Spoiler Rate Raw July 17th 2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. #1 Solidus, Jul 17, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2017
    Results are in.


    Dean Ambrose came to the ring. He challenges the Miz and Miztourage to come out for a fight. Rollins came out to ask Ambrose why he was asking for a fight he couldn't win. They talk about the Shield and Rollins gave Ambrose a chair and offered to let him hit him with the chair.

    The Miz and the Miztourage come to the ring. They get into a fight and take out Ambrose and then advance on Rollins. They take him down as well.

    Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

    Bayley won by pin fall.

    Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak vs. Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali

    Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali won by pin fall.

    Enzo Cass and Big Show

    Enzo was in the ring and he was confronted by Cass. Then Big Show came out and he brawled with Cass. Cass ended up taking out both Show and Enzo and left to boos.

    Elias Samson vs. Finn Balor

    Finn Balor won by DQ

    Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

    Ariya Daivari won when the referee stopped the match

    Kurt Angle Announcement

    Throughout the night they played little vignettes leading to the Kurt Angle announcement. Angle came to the ring. Basically the announcement was he got a girl pregnant in college and Jason Jordan is his son. They hug and the segment is over.

    The Revival vs. The Hardys

    The Revival won by pin fall

    Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

    No ending was announced for this match as Braun Strowman came to the ring and destroyed both Roman and Joe.
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  2. I gave it a four, nothing too special not even the Kurt Angle big reveal. A very weak beginning to the show, nothing stood out as amazing for any matches. I would have gave this a solid.......FIVE, BUT WWE did the most stupidest shit and that was having Braun Strowman return (TONIGHT OF ALL THE STUPIDEST TIMES TO CHOOSE) and disrupt the match between Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe, so fuck them for that weak shit.
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  3. #3 Grievous II, Jul 17, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
    ~ Okay RAW...let me have a look...And I'm going to try and be positive this
    week...the key word being try...

    ~ So...a Shield reunion? Okay...that's cool...I guess...although I suspect the
    WWE are doing it for a desperate reason.

    ~ And Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley...again...Great...and here comes Nia Jax & Sasha
    Banks...again...and Bayley pins Alexa...again. Wow...its almost as if the WWE
    are trying to back track on the burial treatment they've given to Bayley these
    last two months.

    But on a real positive...Sasha looked amazing tonight. Seriously...her husband is
    an incredibly lucky man.

    I'd dress my wife (if I had one) in tiny shorts like that if she looked that good...



    ~ #IgnoreReigns

    ~ I hope this Angle reveal is actually going to be something important or at
    least interesting...but I doubt I'll care...

    ~ And the Cruiserweights are here...Yay! Yay? I don't care...SKIP!

    ~ The WWE should just release Enzo and get it over and done with. The guy has no
    future in this company...especially considering the backstage heat he has at the moment.

    ~ #IgnoreReigns

    ~ Why would Ambrose trust Rollins again? Is Rollins a face? Why is this happening?
    Oh I know...because the WWE are planning a Shield Reunion at Summerslam so the
    fans don't boo the piss out of their "Chosen One" when he wins the Universal title.

    ~ Didn't Balor & Samson have a match last week? Isn't Balor above this?
    Oh..and it appears we are getting the match again next week.

    ~ So...a Balor/Wyatt feud? Okay...I mean...I want to care...but I don't.

    ~ So...we get Sasha vs. Bayley next week for the title shot at Summerslam? Remember
    when they did this same match before Wrestlemania and it was really, really sad?

    I do...Ugh...I'm trying to be positive here...but I'm struggling with it.

    And what's the bet that Nia Jax comes out during that match, interferes and Angle
    or whoever makes it a 4 way match at Summerslam for the women's title. The exact
    same match we had at Wrestlemania...but with less talent because Charlotte isn't in
    the match.

    But it could work if the end result is Sasha turning heel, winning the title and Nia Jax
    becoming her bodyguard/enforcer.

