If you're not a wrestler, sty out of the damn ring.

    Total dumbass ending to the main event.

    Idiotic MITB cash in tease that we KNEW wasn't going to happen, but let's see it for the millionth time.
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  3. I'm watching just for Daniel Bryan and Stephen Amell. Fuck yes.

    I'll give an actual rating when I watch the show, but from what I read, the show sounds quite decent, especially if you just skip through the usual RAW shit.
  4. It was an OK episode, with the usual mix of some good and bad stuff. 5/10

    - The opening segment was decent, I actually liked it.
    - Team Bella vs Team BAD was OK.
    - The New Day's backstage promo was hilarious, loved it! They're so much fun.
    - Orton vs KO vs Cesaro was stellar.
    - Harper vs Ambrose was good.
    - I liked The MizTV segment w/DB and Ryback returning.

    - The New Day vs Los Matadores was just too short.
    - Rusev vs Henry was garbage.
    - Neville vs Clown Barrett was just random BS.
    - Amell doing his thing with Stardust and setting up a match for SS did nothing for me.
    - The finish to Rollins/Orton is a huge negative, despite the match being good.
    Rollins should've won CLEAN. Period. Oh, and the MITB cash-in tease, I did not care for.
  5. I share Jacob's opinion, except I enjoyed it a little more. A 6 from me.
  6. Would've been a 6 for me, too, if it wasn't for the lame ass ending to Rollins vs Orton match.
  7. I saw it and skipped through most of the filler crap, the triple threat was great, Neville vs Barrett was a bullshit match but setting up the Summerslam match with Amell was 10/10 for me and the MizTV segment was great, seeing Bryan supporting Ryback made me cheer him even more and get hyped for the match and Miz is the GOAT when he's getting tossed around by Ryback and Big Show.

    Rollins vs Orton was decent until the cash in, when the referee just looked like a dumbass.
  8. Just got around to "watching" it and I'll give it a high 5.. wasn't really my cup of team but still served its' purpose as the 2nd to last lead up show into the PPV. Hoping tomorrow's will be a little bit more intriguing but hey who knows.
  9. I have to ask:

    Sheamus committed a pretty diabolical act here. He screwed Randy Orton out of a surefire championship win due to some silly personal grudge. So why does this feel like "a lame finish" instead of build?
    Because I agree.
  10. I know you're asking PB that and not me, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in since I didn't like it either. I had no problem myself with the DQ ending. I hated the way they tried to make it seem like Sheamus was cashing in. It looked like the ref was trying to take the case from him but he was holding onto it too long. If he would have let go, he likely would have had the time to pin Rollins and get the belt.

    Also, one of the most annoying things about the MITB case is that almost every time someone has it now, we have to endure countless "attempted" cash ins. If I am not mistaken, this is Sheamus's first failed attempt, but they still get to be aggravating.

    I'm not saying that I want Sheamus to be champion, either. I understand that the point was that Sheamus screws Orton's chance at the belt,so Orton wants to screw him back. However, technically Orton didn't screw Sheamus back. Orton should have waited longer for the bell to ring and then attack Sheamus. Sheamus would have lost his chance and the briefcase and the heat between him and Orton would have grown exponentially.
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