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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Go.
  2. 5.5 ending 7.5
  3. 6/10 just because of Tyson Kidd. I swear we only had like 3 one on one matches. it was unbearable and i slept through some of it just b/c it was so awful.
  4. Meh .... I'll go as low as a 5. There was just so much I didn't like, so it wasn't my cup of tea. Hard for me to get into it.
    And have I mentioned AJ gets on my nerves? :emoji_wink: So for me she had too much camera time tonight, but I know a lot of people like her, so oh well.
  5. I love the AJ storyline and as someone who loves it I will say it is about to get on my nerves because they show her way too much now.
    Glad Kidd won eventhough it was just a quicky
    MarkyMarked for Doink the clown and was awesome seeing DDP.

    Tonight did make me wonder. The GMs are part of the show. They dont really make the matches and all that. So is it a coincidence that when Teddy is in charge we get all kinds of random tag matches or does creative just like to fuck with us and make it seem like that? Any story behind this that I might have missed?

    Rating: 6/10
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  6. This does make me feel better. At least I know it's not just me!
  7. @[GrammarNazi82] go to tinychat.com/wweforums you are the only one online and im lonely lol.
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  8. 10/10 cause Tyson Kidd won.
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  9. 7/10 Nice Raw :ace:
  10. 2/10. Surely Dolph's and I hated this one, but if you like the AJ storyline, you liked this Raw. For me, this show was ridiculous, and while I'd love to give this show a great rating for Tyson Kidd squashing Fat Albert because words can't begin to describe how awesome that is and how much I loved that, the rest of the show that didn't involve Heath Slater was just really bad imo.
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  11. I don't get you lot,

    I would rate this as an 8/maybe 9 tonight, I thought overall the show was great, had a great start and a great end, only down points was the ADR attack on SC, and Tensai losing in a matter of seconds.

    Or maybe it's me who's not getting the show :haha:
  12. I'll go 4. No into the days of our lives drama queen stuff, as it takes away from great matches like the finale. Y2J is almost the whole reason i enjoyed the show.
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  13. I actually thought the 5s and 6s ITT were a little too high, but to each their own. The shows aren't bad, they are just boring and it feels like WWE has been spinning their wheels ever since Lesnar/Cena finished. Nothing feels important or worthwhile.
  14. Shoot, if someone's enjoying the current product, don't ruin his buzz!
  15. That was the kindest Agree to disagree i've seen D'Z make so far....I cant stand it but a lot of my hate comes from TNA being so much better for a while now...and still having way way less viewers.
  16. You think that was me trying to ruin someone's buzz?
  17. I myself don't actually find the shows boring, maybe I am a bit more lenient with it as you have been watching it for a lot longer than me, but on the whole I think per show, there is only 1 or 2 segments that I don't like, and maybe the odd match. Thinking back I could score this a lot lower, just because I thought Lesnar's answer to HHH was shit.

    Tbh I actually find Smackdown boring from the shows I've watched.

    I can't judge as I've not seen TNA in years.
  18. Tensai losing in seconds = :yay:

    My personal rating was a 4/5. The show wasn't as bad as people make out but I don't think it's a stand out show lol. It was average at best. IMO ofc.
  19. I actually like Tensai, I think I love his theme song more than actually him though, so would have preferred him to win, just to hear his theme song. Then again, the way he attacked his ...(forgot the name they give them) after was bizarre.
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