    Seriously...I'd be 110% behind that.

    ~ I don't care about the Titus Brand or the Cruiserweights unless Neville is defending
    his title...SKIP!!!

    ~ Okay...spill the beans Kurt...And Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's son? Okay...a
    few points here...

    1). I guess American Alpha is over with and Jason Jordan will be getting a singles push.
    2). Can Emma be drafted to SmackDown to take Jason Jordan's spot and fight Naomi
    at Battleground for the title?
    3). Didn't they do this Angle (Pun!) with Vince and that Midget a few years ago?
    4). I'm sure someone on this forum had this same idea for the Undertaker and
    Baron Corbin a few months ago.
    5). I really don't care.

    ~ Okay the Hardyz vs. the Revival...this should be a good match...and it was/

    ~ #IgnoreReigns

    Called it...

    And no Emma, Mickie James, Alicia Fox or Dana Brooke this week.
    Because the RAW women's division only has 4 performers in it.

    Stay away Summer Rae...just become a bikini model or something like that.

    And I'm Done.
  4. Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's son.

    ...that's it...that's all I have.
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  5. "Long-Term Booking"
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  6. It is getting to the point where most of them would be better off becoming models be it fitness or other. What the heck are they doing? The women's revolution was a SHAM!
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. u did say RATE tonight's Raw, right??
  9. So Jason jordan is Kurt angles kayfabe son?

    OK, not exactly how I imagined it... and not as a singles competitor... but I've been saying since their main roster debut, American Alpha need Angle to boost their popularity.

    It was all so perfect... Angle as the manager or mentor of AA.

    But they've gone and messed it up, unless they're keeping AA together and pushing them to the moon?

    Idk I didn't watch any I was at work and honestly have no desire to watch RAW anymore lol
  10. Yes, these weekly threads happen after every Raw and SmackDown. You vote above and share any opinions you have. I am responding because he is sleeping. lol
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  11. oh, okey doke lol
  12. #13 Grievous II, Jul 18, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
    Wow...just wow...

    First off...she is 100% in the right here.

    There hasn't been a WWE performer with a worse run of luck and botched
    creative choices than Emma (Well...may-be Hideo Itami).

    Its amazing to think about how many women have surpassed her in the
    years she's been on the main roster...Hell...she was even sent back to
    NXT (which was fine and was the right move for her career at the time)
    but Emma just never seems to be-able to build any momentum.

    The Curious Case of Emma's Poor Booking and WWE Creative's Shot at Redemption

    Now I am bias when it comes to Emma...she's Australian and I want her
    to reach the very top of the women's division. I want Emma to be viewed
    as a Champion and role model not just for Australian women...but all
    Australians...but I truly fear she will never get the opportunities to do so.

    Its also annoying when looking at TNA, watching them build their
    Knockouts division around someone like Sienna (who I find incredibly
    boring) and knowing in my heart that Emma could easily fill that role
    and have some great matches with Rosemary, Allie and even Gail Kim.

    You can't say Emma doesn't have the right look...because the woman
    is stunning...and for a reminder of just how talented she is in the ring...
    watch her NXT match against Asuka from the TakeOver London show.

    The woman can work.

    It is truly frustrating for me as a wrestling fan and an Australian to see
    Emma simply being wasted by the WWE.

    I mean she can't even get on Total Divas...but Alexa, Nia & Carmella
    all get a spot. WHAT.THE.HELL?!

    Now...on a more serious note...Emma posting such messages like this
    on social media may not be the best way for her to get a push.

    She may as well ask for a release, go wrestle in TNA, Lucha Underground
    and the Indies and do some modeling work for a few bikini companies.

    Surely that would be better than loosing to Mickie James on Main Event.

    It is beginning to sadly look that way...which really pisses me off.


    I know I've seemed really negative as of late ...but so far this year
    hasn't been very positive for me as far as wrestling goes.

