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What would you rate this episode of RAW?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Dolph Ziggler presents Neville with the Breakout Star of the Year Slammy, Kevin Owens comes out and attacks Ziggler.

    Kane defeated Bray Wyatt via disqualification.

    The Wyatt Family defeated Kane, Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz via pinfall.

    Santino Marella tries to accept the LOL Moment of the Year Slammy on R-Truth's slammy, but Truth stops him.

    Paul Heyman presents Kalisto the Slammy Award for OMG Shocking Moment of the Year.

    Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.

    Stephanie McMahon presents Seth Rollins with the Superstar of the Year Slammy.

    Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall.

    Mark Henry presents John Cena with the special “Hero in All of Us” Slammy Award.

    Bo Dallas accepts the Surprise Return of the Year Slammy on Sting's behalf.

    The Usos defeated The New Day via pinfall.

    R-Truth pulls a :harvey: and presents the Diva of the Year Slammy Award to Paige, only to announce Nikki Bella as the winner.

    Rusev defeated Neville via submission.

    The Miz accepted the This Is Awesome Moment of the Year Slammy on behalf of Rock & Rhonda.

    Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella via submission.

    Ric Flair presented the Match of the Year(Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match) Slammy Award to Paul Heyman.

    Steel Cage Match:
    Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus.

    In-Depth Results: 24Wrestling
  2. 4/10

    No Brock. Meh matches. No other surprises other than Seth... Which was already expected anyways. They greatly lost my interest and it is a shame to have a Raw like this following the one from last week. The R Truth Harvey skit was great and Roman getting cheered at the beginning of Raw was nice to see but....

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  3. Boring, huge downgrade from last week. R truth pulling a Steve Harvey was hilarious though.

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  4. was crying afterwards/10
  5. 1 for Paige
    1 for Sasha Banks appearance
    Cage match was kinda entertaining, I'll give it half a point.

    2 1/2 out of 10.
  6. You never join live discussions.
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  7. 3/10. Piss poor follow up to a great Raw from last week. And I don't normally tell people how they should vote for things, but voting Neville as the breakout star (which they did because he's the only current face on the list) over... well ANYONE else on that list other than Strowman, and Lesnar vs Taker over the Rumble main event.... I thought it was the wrestlers that suffer from head injuries, not the fans.

    Anyhow, good moments were R Truth, the cage wasn't bad.... and that was really about it.
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  8. #8 The GOAT, Dec 22, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2015
    Brock vs Undertaker winning Match of The Year, Neville winning Breakout Star Of The Year, and The Usos winning Tag Team Of The Year were all BULLSHIT. And lol @ Lesnar, Sting, and The Rock not even bothering to show up despite winning a Slammy. Not that I can blame them, it's just funny considering the show opened up with the unintentionally hilarious line about the Slammies being more important than the Oscars, and yet the winners of three out of four of the most 'prestigious' categories couldn't even be bothered to show up and officially accept the award in person.

    On another note, I'm surprised The Undertaker costing Lesnar the title at Battleground wasn't a nominee for OMG Shocking Moment Of The Year... Unless it was and somehow I just missed it.
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  9. It wasn't even bad to the point it was good like two weeks ago. Just boring.
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  10. Nope you didn't miss it, you're right. Was pretty surprised it wasn't nominated too.

    And I'd forgotten about all the guys not showing up for their awards... especially since Seth Rollins hobbled in for his.... and he had the best excuse not to. Good point.
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  11. Gave it a...generous 3/10 and as most already pointed out, what a dissapointing way to follow up last weeks great show.

    In the live discussion thread I underlined the difficulties of such a followup after an awesome show but...serioiusly WWE? That's what you had to offer? Some subpar matches (excluding only the cage match main event) and a whole bunch of nothing?

    Not even the tiniest mention on Roman Reigns's actions? So he superman punched the chairman himself last week and not even a single line of mention to the issue? We just supposed to, like, forget about it and move on as it never happened?

    P.S. It was so mediocre, even Kane's entrance got screwed, amongst others...Go figure....
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  12. Glad I didn't attend it, won't watch this dogshit. Heads up everyone, this WWE fall has been at least as bad if not WORSE than the TNA fall run of 2014. I feel like I waste 5 minutes of my time twice a week to read the fucking rate RAW thread and it's comments, all I see is fail, bullshit we are all fed, and a joke of a company.

    Nikki Bella, Santina that fucking guy Morella, no one showing up, who the fuck really cares about WWE if their own locker room doesnt? Will youtube Seth Rollins award, and check out Stephanie Mcmahon.
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  13. Raw was... BOOTY! 3/10

    Aaand, looks like we're back to crappy shows. Because why not.

    - I have to admit, I strangely enjoyed the opening segment.

    - R-Truth pulling a Steve Harvey was a bit predictable, but still hilarious.

    - It was great to see Seth Rollins.

    - Everything else was boooooooooooooring.

    Now... What's the point of these Slammy Awards? Like seriously. More than half the winners weren't even at the show. Bugger off.
    They should either make these Slammy Awards exclusively about the full-time roster that bust their asses all year or scrap them altogether.
    It was great seeing Seth Rollins back, though, but that was just about the only positive to take from the Slammys segments, along with the predictable (but I still chuckled) Miss Universe parody.

    Plus, Lesnar vs Rollins vs Cena should've won the MOTY slammy, dammit.

    Even though I strangely enjoyed the opening segment, I think the worst of it was them teasing The Authority's retaliation against Reigns all week, and all we got was Stephanie being made to look like a kid and then slapping/'beating' Tom Phillips at the end of the show. :quimby:


  14. Yeah I'm kinda glad I stopped watching. Will watch the Royal Rumble though.
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  15. I'm in the west coast I get Raw later than most I think. Next time link me a stream bruh
  16. I heard that during the cage match, Roman threw a chair into the ring, it bounced, and it landed right on all fours ready for Ambrose to sit in.

    See, entertaining things do happen on Raw!
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  17. Wait, what? You haven't caught Raw yet?! Unacceptable. This week's show was awesome! :otunga:
  18. Hey now. I saw the chair! Quit while you're ahead, right? :zayn:

    Besides, it's the Slammies. Remember when Roman won Superstar of the Year for doing a grand total of jack shit in 2014? That concept is done, lol
  19. 4/10 uhhh WWE you know after a show with good ratings you gotta keep it up right?
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  20. :nope:
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