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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. 7/10 imo.

  2. Last week I watch live, I just don't enjoy it.

    Stupid ending, 6/10
  3. 3/10.

    Barrett return video, Heyman/Lesnar, and Jericho/Ziggler are the only good things that happened.
  4. I rate this weeks raw 5/10.
  5. if Ziggler vs A-Ry was the only thing that happened then 7/10

    the whole show 4/10
  6. 3/10. Hope to stick through these next few weeks, I may not be able to make it. These three-hour Raws are a real chore.

    +1 for Wade's awesome return promo
    +1 for Riley
    +1 for Sandow beating Brodus's punk ass up and down the ramp.

    Negatives: Retarded booking throughout the show and way too much filler.
  7. From the discussion thread, I would rate this raw a 3/10. My complete rating will be revealed in my review.
  8. 10

    I was into it. Wade looks great. Can't understand Punk. The things he's saying seems so odd coming from his mouth. it isn't the cockiness, just the part about wanting so much attention. Very odd I think
  9. ^ Captain Optimism :gusta:
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  10. You are now part of Team Optimism Kia. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. I like. You can call me Optimus Kia. lololol. Actually, Seabs gave me the name Optimus even though I havent told him yet
  12. Optimus KiaPrime. trololol
  13. It started at 10/10.then I gave -1 for every facking recap shown..... So -332/10
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  14. 100/10.
  15. 2/10 rating

    :finger: kelly kelly
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  16. CM Punk Vs Rey - Was ok, nothing special. Pretty much a predictable match

    Christian vs Del Rio - Again, was a decent match, I just really wish Christian would get pushed more down the road.

    Big Show vs Randy Orton - Worst match of the night. Was absolutely terrible. Both guys were sluggish and never picked things up. They really need to get rid of Big Show.

    Ryback vs Hawkins and Reks - Typical Squash.

    PTP vs Epico and Primo - Was decent, nothing too exciting really. Hopefully they do something with Epico and Primo.

    Kelly Kelly vs Eve - Just awful.

    The Miz vs Kane - Another bore fest.

    Riley vs Ziggler - Nice to see Riley win i guess.

    John Cena vs Daniel Bryan - Probably the match of the night. Bryan is really doing well lately in my opinion. He is just amazing as usual.

    Most of the segments i really didn't care for. Punks opener was ok. The Lesnar/HHH stuff is the same old shit really. The Sheamus/ADR stuff was lame. AJ is starting to slowly annoy me now, which sucks because i really like her as a wrestler. The end at first was really good with Punk screaming on commentary at Lawler (Who btw needs to get the boot eventually, he is just dreadful now.) I wish Punk would have done it on a microphone instead of the headset, but it was still good. Then it was wasted by Big Show ending the show on top. I understand the build, but that made no sense at all with all the Punk stuff.

    Give it a 5/10
  17. 6/10 here. At least the kellykelly deal had eve, and she wasnt given extra time outside the match. DB > all, Ziggler match was great....AW needs to get off the mic.
  18. :dafuq::dafuq::dafuq:
  19. I dont want to watch a match and have him mic'd up the whole time, it is annoying as fuck. "Yeah titus, get him darren" I already have two assholes on the mic behind him, Id rather not make it 3. Murder king, and get Matthews in, and two is alright again. Until then :finger: his headpiece.
  20. After sleeping on it, the ME should have warranted more than a 3/10... but this incessant Tout enema cancels that out.
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