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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Solid 8/10 for me, real good episode.

    Loving Punk's tweener role too.
  2. 8/10.

    More detailed description to follow once I have slept.
  3. 8/10 best Raw in aaaaaaaaaaaaages, can't wait till next week.
  4. 8/10

    Matches for the most part were solid, the Punk stuff was great, could live without Big Show ugh, the Bryan stuff was confusing at least he's on the whole show but Kane's attack was pretty lame, already iffy on AJ.
  5. I'd say 7/10. I liked it, but did get bored at times which caused me to make the new sig to pass time during commercials.
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  6. 9/10, loved this Raw.

    The third hour was a great benefit, instead of watching a minute tag match that meant nothing, we got the 20 minute version that may not have meant anything but was entertaining. Instead of Sheamus burying someone in under a minute, we get a really good street fight where Bryan proves he can fight back. Instead of ADR/Santino being an under a minute squash that destroys the US Champion, we got the 10 minute version where both men get put over. They even had time to show the tag division. This is so much of an improvement from the 2 hour version.

    Not just that, but marked hard to see Tyson's not just being forgotten and that feud's continuing. And marked even harder when they teased yet another insufferable comedy filler segment... just to have Sandow ruin it. It feels like so much of this useless bullcrap we've been seeing lately was just buildup, to get us smarks to groan over and over and roll our eyes, just for our savior to finally emerge and put an end to this crap. (And so the casuals can see it the opposite way.) And Punk was absolutely amazing tonight, he shined like crazy on commentary and wasn't completely pwned on the mic during the opening segment by Big Show like he was a few weeks ago. I love the reality aspect of this character, it seems like something right out of TNA. Hope it lasts.

    As for the bad: The non-stop recaps were obnoxious, the Charlie Sheen/Daniel Bryan/Kane feud I could do without, and watching AJ call the shrinks on Bryan made me want to cry (but Bryan was able to save that whole storyline tonight). Too many adverts and Yes chants, don't like the idea of the triple threat match, and don't care about Orton's return. Otherwise, awesome showing from WWE tonight.
  7. 8.5/10 for me

    Loved Punk's commentary and his portions in the show. AJ still annoys the shit out of me. Not overly thrilled with the decision for a triple threat match at SS with Punk/Cena/Show, but oh well. Great show, awesome matches, good lengths on pretty much all the matches. The numerous recaps bugged me. Overall a great show though -- fantastic compared to recent weeks.
  8. 5/10. It was average with a few boring/annoying parts.
  9. Man, didn't watch a lot but still liked this RAW a lot better now! I think the 3 hours are enjoyable and teh commercials are just a little more tough on us but in time we will get used to it. Besides, now we can choose stipulations for matches in RAWACTIVE which I think is pretty sick

    I'll rate this raw a good 8/10.

    Positive points=
    - CM Punk's tweener role = He's showing that he's now more about keeping his title, and it seems that it may be a sweet, slow burn heel turn for Punk by Summerslam.
    - The matches = I loved Sheamus V DBryan, The tag team match to me was the match of the night, and The only squash we had was Orton/Slater. BTW Orton's RKO was sick on Slater since he sold it like a boss!(Orton's clean shave looks so much better than him with his beard)
    - Giving more time to the midcarders, like Kofi/Titus and Tyson/Tensai
    - Okay ending with Punk showing to be more heel.

    Negative Points
    -AJ is annoying as hell as GM.
    -I don't like the new unstable story with DBryan
  10. 6/10 - More in depth when I pick up my laptop.
  11. I rate it about 8/10!

    Positive Points:

    - Even though Daniel Bryan lost, it was an amazing match against Sheamus and trust me, I haven't seen a good match like that for ages apart from in MITB with the ladder match with Ziggler etc.

    - AJ didn't make herself the spotlight of the show which is what used to happen and that was great.

    - I must say, CM Punk was great and I must say that he is better now then he was before, he seems to be more aggressive which is what I like about Punk and for those who attempt to correct me by saying that I meant he was heel, he was already heel but wasn't as aggressive.

    - Jericho and Christian vs Ziggler and The Miz was a great tag team match, I must say.

    - The ending of the match with Show vs Cena was actually surprising as it didn't end with Cena winning as it always ends which is what I like.

    Negative Points:

    - To much of Cena and Big Show.

    - The Cena and Show fued is getting old for me now.
  12. It was good. favourite part was the goat face picture XDDDD
  13. That as well, Daniel Bryan is obssessed with Charlie Sheen!
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