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  1. Solid 7/10 for me. leggo!
  2. 2/10 shit Raw. :haha: Just kidding. 5.5/10. Good ending, triple threat match was great, the rest wasn't really that good though.
  3. I really enjoyed it, the triple threat match between Jericho, Ziggler and The Miz was the best match of the night, and the segment between Triple H, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, and Shawn Michaels was my highlight of the night. Good Show

  4. 3/10 Dude, besides the last 10 minutes, RAW was shit. I hated it. WWE needs to leave the PG era, and higher new writers.
  5. Don't really blame PG ratings. I think it just needs better feuds, storylines, and better divisions.
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  6. 7.5/10 for me.. triple threat match was great I thought.. and final build to SS was pretty good as well.. punk/cena interaction was pretty entertaining as well
  7. There was way more bad than good tonight, but the good was really good. PTP'ers look like bosses, Sandow gets a crucial win, hope that match happens at Summerslam. Punk stealing the Five Moves of Doom made me mark, Miz/Jericho/Ziggler was awesome, and Brock Lesnar finally... FINALLY looks like a legit badass.

    The rest of this show was really boring and dragged like crazy, and they desperately need to cut back to 2 hours. Still, the good outweighed the bad. 6/10
  8. 6.5/10 Because I started watching right when R Truth got beat down.
  9. 5.5/10 Punk stuff is confusing and really hypocritical. Really enjoyed Jericho/Miz/Zigger was probably match of the night. Daniel Bryan is soo fucking over and was amazing as usual, too bad WWE is just making him a comedy act, wish he was main eventing. Sandow was another bright spot. Could care less about Lesnar or HHH but the segment was lame.
  10. 4/10. Ziggler match was the only thing I enjoyed.
  11. That was a very good match, shame Jericho didn't win. :smug:
  12. I agree with a lot of this, I'd go a bit higher and go 7.5/10
  13. I watched it live though, that show was virtually impossible to sit through live. Should have graded it lower for all the recaps, adverts, and other filler you were just able to fast-forward through. Can definitely see how you got a 7.5 out of that.

    Crayo, yes. Music helps, but when there's THAT many it really ruins the flow of the show.
  14. 2/10. Only thing that was good was Jericho/Ziggler/Miz and Lesnar/Heyman/HBK. Everything else sucked.
  15. The good was good and the bad was bad. Not as good as some RAW's have been lately. It was pretty obvious that they lacked most of the guys from the smackdown roster they are using regularly and it showed through. It was nice that we got to see a lot more mid carders this week but they failed on really using them to their full potential. 5/10 from me.
  16. This RAW was insanely terrible. Man I am sick of main event being tag match between guys involved in a storyline. Then HHH/Lesnar/HBK was terrible, having to cut the beating was crap.

    Lets analyse it fully:

    CM Punk vs Show was going ok for me, and D-Bry coming out was ok, I thought it would finish there. When Cena came out I knew exactly where it was heading the second his music hit. Thanks for butchering the tag division even more WWE! Then we get to the tag match, after backstage crap, we have Cena and Punk try to mimic each other, that would be good if they actually hit the moves properly, Cena botches the bulldog. Match ends boring as usual

    We had JTG vs Ryback. Good choice, JTG still working after that whole gimmick with Alisha Fox fell through. Yawn is the best word to describe it

    Raw Active (oh boy!) I get to vote on who should appear on yet another Piper's pit. Well lets just say that despite Piper talking the guests were of quality and then we had a match between Ziggler, Miz and Jericho but a mid-card match for these three. Get them in the main event and get rid of that shameful main event tag match

    FINALLY! We have some heat on tag titles. AW brought some attention to the ever dying tag titles, (thanks Cena for that btw) and we had Prime Time Players attack truth after his , ehem match with Slater.

    Sin Cara brought some good action, but Tensai was just terrible, over selling moves. This angle they are going with attacking Jackie Chan or whatever his name is post match has become lame. Tensai came in to be a monster and will leave as a joke

    Sandow vs Christian decent but have him feud with Brodus, that is a terrible idea, I would much prefer to see Christian/Sandow feud

    Divas match returned. And it was a usual divas match as always nothing special at all

    Then the contract signing that turned into an assualt that I think everyone saw coming. Cutting the beating, smart then just have Brock hit the floor with sticks, doesn't fool anyone. Then the break his arm threat kudos to HBK selling the injury, but man this feud has turned from two great stars from early 2000 to uh-huh..ok

    2/10. Man they better get something decent on RAW
  17. OMG I was gonna use these exact words. Yes, so the evil guys were evil and the good guys were good. Punk is annoying me a bit, but Chris is making up for it by not acting like a dweeb. (I didn't just say that lol)

    9.9/10 For Punk/Piper acting high school all over again.
  18. [​IMG]

    Crayo, found someone who is more optimistic then you.
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  19. 6/10 decent Raw, massive disapointment though with it being the last before SS, and Ryback's new theme. :eww::urm::facepalm::silva::yuno::annoyed::facepalm1:
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