Spoiler Rate Raw August 24th, 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. #1 Harley Quinn, Aug 24, 2015
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    You guys know what to do, rate the episode!

    Recap below by Shadow!
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  2. RAW Recap:
    - Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman open up RAW, and they call out The Undertaker.

    - Bo comes out, tells them all they have to do is Bo-Lieve, and receives a trip to Suplex City. They leave after Brock hits Bo with an F5.

    - The New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons via pinfall, and The Dudley Boyz returned post match. They put Woods through a table after a little bit of action.

    - Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose beat The Wyatt Family via disqualification. This happened because the lights got cut and Braun Stowman attacked them both.

    - MizTV takes place with PCB, it leads to a tag match between the Bellas. The Bellas defeated Team PCB via pinfall.

    - Stardust attacks 'Cosmic King' Barrett, Neville runs down against Stardust, and Stardust ran away.

    - Jon Stewart explains his actions, Flair comes out and says he wanted Cena to win, and Cena comes out shortly after. Cena AA's Stewart.

    - Ryback, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro defeated Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Big Show and Rusev via pinfall. Owens and Sheamus attacked Show, left, and the faces did the same.

    - The Authority unveils Seth's statue, and Sting is in the statue's place. Sting attacks Seth, Seth retreats, and Sting holds the WWEWHC title to end the how.

    Full Results: WrestlingInc
  3. 7/10

    For the most part this was an entertaining and very excellent show. There were definitely lulls, but those are pretty unavoidable in a three hour show.

    I liked:

    Heyman's show opener was the highlight of the show. 20 minutes flew by in what I thought was five minutes. Poor Bo Dallas has obviously never heard of Brock Lesnar and may never hear anything for the rest of his life.

    The New Day vs Lucha Dragon match was okay but it was PHENOMENAL when the Dudley Boyz came out and destroyed the New Day. I did not see that coming.

    Ambrose and Reigns vs the Wyatt family was all right, but the appearance of Braun Stowman was something else.

    Stardust turning on Barrett... just because I did not see it coming. Stardust is from the fifth dimension so all they have to do is make him say his name backward and he'll have to return there for 90 days.

    The Nature Boy! Woooo! It's always great to see the greatest wrestler of all time. I was happy to know that I was right about Jon Stewart's reason for attacking Cena.

    Sting's appearance.

    I didn't like:

    Miz TV or the Diva's match. Let's stop the Revolution bullshit and have some one on one feuds. These women are better than this. Why do we have this supposed revolution only to completely do nothing substantial?

    8 man tag was boring as hell. Also, it was very un face like of the face team to attack Big Show when he not only won the match for them but was turned on by his own team. It was very bad face character.

    Cena AAing Jon Stewart after he said he was okay with what Stewart did to preserve Flair's title record. He said he was fine with it and then he AA's a 52 year old man who probably only as big as Cena's arm... I don't care that Cena did it... but it was VERY out of character of him and that bugged me.

    The absolutely painful statue presentation. It was abysmal.

    No Vince McMahon. I was hoping to see the Boss all night.

    All in all, this was one of the better Raws in a while.
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  4. We literally pressed publish at the exact same time, haha. You can go ahead on merge mine in here. I switched over to my phone for the time being.
  5. Didn't see that lol. Guess I'll leave the recap with you since it seems more straight forward.
  6. As for the show, I'll go ahead and give the it an 8/10. The show was substantially better than SummerSlam to me, but there was still a couple of low points.

    The second hour was probably the biggest hindrance, which it usually is. Twenty minutes was taken up by a MizTV segment about how PCB are revolutionaries. And it was followed by an even longer rematch of the finals from yesterday, except the results were switched. Very original stuff.

    Then Stewart came out to end the hour, he was meant by a response from Flair. A response that could be summed up in two words: Cena approved. Anyways, it topped off with Cena hitting Stewart with an AA. I guess slamming an elder is ok within the confines of Cena's tagline if said elder was doing something that goes against his motives.

    Besides that, the only thing that really jerked me the wrong way was Sting getting a title shot at Night of Champions. We know WWE loves having guys passed their primes to be in a Main Event program, but to put the title on the line... didn't they learn the last time with The Rock? If you're going to give a title shot to someone who isn't an active wrestler give it to Triple H already.
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  7. I haven't seen it yet but Sting main eventing just gives me so much hype for Night of Champions, knowing Sting can still go in the ring, and Team 3D beating up The New Day after what looks like a hilarious musical performance by New Day? 10/10.

    Although I heard MizTV bombed, partly because the writing was shit and the Brooklyn crowd went over the edge.

    No Amell is disappointing, but hey.
  8. That was one of the greatest Raw episodes I've seen in a long time with a great variety of things happening: Heyman's promo followed up by Brock Lesnar destroying Bo Dallas, The Dudleys' surprise comeback, a new and unexpected member of the Wyatt Family, Stardust turning on Wade Barrett, the segment between Jon Stewart, Ric Flair, and John Cena, everyone (including his own teammates) beating the hell out of the Big Show, Sting suddenly appearing underneath the veil where the statue of Seth Rollins was supposed to be (I figured Cena would be under there instead)... Loved the smarmy way Stephanie had Cena ejected from the building as well.

