Rate RAW February 11 2013

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  1. A bit late but you know the drill.
  2. 7/10

    Heyman/punk promo
    Nice spot from Team SuperHero
    Miz/Cesaro feud built well
    Barret won a match
    Good Promo from Shield
    Good promo from rock

    -1 for having Khali on the show

    7/10 :bitw:
  3. A fine Raw. Jericho/Bryan, Ziggler/Kane, The Shield promo and beat down, Henry destroying Hornswoggle, Punk/Heyman's promo at the start and Punk laying Rock out and stealing the belt at the end were the highlights.
  4. 8/10. Very good show.
  5. 7/10-8/10. This was an episode were almost everything seemed to click. Not a fan of burying the 3MB just like that to give the justice league some momentum and Khali wasn't needed even though the end result was amazing.
  6. I thought Khali's dance was hilarious.
  7. 7/10 last segment of the go home show wasn't that great. Everything else was pretty good except the team Super Smile squash.
  8. I don't pay close enough attention for my rating to mean anything. Some good, some bad, some ugly. Why the fuck does DZ need to be jobbing to 45 year old Kane? Puke

    Haven't caught Rock's promo yet... Jericho/Bryan & Henry were all awesome. It seemed watchable. 5.10
  9. My man Kane beat Ziggler again? :laugh:

    Gotta watch that.
  10. I am actually quite surprised very pleasant show 8/10 :obama:
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