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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. 3/10

    DB/CM Punk/AJ = saving RAW atm.
  2. Hey WWE. Here is your rating. :finger: 1/10
  3. 8/10 :yay: probably cause i enjoy talking in thread O.O
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  4. God I freaking love you man. :yay:
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  5. 1/10 for RAW

    9/10 for ranting my ass off in the thread good therapy!
  6. This.

    MITB Qualifier turning into Legend vs Slater = Good Segment.

    It was a tough discussion thread for me, was even more pessimistic than usual. But everyone else agrees that this show was embarassingly bad, so guess I'm not alone on that. Always good to be in a discussion thread in a bad show, they're usually fun, it's usually worth having that "Raw" feeling in your gut... where you feel like they shoved a ton of shit down your throat for the last 2 hours. This time, that feeling turned into wanting to puke it back up, and we all felt really depressed after this one.

    1000th show is coming soon. Usually don't like using legends as a way to pump the rating, but won't deny that it'll probably be a good show. Can't wait for the 2,000th Raw for the next time it'll be good.
  7. Well, looks like I've made the right decision to not start watching RAW again D:
  8. Bad timing, you're going to miss an epic 1000th show.
  9. :sad: We all know after that its gonna be shit again.
  10. That episode could give us gold for the summer. Foley/Lesnar/Heyman/Rock (WWE title picture, so that automatically means something to do with Punk or Bryan, or perhaps MITB winner Cena). The show will get better, believe in me.
  11. :sad: You think WWE is gonna be that smart and do all that?
  12. Eh, I'll probably watch that to see how it goes.

    Anything interesting announced for it?
  13. The past 2 summers we've had Nexus and MITB Punk. ^^

    Edit: Leo, Foley, Lesnar, Heyman, HHH, ROCK (promo on WWE title stuff), and more will be on it. Also, the permanent GM will be announced. Bret Hart is also announced for the show. And a DX reunion.
  14. :dafuq:

    When the fuck did Foley and Rocky get into this shit?
  15. :sad: 2012 is here brother. Maybe it isnt for the end of the world.....
  16. Ah okay.

    Sure Foley and Rocky aren't just shitty cameos? I swear to god if they are...
  17. Foley is just randomly announced and Rock's last promo was that he wanted to be WWE champion again, he's going to update us on 1000th RAW so yeah.
  18. Oh right yeah, I remember that.

    Well, guess I'll be watchin' that RAW, see you guys in the live thread then :emoji_slight_smile:
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