Spoiler Rate RAW January 4th, 2016

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jan 5, 2016.

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What would you rate this episode of RAW?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Kevin Owens defeated Neville via pinfall. Dean Ambrose puts Owens through the table.

    Titus O’Neil defeated Stardust via pinfall.

    Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte via pinfall, Charlotte attacks afterwards.

    Big Show vs. Ryback ended in a no contest when The Wyatts attacked them both.

    Rusev and Alberto Del Rio defeated The Usos via pinfall.

    Heath Slater defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall with the help from Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, and Curtis Axel. The four cut a promo afterwards and called themselves the Social Outcasts.

    Chris Jericho interrupts The New Day promo, and says he's entering the Rumble.

    The New Day defeated Kalisto and The Dudley Boyz via pinfall.

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Match:
    Roman Reigns retained against Sheamus via pinfall.

    Vince McMahon announces that Reigns will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble… inside the 30-man main event against 29 other Superstars.

    In-depth Results:PWMania
  2. Only watched the ME, it was your standard special heel ref match. 2/10
    Highlight of the night has to go to:
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  3. Just about everything sucked. Vince showing off his muscles was hilarious and Y2J is always great on the mic but that's it. The rest of the show was trash.
  4. The lowest I can rate is 1 but this Raw deserves lower. It's not even that the show was as bad (it was) but the ending pissed me off like I've never been pissed off at WWE before.

    Having Reigns defend the belt in the Rumble just irritates me to no end. It almost guarantees that Roman Reigns is going to win his second Royal Rumble in a row. It also fucks with the method of the Rumble and the Wrestlemania main event. Irritating.
  5. HHH is gonna win the Rumble guys relax
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  6. Will youtube for Y2J and say fuck that to all the rest.
  7. This is the WWE's big way of saying: we got no ideas for the rumble this year so we will just make it the main event feud and make it very predictable
  8. Not in a hurry to watch RAW, as I'm re-watching NJPW's WK 10. Will watch this later today, I guess.

    And yup, Reigns defending inside the Rumble is something I've seen coming for a while now. Get ready for the Royal Rumble Rebellion III.
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  9. Watched a minute or two of the show and I gotta say Vince is the greatest thing ever
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  10. Only because of a few decent spots am I giving it a 4/10 and that's probably me still being a bit too generous:

    - it was nice having Y2J back and I liked how they did the countdown from 10 and switching to Jericho's intro; thought that was pretty cool.

    - it'll be even nicer to have Lesnar back next week...

    - Where was Cena?

    - What was that thing will Slater and the outcasts all about? Do we really need another 4 man group of whatevers? Seriously?

    - Big Show vs Strowman may sound interesting on paper but I don't think it's such a good idea WWE....

    - Divas match was pretty cool...

    Everything that happened on the show, however, was forshadowed by the announcement made at the end of the main event, by Vince himself, with Roman defending the title at the actual Royal Rumble. There are apparently mixed reactions about this but since there's a thread open about this specific topic, I'll give my thoughts there...
  11. What an abysmal show. 1/10

    However... This was easily the best thing:

    KO vs Neville was good, too! But, outside of that, everything else sucked/was boooooooooooooooooooriiiiing.

    OBLIGATORY LUCHA UNDERGROUND PLUG: The second season premieres on January 27th!

    Also, check out NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 10.
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  12. #12 Snowman, Jan 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2016
    What in the hell is this? How did Iiiii become the voice of positivity in the Raw section? :blackshock:

    Maybe it was the first time I've sat back and watched a 3 hour Raw (without ads) since 2013... maybe it's that I was watching with a huge Reigns mark... well it's probably the second, but this show was a 6/10 for me on the Raw scale.


