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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Rate out of 10.

    I don't think we'll be getting many high ratings today.
  2. 0/10.

    The two best segments of the night involved Kelly Kelly and Jinder Mahal.

    Nothing else needs to be said.
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  3. Guests are going wild on this thread.
  4. 3/10 There were a few small parts I enjoyed
  5. 7/10 max.

    From an entertainment P.O.V, I loved most parts. Loved seeing low-card "jobbers" actually get legit matches now and The Daniel Bryan/Punk segment was very enjoyable. Hated the beginning though Big Show was annoying me with his crying again. Or else main event was especially well too and now I'm a Sheamus Mark :emoji_grin:. Or else liked how Raw was set up. Having Beth Phoenix own was probably the smartest thing to do. Randy Orton VS Alberto Del Rio match segment was decent at best.
  6. I thought you guys would love the Bryan/Punk segment.
  7. Honestly, I prefer listening to your reactions than watching RAW to be completely honest here.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. I'd rather watch a Tyler Perry movie marathon than Raw tonight.
    And his movies don't exactly click with my caucasian mind.
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  10. LOL I apologize to any african american members here, but I know what you mean there. Rainman
  11. Guys I just preferred to watch it without over analyzing anything. Try that for once my fella marks!
  12. Without analyzing anything there was nothing entertaining about the show at all
  13. :dawg:


    True, but 85% of the time there isn't. :dawg:
  14. I don't know I liked it because it was after the PPV and everything wasn't too stupid or close to being stupid. It just seemed good for a change and pretty average to me.
  15. You know what was stupid about RAW. John Cena has taken 2 KO punches from big show and kicked out. ON raw he got knocked out by 1. :dawg:
  16. It took 40 minutes (No ads) for anything that I actually cared about to come on and even that was pretty dull.

    Ziggler being in the main event gives it a mark, even if he didn't do much in it.

  17. WWE Creative:

    Noob idiot #1: "So, SmackDown ratings are down yet again :((. Let's move the SD main eventers who can't draw into the RAW main event??

    Noob idiot #2: "AWESOME IDEA! We could have Big Show be the super duper shock moment guy at over the limit and take out Cena for his first ever heel turn!!"

    Triple H: "*cough* What about my bestest m8 Sheamus? He has to bury someone...?"

    Noob idiot #3: "How about we make a really rare tag-team match on RAW and have him practically bury all the lumberjacks?"

    All in Unison: "YAY FOR CREATIVE!!!!"

    Heyman: :facepalm1:
  18. This show was as close to shit as it comes without attracting flies.
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  19. In their defense, the ratings were up when he was challenging for the belt last year... But then again, that was because of Mark Henry, the feud being good, and the show being consistently good every week.

    Neither of which Raw can say right now. We can look past plotholes as wrestling fans, but this Big Show storyline is like little bits and pieces of plot floating through space.
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