Spoiler Rate RAW November 23rd, 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 23, 2015.

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What would you rate this episode of RAW?

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  1. [​IMG]
    - Roman confronted Triple H and Sheamus, Rusev attacked from behind.

    - Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper defeated The Dudley Boyz via pinfall.

    - Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch via pinfall.

    - The Usos and The Lucha Dragons ruin The New Day's grand Anniversary Jamboree and clear the ring.

    - Neville defeated Mark Henry via pinfall.

    - Goldust and The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension and Stardust via pinfall.

    - Alberto Del Rio segment ended with a Jack Swagger confrontation.

    WWE Divas Title Match:
    - Charlotte retained against Paige via double countout.

    - Ryback attacked Heath Slater.

    - Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens via pinfall.

    - Roman Reigns defeated Rusev via disqualification. Barrett interfered but Roman got the upper hand with a chair to end the show.

    In-depth recap: LordsofPain
  2. Oddly enough the only good match was Rusev vs. Reigns.

    I'm actually settling into the idea of Sheamus as WWE Champion. I mean with his EuroSquad with him and The Authority, he seems like he might do great. Of course this is only one show into his reign. I only hope he stays away from the bitch heel role and sticks to his role as the Game master in Reigns' road to the title.

    Also, I'm really liking this reformed Authority with King Barrett, Rusev and Sheamus. They seem to be getting rightfully deserved pushes. By that I mean that they're getting something serious to do. Rather than being stuck with shitty 40 year old gimmicks, jobbing to jobbers or being in affair storylines. They're becoming road blocks, in a broader storyline. Also I'm actually feeling good about this TLC match, between Reigns and Sheamus.

    This 3-way feud is looking nice. Hopefully it leads to a 3-way tag team ladder match, or maybe the addition of the Dudleyz can make it 4 way. Really interesting to see. Also, it seems that Ambrose and Owens are getting groomed for that long anticipated feud.

    Add in the mixture of the possible Neville push and tolerable divas matches. This show wasn't as bad as many expect. Of course it sucked hairy donkey testies, but that's a norm with the WWE.

    Call me Mr. Optimistic, but I can't really hate on what the WWE has been doing.
  3. A terrible, terrible, terrible Raw. 2

    I liked:

    The opener with Sheamus and the Authority. I though Sheamus gave one of the best promos of his life and I like the Authority utilizing Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett. The Authority needed a shake up more than Charo's maracas.


    And I loved Sheamus's "Who looks stupid now?" taunt, especially because I know that the real life Sheamus loves the "You look stupid" chants a lot.

    Reigns vs Rusev. A surprisingly excellent match.

    I didn't like:

    Everything else. And despite the New Day being entertaining, I don't need them carrying on for 20 minutes. That sucked.

    I should have skipped it and spent the entire night with @Prince Bálor. I could have done him up in full Finn Balor demon makeup.... *drools*
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  4. The show was abysmal. 2/10

    Survivor Series was abysmal, too and it was quite fitting for the artistic geniuses in WWE's Creative division to do the same with RAW. Continuity, man!

    - The New Day was awesome as usual. Plus, Kofi's hair looked majestic.

    - Sasha vs Becky was decent given the time constraint.

    - Reigns vs Rusev was a good ME, despite the DQ finish.

    - Everything else.
    My feelings about The Eurothority being formed and the show as a whole (open)
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  5. As I expected, 2/10, but from what I heard its good Reigns got cheered for once and he put on another good match. Shows he is trying. So that gives a plus one to this show along with the new day, great as usual.
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  6. Card looks great, I guess I'll watch and expect nothing.
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  7. I usually play the apologist, but there is no excuse for this raw. Holy shit what a dogshit of a show. 1.5/10
  8. Boring ass episode. Its pretty sad when your best segment of the night is Heath Slater.

