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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Do it. :bury:
  2. 3/10

    1 for the punk/jericho match
    1 for daniel bryan vs mysterio
    1 for ambrose talking

    EDIT 2/10 Orton beat Barret
  3. It was bad, very bad :facepalm:

    Will also give it 3/10.
  4. 7/10, better than the usual RAW.

    Good segments all around, surprisingly Miz was a lot less cheesy than he usually is. Good to see Lesnar in a segment with someone that isn't a megastar too.

    Pretty good matches, especially Dbry/Rey Rey and Punk/Jericho. Much better filler than usual.

    The ending segment could've been much better, but I guess they were running out of time. Oh well, still pretty fun to watch imo.
  5. 6/10

    It was pretty boring but not as bad as some past Raws.
  6. 5/10

    - CM Punk Opening Promo
    - Lesnar
    - Shield Mic Time
    - Punk/Jericho

    *Wade Barrett
  7. only thing worth noting was Mark Henry. So Henry/10.
  8. Forgot about Henry, add him too.
    Except the only thing I have to complain about it, is that there was a botch somewhere or it was too long.
  9. Yeah that!
  10. 10/10 For the Lesnar F5 @crayo

    Seriously though, I'd give it a 6/10. Would've been a one if it weren't for the DB/Henry and Lesnar/Heyman stuff.
  11. :pity1:
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  12. It was actually a similar style when he did SES shtick. :pity2:
  13. I saw the very end (Ambrose wasn't that good on the mic tonight) but for some reason my DVR didn't record the rest of the show that preceded it. Guess I'll wait for whoever to upload the show on Daily Motion. lol @ Sheamus's face when he was running down the steps.
  14. It was kinda like an.." I see titties!!! kinda face wasnt it!"
  15. 6/10

    Good Raw again. Lot's of positives tonight, Bryan/Mysterio, Punk/Jericho in TV MOTY so far, Brock raping Miz, Ambrose finally getting to talk on the mic and Mark freakin' Henry returning.
  16. Seems like WWE is figuring out more little things, like the "lol Superfriends are obviously winning" matches having some sort of point.
    Think I've had a mark-out moment on each Raw since the 20th Anniversary show. MARK FUCKING HENRY IS BACK! YES!
    Even little things that I thought they would just pass over, like "why in the hell would Brock return", they're finally starting to figure out. Guess we should enjoy this until 'Mania, we can't expect it to last after then. Oh, and Punk/Jericho and Rey/Bryan never hurt anyone.

    7/10. Only complaints obviously the 3 hours, them still thinking Johnny Curtis is a top heel, the constant pushing of RawActive and the WWE App, and some dumbass giving Bo Rotundo a mic... my goodnessthat was bad.
  18. This.
  19. I enjoyed Booker T's botch, Bryan costing Kane the match (and his ensuing smirk/confused happy face), Henry's return and Brock's F-5.

    I did not enjoy Cena. He is getting more and more trollish by the week.

  20. It's why I love him. Him winning and being smug every week is somehow highly entertaining, brings a smile to my face and makes me chuckle.
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