    Interesting how I said Rollins vs Sting would have made an excellent program for Summerslam had John Cena dropped the United States Championship to Kevin Owens instead, and yet here they are doing it at Night Of Champions. Hopefully they don't do something like have Sting win the title only to be cashed in on by Sheamus moments later...
  9. It sounded pretty exciting! I don't really like the idea of Sting going for the WWEWHC because he is like another part timer but as long as WWE books it the right way it should be fine. The dudleyz return had me, holy shit! Also dat new Wyatt family member, they just replacing Rowan with a bigger guy? I'd like to see Rowan rejoin and make them a four piece but this guy with the black sheep mask looks dope.
  10. Seems like it came off better on TV than in person. It was an average show. Me and my friend marked out like little kids for the dudleyz though
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    The first hour was great and fun, but after that the show went off a cliff. 5/10

    - The opening segment featuring Heyman and Lesnar was phenomenal.
    Heyman's promo and Lesnar murdering Bo were both extremely enjoyable.

    - The New Day were hilarious prior to their match with The Lucha Dragons.
    Big E and Kofi came out first and introduced X-Woods, who came out playing a trombone.
    All this led to the guys singing 'New Day' to the tune of 'New York, New York.'
    The New Day are fabulous. Love 'em! However, the match itself was just OK. But, Woods was the man here.

    - I marked out for the Dudley Boyz coming out and destroying The New Day! OH MY BROTHA, TESTIFY!
    This was so much fun.

    - Reigns & Ambrose vs Wyatt & Harper was fine till the DQ fest, then Vince's B-day present arrived.
    It's Braun Stowman. The guy is a monster. I guess they chose him as the new member 'cause Rowan's still hurt.
    All in all, a fine way to extend the feud. The crowd reaction was poor, though, 'cause no one knew who the giant guy was.
    But, they did make him look good by manhandling Roman and Dean, nevertheless.

    - Orton, DZ, Cesaro & Ryback vs Sheamus, KO, Rusev & Show was solid.
    The post-match segment where everyone kicked Show's ass was a bit odd, especially on the babyfaces' part.
    But, it had me cracking up. Everyone hates the Big Show! I didn't mind this at all. I approve.

    - The MizTV segment was just blah. This segment was the first thing on the show I didn't like.

    - Team Bella vs Team PCB was a yawn fest. Great, keep spamming these meaningless tag matches.

    - Stardust turning on Barrett, I did not care about. The Stardust shtick has ran its course. Bring Cody Rhodes back!

    - The whole Stewart/Cena segment was a time killing nonsense.
    THIS was the big payoff for SummerSlam's great Winner Take All match? Frig off.
    And kudos for making that SS angle with the Title vs Title match a joke. Top-notch stuff.

    - The closing segment with The Authority/Rollins/Sting was meh, nothing special at all.
    The thing I don't get is why Sting? Sure, Sting vs Rollins is a fresh match.
    But, why does Sting have a problem with The Authority/Rollins NOW after clearly accepting the loss to HHH at WM and shaking his hand? This segment did nothing for me and plus, it dragged on for too long.
    The way they're goin' with this, Sting defeats Rollins at NOC and Sheamus cashes in. LOL
  12. Weird as it's almost always the opposite. Even the worst show is usually somewhat enjoyable when it's a live experience.
  13. Sting? HahahahHAHAHAH
    Just as I was ranting (in my head) yesterday about how a 50-year old part timer Undertaker going over Brock sucks. Oh boy
  14. And to top it off, it's also completely and utterly random. At the very least Brock and Taker had a story.. Sting just was out of nowhere and doesn't even have any heat with Rollins to demand a title match... not to mention being 0 - 1 in his WWE career.
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  15. Yeah, I was thinking about the 0-1 thing. By that logic some random jobber could also get squashed and challenge the champ, lol.
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  16. Stop making sense, guys. Sting can do whatever he pleases, k? The less sense it makes, the better. LMAO

    While Sting vs Rollins is a fresh match, what's Sting done to earn his title shot?

    He was jobbed out at WM. But, he decides to come back NOW, almost 6 months later, after clearly accepting his loss to HHH at WM and shaking his hand like it was some friendly bout? That's just cringe-worthy.
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  17. I liked
    Dudley Boyz return
    Sting return
    Do It For The Day
    Wyatt Family's new member
    Brock vs. Bo in an epic match-up too big for the WWE

    I disliked
    Tag Team-a-mania
    Divas angles
    Not one single match on the card

    It would've been worse, but the first hour was too good.

    He was far from 'jobbed out'. If he was jobbed out, Triple H would've been made to look far superior against Sting, when it was the opposite. He needed his cronies to help him, and had to bring in weapons. Plus, Sting isn't going to win the title, obviously. It's just an angle to freshen up the title scene, that I'm fine with even if it doesn't consult the Power Rankings on who should get the title match.
  18. 'Jobbed out' was used as a joke.

    What I really meant is, the whole deal about Sting's WM loss is silly. To me, he looked like a jabroni after the match was over.

    I mean, why the fuck do you shake your opponent's hand when he's defeated you with the help of his goons, plus hitting you with a foreign object?
    Sting was at peace with it and now he's back and seems to be holding grudges against The Authority and Rollins? lol
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  19. I mean, Heath Slater at least has a pinfall win over Rollins :emoji_slight_smile:

    Hey Prince Balor, here's my review:
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  20. Spot on.
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