    -The only person he likes better than Roman, though, is clearly C.M. Shaddix. LOL @ that mugshot, awesome!
    -The opener was needless as hell. "Vince isn't here yet, but he will be later!" Boom, all you needed, but I can NEVER call a segment bad that involves Stephanie looking like a bitch. NOBODY gets over on her and here's this harpie senselessly yelling in Roman's face and him not giving a shit here was just WONDERFUL. Also great: Not being a long boring 20 minute promo. Thank you.
    -KO throwing Neville around was awesome. Neville throwing himself at KO was awesome. Add in Ambrose getting the last laugh and FINALLY getting one over on someone? Loved this segment
    -Vince talking about how people as rich as he is can get charges dropped within a week = perfect
    -Titus O'Neil vs Stardust was fine filler, largely because it's two fresh characters in a match that didn't go forever
    -Charlotte vs Becky had a Browns match (New Snow-ism, which is about how the main roster is usually a factory of sadness, and while the match was still technically pretty good you can't help but want to watch their NXT stuff instead), and this feud is surprisingly pretty good. Clear-cut face, clear-cut heel, feuding about something semi-logical. Thank you.
    -SLATERS GONNA SLATE! Hahahahahahahahaha SLATER WINS ON RAW! Hell think that's 2 in a row for Slater. By Sting logic he could get a WWEWHC shot. I'm down! Haha. And his faction just makes me lol
    -Random ass Wyatts
    -If you turn your brain off and think of all the better things Vince could have done, the main event was a lot of fun, I kinda feel like the kid who was watching SCSA do the exact same thing back in the day. It's INCREDIBLE how well VKM the character can get anyone over, but VKM the booker is so clueless... Hoping this latest run can rekindle his fire backstage and realize how this shit actually works.

    -Gotta echo Jacob Fox here with a point he made long ago: The match quality on Raw HAS to improve, man. It's not the lack of talent, but so many of these matches got really boring to sit through. This show is just too long and is relying on a great in-ring talent roster to keep it afloat, but has handcuffed that. Man, watching the full version really exposed this. Without commercials, the show felt monotonous and boring at many times. With them, they hurt the flow of the matches even more...
    -All the other matches fell into the dreaded "wrestling for wrestling's sake" category.
    -Teasing Big Show vs Braun Stroman. NO. DON'T DO IT.

    Also, Lucha Underground, January 27th. :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Gee Rain I get you're a WWE mark now but get your LU plug right at least
  14. 2/10

    I really enjoyed Kevin Owens vs Neville. Some of the spots Neville had were incredible.
    Titus vs Stardust was disappointing, especially for all the build they've had in the last month
    Im glad Becky is getting a little push, even though she probably won't become Champion.
    The Wyatts attacking Big Show and Ryback was great, because I hate both of them and really didn't wanna see them wrestle
    LON vs The Usos was dull. I really dig the LON new entrance though
    The Social Outcast in cool. I would of rather seen R Truth and Damian Sandow rather than Curtis Axel and Adam Rose though.
    Chirs Jericho's act is tired. Was just a bunch of rehashed catch phrases. Also New Day are starting to get on my nerves. Its a lot of loud, random, babbling. They're like annoying immature kids.
    And Reigns vs Sheamus was pretty much expected. Vince was hilarious throughout the match though. But the Royal Rumble announcement just ruined everything for me.
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  15. :WhatDaHell:

    Aww hell naw! I ain't waitin' till December of 2016 to watch the second season of LUG.
  16. - KO vs The Man That Forgot His Name Neville was good given the time constraint, as well as the post-match stuff with KO and Ambrose.

    - I fucking love you for saying this about Y2J. This was the first time in forever that I haven't marked for Jericho. And I was thinking to myself like "Wow, I really don't care about this". That was a surprisingly shitty promo on his part.

    - The ME, Reigns vs Sheamus, was all about Vince... Who has been a walking botchamania (a fun one, though) these last couple of weeks. Him yelling stuff at Reigns like "Happy New Year!!!" for like 20 times because he prolly forgot his lines, flipping the bird and trying to hide it and looking lost in the final segment with all the referee interferences is hilarious. Keep it up, man!:Mugshot:
  17. Sorry, sorry! It's fixed, I swear!

    forgot a part in the review: Go away Chris Jericho
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  18. Well all Jericho ever does is come back as if it is a big deal, lose a few matches and then disappear. At this point, he's supposedly put so many people over that a victory over him means nothing... he's lost so much in his returns that it's harder to believe he will actually win a match, and he leaves so quickly that there is no reason to care that he is back because he's going to be gone before you know it.

    Interestingly, I honestly completely forgot he was even on the show until he was mentioned here.
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  19. 1/10

    Screw this. I didn't even watch it. I just heard how bad it was. I will watch next week for Brock and that is about all I am expecting to be happy with. Quite sad.
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  20. I thought I'd mark for Jericho this time, but I was just like "Eh.". I have to say, though, I LOL'd when he said he was gonna win the Rumble.
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