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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. 3/10 for me.
  2. 4/10

    Pretty boring show.

    The Shield were cool
    Cesaro/Sheamus was a good match (though the ending sucked)
    Ziggler/Cena was a good match (though the ending sucked).

    Really all I remember.
  3. 3/10 Kane over DB... Really??....... REALLY????? really..........
  4. 4/10, The Shield looked epic in this RAW.
  5. 4/10.

    We got a lot of build towards TLC but it was a slow episode and nothing too shocking happened. Shield was also fleshed out well.
    Could probably give out an extra plus for the Reigns/Punk/Ryback spot but I'm not gonna.
  6. 4/10

    Ryback Vs. Titus O'Neil - Predictable match, but at least Titus got some offense.

    Ryback's lame promo - :gtfo: you suck Ryback you boring piece of shit.

    Alberto Del Rio Vs The Great Khali - Yawn and the backstage promo was lame as well

    CM Punk with Paul Heyman and Vickie - It was alright

    The Shield Interview - Very nice interview, Ambrose being the mouth piece, Rollins did alright and Reigns was perfect in his role as the muscles only. I could see Rollins becoming a new CM Punk (2008)

    Alicia Fox Vs. Tamina - Alright squash

    AJ/Cena and Vickie/Dolph - Boring as usual until Ziggler comes out. And why is it that they're having their match tonight? Guess we'll be having some tag-team action at TLC. :sad1:

    Tensai Vs Kofi w/Wade on commentary - Ehn match, liked how Wade gave Kofi the title at the end though

    Poll - BULLSHIT!

    Rey Mysterio Vs. D Bryan - Alright Match, except that Bryan lost.

    Dolph Ziggler Vs. Cena - It was actually a good match, until Cena won. :finger: Cena

    Sheamus Vs Cesaro - Match of the fucking night. Cesaro looked strong as hell and since he didn't get pinned, he doesn't lose credibility.

    Damien Sandow Vs. Ryder - Next

    Kane Vs. CM Punk - :maybe: Decent match, forgot most of the match because I was distracted by Ambrose. :smug:
    D Bryan comes for the save which I liked but gets demolished. Than Mr. Overrated Ryback comes out and gets them all down until Reigns gets the awesome spear on which I marked out for. Than the powerbomb which looks weak btw.

    Also in the discussion thread, whoever thinks that CM Punk doesn't do the Pepsi Plunge because of Triple H is incorrect. He doesn't do it because it hurts his knees.
  7. 4/10 after the first say 40 mins I struggled to stay interested and fell sleep.

    The last 20 mins were also decent but 60 mins approx out of three hours just a joke!
  8. Yeah I too fell asleep. :emoji_slight_frown:
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