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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. 3.5/10 for me.

    Cole was on fire tonight, he stole the show. The opening segment was great until Cena spoke, expected. Ryback appeared and was on fire again even if it was against more jobbers. Punk/Kane was a great match, build is getting better, I have no idea who's winning which is what I want as a "smark". Tyler & Curt appearing = win. Sin Cara's match was good.

    Bad? Everything else. Ziggler jobbing to Sheamful super-clean then not even have ADR beat down Sheamus after cleanly without RR's help. Sheamful is unwatchable. Tensai in the ME sucks, sucks so hard that I'm posting this during their match. Tag-tam match was pointless and boring.
  2. -1/10. I started to rant but I don't even care enough to do so. Simply god awful bullshit
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  3. I was digging the show until that mockery of an ending.
  4. The ending was so bad I can't even remember the stuff I enjoyed in the show. I remember liking the beginning of the show, but it ended so bad I don't even care to try to remember the parts I liked. 0/10. Good night.


    For post number 100 as MarkyMark I will say this. AJ is a fucking hot ass sexy psycho and I am digging her character at the moment. So I'll change my rating to a 1/10 just for her. MarkyMarkin' for AJ all night long.
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  5. 2/10
    - CM Punk/Kane match made my day
    - Cole was hilarious
    - The fun in the end and Cole's reactions
    - Tyler and Curt bringing the rekking crew to Raw!

    - Everything else, really boring and I flipped through channels most of Raw and missed all the crappy parts.
  6. I can't un face_plain my face right now.

  7. With Lesnar/Paul returning soon, a potential new WWE champion, things can only get better. I'm starting to think all this kid overkill Cena is contemplating for his vacation. I'm sure he'll get time off due to Big Show or something.
  8. Loving how Kane is brought up now bringing excitement to the championship feud and I feel the triple threat match will steal the show at NWO
  9. ME reverts my vote to a 1.5
  10. 3/10 I guess. Dolph should have won that match though.
  11. The main thing I hope to see in pro wrestling is the young guys who never had a chance getting the chances they deserve. Tonight, the best tag team in WWE looked like they were getting their shot. Seeing Hawkins and Reks have a competitive match with the tag champs, being more than just job fodder was a true mark out moment for me, one of the best ones this year.

    Michael Cole was hilarious. CM Punk and Kane put on a good match. Sheamus and Dolph put on an OK contest.
    Yet the show was still 0/10.

    The opening segment was very entertaining, but the main thing I'll remember is Michael Cole saying "He can't touch an announcer!", then Johnny Ace immediately booking a match. Basic, easily fixable, yet glaringly obvious plothole anyone can close in 10 seconds. Sheamus beat Dolph in one of the worst-booked segments I've ever seen, as Dolph Ziggler, a guy who should be the future of this company, had to do a job for no reason whatsoever. 4 matches being repeats from Smackdown, 2 of them being squashes, is lazy and unacceptable, really felt like filler, and they didn't even draw on Smackdown. The WWE Championship being in the mid-card again is ridiculous, the ref did a 10 count in a No-DQ Match, they had the "There Must be a Winner" match which has never been explained, and that main event. Dear, god, that main event... The less said about that, the better, other than it WILL be used against Linda in her all-important Senate campaign, which you are bending over backwards to make sure you protect. So you even fucked that up.

    Look, WWE, Raw is the flagship show for the entire "sport" of pro wrestling that we all love, and these logic holes, the lazy writing, the complete lack of effort by the people backstage... This shit simply cannot continue. They're only hurting themselves and the entire industry. If there's any message I can send to the WWE, I'd send it, but they've proven time and time again that they don't care about the fans. WWE will do what WWE will do, and if you like it fine, if not, they don't care.

    Call me when Season 6 of NXT starts. Until then, see you guys in the TNA section.
  12. This RAW was complete bullshit, I shouldn't have stayed up to watch a terrible show. Micheal Cole was the talk of the night, he was great last night however Micheal Cole just doesn't cut it, he's not a wrestler yet he was the talk of the night, this just show's how bad it was. There was no Christian, Cody Rhodes, no Booker T, no Big Show, nothing. This was just a lazy ass filler that could have been done better by anyone on here.
  13. Hey guys, I actually watched it on YT and skipped through 99% of the show.
  14. I enjoyed this show.


    took off 6 points for Michael Cole's crotch bulge
  15. No Big Show actually added .5 to my rating.
  16. 3/10

    AJ was the highlight for me!

    Good girl.


  17. @[Crayo]

    AJ wants to ride the big red machine :haha:
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