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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. You know the drill.
  2. 9/10. Raw hasn't dragged this little in a long, long time. Wasn't bored until Miz showed up.
    Booking. Storytelling. Wrestling. Characters. Pushes. Everything's great right now.
  3. 6/10. I was bored by a lot of it, tbh.
  4. Was going to give it a 7/10 without the coronation, but that part was way too sick. I have been waiting for a heel Orton for 2 years now and it fits PERFECTLY into this storyline. Going to be a long and amazing rivalry, I'll tell you that. Giving it a 9/10 just like Summerslam.
  5. 7.5/10. Lots of filler, but the good segments were good.
  6. 7/10
    Cena's gone
    Triple H is a coparate heel
    Daniel Bryan is like the new Stone Cold Steve Austin going against them
    Orton is heel like he should be
    Everything is just GREAT
  7. 9/10 lol

    7/10. Enjoyed some segments but tons of filler and boring handicap matches.
  8. okay, maybe it was a 7. Was a little too excited for this new storyline.
  9. You dont have to change your rating, Its your rating, I just find it funny.
  10. No , 9/10 rating would be Raw from 4/8/13 or the edge/lita sex Raw, I was over reacting there
  11. 7/10. I just feel like there was a lot of filler content, but the whole Daniel Bryan story line was very, very entertaining.
  12. 7/10 Solid show. And the handicap matches were showing that The Shield are the "bodyguards" of the company. If you fuck with the bosses, you get the Shield. That was the point Adam, perfectly executed.
  13. Ah okay, Thanks.
  14. 9/10. Everything had meaning to it, Steph, HHH and Bryan were absolutely magnificent.
  15. Solid 7/10. Good show, but as you've said before, lost of fillers.
  16. 8/10 - without that coronation at the end my rating have only been 7.
  17. Don't you think the filler had meaning for once though? The tag division stuff for instance. We have THREE teams that all look ready to take on the gold with The Real Americans, Usos and PTPs. When the hell was the last time that has happened?!

    Ziggler/Big Show filler matches were to show the new power structure for the Corporation. Maddox is their stooge and the Shield is their muscle.

    I can't think of too much 'filler' besides those matches
  18. I wasn't a fan of the rematch of Rhodes vs Sandow. I guess I didn't look too closely with the tag-division matches as I skipped some of those just presuming it was filler. Ironically, I'd have enjoyed the show much more if I didn't fall asleep. I hate watching it online. Still a fantastic show though. RAW has been great for a while now.

    Also, the pay off main event segment bothered me. While still great, HHH spoke far too much. Why have Bryan not come out, but when HHH mocks him with the "let's make him feel at home", he comes out? Why not have Bryan come through the crowd or something with a beaten up bodyguard behind him? I dunno, thought they lacked a bit of creativity with that last segment.
  19. 7.5/10 - Some parts were excellent (Punk/Axel, the opening and ending), but there was a lot of garbage in between (the handicap/Divas matches, Del Rio/Sin Cara). My score would be lower, but two solid tag matches bumped it up. Also, the Ryback and Los Matadores promos had me in absolute stitches so they helped the show too regardless of if they were meant to be taken how I did take them.
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