    While I really did enjoy 2016...a lot of the booking choices made by
    the WWE (and TNA) have really pissed me off this year.

    (And no...I'm happy they made Jinder the World Champion)

    I want to enjoy and be excited about wrestling...but I can't enjoy it
    if my favorite performers are loosing every week, being booked in
    pointless, filler angles or are simply not even appearing on TV.

    I want to care and be invested...but...at the moment...I'm really
    struggling with it.
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  13. I missed it due to changing my sleeping schedule so I can watch all of the G1 Climax live. It looks like I made the right choice. Wow, the Kurt Angle thing seems nearly as bad as the Claire Lynch reveal years ago. Build something up with a reveal that barely anyone could care about.

    I'll watch the Strowman part but that sounds about the only thing worth checking out.
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  14. Watched the final segment. Did not see Stephanie.

    10/10 Raw for that alone
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  15. New Japan: Lets have the greatest wrestling tournament in the world, filled with the best talent we could find and almost a certain classic match every show.

    NXT: Lets continue to have interesting and unique storylines in spite of the limitations we constantly face due to the main roster stealing our talent and make sure we always deliver on PPV.


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  16. 'nuff said.

  17. Just going to say I was totally going to knowledge bomb both parts about this, about how for half my stay here my gimmick was being the biggest Hashtag-Emmalution fan on the freakin' planet and how one match made me promise to tune out and why I've not watched Raw live since, and this whole separate rant about how none of us really have favorite wrestlers we just watch because wrestling (outside of Eva Maryse who sounds like he/she is going to check out due to the booking of Miz, and Lavender-Haze who probably loves my profane rants so much.... haha) and try to tie that into the whole wrestling scene as well as just re-looking at the whole women's division around when they got started... before realizing oh shit I've already wrote 20 paragraphs about this of all things and still have so many more thoughts to jot down and...


    I'll spare you. :haha:
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  18. *Looks at Kurt's reveal*


    *looks at everyone* You serious?
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  19. I think it was a good Raw and I also believe they've had a couple good Raws now. Every feud on the show has a purpose and a direction.

    • The IC title scene is looking good with Rollins finally joining the mix but also revisiting that Shield storyline which is always a story to fall back on and know that people care for it
    • the womens deal with Emma is a shame but come on guys, in a division that only gets 1 major storyline about the title, you can't put everyone in the spotlight. If you do, you have the same problem Smackdown is having right now, which is just a bunch of multi women matches without any sort of meaning to them
    • Enzo looked like a joke to me, doing heel stuff like teasing a fight and then running out of the ring to call Big Show on him. The best part about it is that Enzo's in ring presents is so unintimidating, he can't even attack someone from behind because he'll get his ass handed to him one way or another
    • Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt has the same problem as Bray's other feuds have, which is that there is no direction, there is nothing on the line, there is nothing to gain from Bray beating Finn or Finn beating Bray.
    • Hardys vs Revival was ok, nothing special or memorable to be honest but it wasn't bad
    • Jason Jordan being Angles son is cool, I fuck with it. Yall always complain about WWE not doing something new and interesting but this is where you back off? Like, give it a shot. Jason Jordan is a great performer that has the looks of a main event guy and on the other side, it gives Kurt something to do, it gives him a story besides being the babyface GM. And to people saying that "there is no going back now" yes there is, they could easily have a segment down the line where it turns out that the test was negative and that Kurt is in fact not his real dad so you can twist this at any time.
    • Reigns vs Joe vs Braun vs Lesnar seems cool to me but tbh, I would have preferred the Reigns/Lesnar match as I'm not too keen on multi men main events for the title. Especially on your second biggest PPV of the year I'd like to have a traditional 1 on 1 title match. Then again, storyline wise, the fatal 4 way makes the most sense at the moment and I hope they kill it at Summerslam because I know all 4 of them capable of doing so.
    this "man" Jason is only 12 years old? My dude's been stuntin in the gym since kindergarten
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