  9. out of 10

    may go on a semi-rant about it later if I've got the time
  10. Use your time for something better :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Don't discourage him. @Snowman 's rants are the best.
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  12. You're right. Sorry, Snowman. Love ye, pal.
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  13. Only been married for a month and he's already going, "Yes, dear. You're right, dear."
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  14. Don't get used to it, pal. :tough:
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  15. He's just trying to look macho in front of his friends. Truth is, he's whipped :emoji_wink:
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  16. #17 Snowman, Nov 25, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2015
    So, it's been fun watching Raw these last four weeks. Really, it has. Hell, it's been fun being the self-proclaimed official Smackdown reviewer for WWEF for months now. But... A wise man once said that to fix WWE's ratings problem, it's going to take a long time. Month, after month, after month, after month of 7/10 or 8/10 Raws full of things that will inspire the audience to not dread tuning into the USA Network again. Signs that things are changing, and not just lip service.

    Because really, things have changed. Gone... mostly... are stupid "PG segments" and things that make you simply embarassed to be a wrestling fan. Gone are meatheaded bodybuilders getting pushed above actual talent. Gone... with some exceptions... are the days of "stupid" over the top feuds, and now it's a time for a more realistic, relatable product headlined by arguably the best wrestler on the roster - Seth Rollins - holding the title for 6 months straight.

    But nonetheless, fan confidence has never been lower. Despite 4 good Raws in a row, they followed up all the "momentum" of the World TItle tournament with a very depressing Survivor Series that... I can't remember a time when people were looking forward to Raw less. Ever. And this place has hardly been a bastion of positivity, but... It's like whenever WWE finds a way to get some positive momentum going as we all enjoy the product, they can't help but sabotage themselves. It's really sad.

    The biggest issue I see with this Raw is that not only are we back to matches and characters not mattering and no attention to detail whatsoever - if you think I'm nitpicking then ask the LUG writers what they think about Owens and Breeze teaming up - but... Man, do I feel like the wrestlers themselves don't even matter. "Lose Seth Rollins? No biggie, we'll put Sheamus in his spot and continue the storyline!" "Oh, Daniel Bryan's out? Well we need to make Roman Reigns somehow, guess we should book him the same way!" "So Team Bella isn't there to look dumb in 4 minute matches that end in distraction rollups? Lets let Sasha Banks do that!" "Shit, Cesaro isn't here to carry our lousy show anymore? Guess Titus O'Neil is just as good, right?"

    It's just... the same. Nothing ever changes. GMs change or the Authority gets fired for a month and the only thing that changes is Cena's talking for 20 minutes instead of Triple H while we get teased yet again with another Ziggler push, and they tease and tease and tease and eventually we give up on the guy... just like we're teased with Raw getting better before we give up on it. 2.21

    Hell, look at the most recent stars they've created. The Pipebomb was a revolutionary moment that made CM Punk, but before that the Straight Edge Savior was definitely unique. Nobody fought against a legitimate system in the non-kayfabe world like Daniel Bryan did, there's never been another underdog in the way Sami Zayn was, and there's damn sure never been another Bayley. They weren't "in Edge's old spot", they were the first of themselves. The only people doing that right now are the three people on this show anything resembling over right now... the three guys who have been written by escaped NXT writers, who went from "the new Men on a Mission" to getting cheered for running out on stick horses pretending to be fake unicorns... the New Day, who's certainly one of a kind.

    It's just so bland. Nothing ever changes, and it's to the point where the talent doesn't matter. Why pretend to have a Divas' Revolution if you give the girls the same match scripts the Bellas got when facing Kelly Kelly? Why are we over here expecting doom and gloom for a beast of a workhorse like Tyler Breeze before he's even called up? Why am I watching Neville kick ass on NXT as Alberto El Patron is destroying in the Temple before they put me to sleep on Smackdown together? Why?

    Read a former NXT writer put it perfectly. They need to examine every single aspect of the product. Not just the talent because they're all interchangable parts, that's the problem. That's why Prince Balor has no idea who my favorite main roster talent is (it's not Rollins or Cesaro), because there's no point to even talking about who the wrestlers are or what they're doing anymore. Match scripts, show formatting, creative writing attention to detail, fun, excitement, so many things desperately need to change or else this TNA vs WWE war they wanted to start in 2010 will wind up happening in 2015 for all the wrong reasons.

    (also fuck 3 hours)
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  17. I fucking love your rants, Snowman! Awesome job as usual, buddy.
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