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  1. 8 mcmahon/hhh segments
    Orton is boring

    No Cesaro
    No Bray Wyatt (like 45 second promo)

    Same shit different day
    2/10 Awful
  2. Triple H,Randy Orton promo: From what I remember seeing, it was alright. Bryan improved his mic skills once again here. Nice segment to start of the show.

    Miz defeated Fandango:
    Crappy story line, crappy match. That's all really. Oh, and fuck you Miz.

    Bray Wyatt promo:
    Once again, Wyatt enacted a phenomenal promo. I just wish he was doing something other than cutting promos which are sure to lead nowhere. Like a solid feud or something.

    Rob Van Dam defeated Damien Sandow: Not too bad of a match, but I just hate that Sandow hasn't won a match since god knows how many months. He's got the briefcase, yeah, but a win or two wouldn't hurt. Oh, and the whole World Title story line hasn't got me invested at all.

    CM Punk promo: A typical Punk promo you would expect to be good. I liked it, nothing else I can really say other than that they should definitely add the stip of the IC title since it's NoC and the title itself is on the poster. Put 2 and 2 together WWE, cmon.

    Naomi,Natty,Brie's match ended in DQ due to AJ: This was pretty pointless if I'm being honest. AJ went from cutting one of the best promos this year to talking a load of crap on commentary. The run in was stupid too, and the beatdown she suffered was pretty stupid too. Whole segment was senseless. Expect Nattie to win that 4-way at NoC.

    Stephanie McMahon/Big Show promo: I liked it. It might have replicated the big Johnny promo the previous year a little too much but I still liked it. Big Show makes crying look so real in wrestling. Love how they're manipulating him.

    Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes causing Cody's career to end: Probably the highlight of the show for me. As much as I dislike both men, I dislike Cody that bit more, so my support was fully on Orton, and I was glad he won, but instantly let down after realizing all this means is a big fat push for Rhodes when he comes back, which is something I do not want to see. Good match though.

    Cody Rhodes promo: As much as I dislike him, this promo was actually really good. Talking about how the Mcmahons have always hated the Rhodes made it that bit more personal which is awesome.

    Daniel Bryan defeated Big Show via DQ: The match was nothing special, plus it's just basically SD in a nutshell from end of 2011 throughout mid 2012 haha. The ending was alright I guess

    Shield triple power bombed Bryan: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- Roman Reigns. Was cool seeing how Big Show would react here. Obviously did nothing.

    Triple H and Stephanie made Big Show KO Bryan: I like how they're playing out Big Show as the Corporation's bitch/slave, I can see myself enjoying that quite a bit.

    Orton stood on Bryan to end the show: Who booked this shit? You would expect Orton to at least do something of importance to end the show but all he did was stand and touch Bryan? WTF?

    Weird ending to Raw, wasn't the only weird thing on Raw as there were a lot, but there was also some good stuff so therefore I give it a C. Pumped for Los Matadors.
  3. Rhodes fighting off tears sold that promo for me
  4. 7/10 good show

    BRING HIM BACK BITCHES. Hope Rhodes becomes part of the "rebels"
  6. 5/10.

    Boring show but had some good moments.
  7. 3/10 show,
    Steph Triple H parts D-
  8. 4/10.

    Same ending again.

    Blandy Borton beats Cody Rhodes (what a surprise)

    Punk segment was good, but i would have liked to see him in a match.

    Triple HHH and Heyman segment got him cheers, when he's supposed to be full heel.

    Diva's match was ok, I like the idea of a fatal 4 way.

    Rest of the show wasn't really that great with Orton boring me more than The Miz, when the Miz is actualy fun to watch I feel Orton needs to step up.
  9. 1/10
    I am already bored of triple power bombs and beatdowns.

    Big show crying is ridiculous also its not a breach of contract if he refuses to watch people get beaten its just a breach to refuse to compete they even said that why not just have big show beat bryan in a match then walk off then the shield beat up bryan would of made more sense.

    Wyatts promo was pointless the story line with him and kane hasn't progressed at all since summerslam as we still no nothing about it or what the wyatts actually want to do.

    Why was there so few matches aswell raw is a three hour show ffs.

    No big e or dolph ziggler again and no tag team action either.
  10. 5/10. It was mostly The Corporation vs. Dbryan & Big Show again with some filler stuff. Rhodes backstage promo was great though.
  11. A 3/10 I guess. I feel like I've seen that show before, you know. I also feel like HHH and Steph wanted some tv time. The 5 star frog splash boosted my rating a whole point though. So fun to watch.
  12. 4/10

    The show was too dominated by the corporation storyline, sure, it's the main thing atm, but we had little else of note. Although Orton/Rhodes was awesome.
  13. It made me thankful MNF is back next week. The whole DB vs Big Show thing is dumb and it looked pretty stupid to me that the big Show didn't want to hurt the future WWE champ and most over guy right now. He's basically saying Bryan is such mismatch for him he didn't want to hurt him. Fine then just have show beat Orton then. Also will every RAW end with the stupid shield beating up DB? The horse is dead, time for something else to happen in this stupid DB vs the McMahons storyline!

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    3/10. Don't know why they bothered setting everything up, they could have just replayed last week's Raw and got virtually the same thing.

    Show Spoiler
    Glad Orton's getting some mic time so he can get heat (nothing compelling but his mic work is so much better now) and it feels like more of the peripheral characters are getting some attention now, but cracks are starting to show. It's getting way too much time, it feels like 80% of the roster can't buy meaningful TV time if they had Lesnar's contract. There's no way casual fans are interested in this, and us internet fans can't believe Big Show's getting pushed like this. Plus it's wash-rinse-repeat. They talk for 20 minutes, someone gets screwed, Big Show cries, Ziggler sells, and we end the show with a triple powerbomb and a beatdown with the roster on the ramp. Can we get some story progression? Some hope spots? Something? Please?

    Also, another crack is on the commentary. Heard JBL mention that "Ziggler should have kept his mouth shut and known what's good for business", and he's doing a great job making good points to get the heels over, and Cole said "Ziggler hasn't said anything though! He's kept his mouth shut!". That was good, both sides got put over, but this was the one time someone stuck up for the faces. Also... does anyone actually believe Ziggler's going to get his comeuppance? Bryan will, Big Show may, but Ziggler's just there to be Triple H's pawn and sell because he's good at it. Maybe I'm wrong on that one, but I'll believe it when I see it. At least they kinda went over the contract issue, and hearing Steph again was nice too.

    Anywho, CM PUNK IS AWESOME. Really enjoying his work right now, much more than last year, and he probably got so many buys with that promo. Punk getting his revenge on Heyman is the selling point of the show, since Bryan getting his revenge on Orton is much less important than taking out Triple H. But seriously, can't say enough about how good Punk is right now.


    The Divas match was a bigger mess than most Divas' matches, not to mention AJ Lee talking up Triple H on commentary (heel) and doing a bad job on commentary, THEN coming into the ring to break up the match, then getting a 3-on-1 beatdown by a heel, a dancing jackoff nobody cares about, and Natalya whose role is really feeling undefined right now. Is it just me or was this an unintentional AJ Lee babyface turn?

    Almost forgot Cody Rhodes: Damn, he was made tonight.
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  15. Awww hulu cutthe wyatts piece? Damn
  16. They cut Miz and Fandango too, so it's even. :yay:
  17. Friggin Hulu
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