Spoiler Rate Raw November 2nd 2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. #1 Solidus, Nov 2, 2015
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    Kevin Owens defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

    Cesaro defeats The Miz via submission

    Lucha Dragons defeats King Barrett & Sheamus via pinfall

    Alberto Del Rio defeats R-Truth via pinfall

    Paige defeats Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Brie Bella via pinfall

    The New Day, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins lost to Roman Reigns, The Usos, Ryback and Dean Ambrose via disqualification
  2. i would if i was a mod...

    Pretty good show. Can't expect much from the WWE, but the main event was definitely a great one. Best they've had in a while.
  3. I picked a 2. Why? It was a slow start, I lost interest half way through, and I completely gave up before the end. I felt like they put little effort into anything other than the last match. Bray's promo got a point and I gave one more out of pity. I am sorry but this has been an example of why I stopped watching weekly. They don't seem to care so why should I?
  4. Because it's the longest running weekly episodic show in history, and it's all about entertainment!
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  5. I gave it a 6. It wasn't the best show and it had its slow parts, but it was a lot better than what the WWE has been putting out in the year.

    I liked:

    KO vs Ziggler. It wasn't special but it was an all right RAW match.

    Cesaro vs Miz. This was an entertaining match. It proved for the 100000000000th time that Cesaro is the most under appreciated wrestler in the WWE. The man is remarkable and he is a workhorse who does things a man of his size should not be able to do. Vince probably will never let him get over the hump, but no one n WWE deserves it more.

    The Diva four way. Wow, that sounds so bad when I type it out. The recent chat must be corrupting me. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Anyhow, this was not the best match in the world, but it was a solid Raw four way, male or female. I would rather see Banks have won, but Paige makes sense at the moment.

    Xavier Woods comment about the New Day's favorite movie being the "Last Unicorn" was great.

    The main event was solid even though my stream went out... my significant other doesn't have cable so I had to find a stream. It was an all right match and it was something that does not get seen on Raw often. Also, Seth Rollins had a good match. He had his moments of cowardice, but they were tempered with good moments too. He had some solid offense and when he did attempt to run in hide, it is hard to blame him since I think most people would run away if faced with both Reigns and Ambrose. I was okay with him losing because I liked how he took out Reigns and Ambrose.

    I didn't like:

    The Bray Wyatt promo. I don't like the whole Magical Powers bullshit they do with the Undertaker. I am okay with him being hard to hurt and super strong because it is neither universal and can be explained due to his physique. And also it has been proven over and over, most regularly at the hands of Brock Lesnar that the Undertaker isn't some powerful magic entity. However, when they get into this magic shit, like the urn exploding in green smoke, the Undertaker and Kane making lightning and all that other crap, you're getting into why I was never a huge Undertaker fan to begin with. This kind of shit is insulting to fans and has no place in wrestling.

    I was indifferent to:

    Lucha Dragons vs Barrett and Sheamus.

    Del Rio vs R Truth.

    Neither match was bad and I watched them but I did not get excited over either.

    All in all, this was a solid show and hopefull a sign of better Raws on their way.
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  6. Kevin Owens & Tyler Breeze OTP/10
  7. I just wish they would put more into it is all. It has been worse but it has been way better then this.
  8. I'm giving this a 7

    -Despite a DQ finish the Survivor Series match was pretty solid
    -Bray Wyatt's incredible promo with visual effects, Undertaker and Kane better pass on the torch at the event actually to see the Wyatts take off even more
    -Charlotte and Paige feud now moving up
    -Swagger finally making an appearance back stage and giving better dimension to the Del Rio/Colter thing
    -Cesaro wins
    -Lucha Dragon's win sold right by announce team

    -Ziggler still being abused, Owens should be in more interesting storylines
    -Del Rio promos still god fuck awful
    -Rollins still looking like a failure as world champ
    -Del Rio vs. Truth again, is this supposed to go somewhere? If it does it needs hype for a feud.

    Team Wyatt vs. Team Brothers of Destruction looks to be building up great, I wanna see Taker and Kane go belly up to the Wyatts to put them over, the build for the WWEWHC match is going great to, it's making them look like Roman is not being shoved at us and they're just rolling steadily with him. We are looking at a great WOMEN'S WRESTLING match is Paige vs. Charlotte follows through. Swagger could become relevant for a bit, but might end just being brought up again to put Del Rio over.
  9. Doesn't seem like an interesting episode except for the ME. I'm in no real hurry to check it out, I'll prolly watch it later tonight or tomorrow.
  10. 4/10 it just felt like a 3 hour long episode of smackdown really
  11. R-Truth is a go-nowhere guy, so no, he's just there to do the job to ADR.
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    7/10, but with an asterisk of "kinda downgrading it a bit with Neptune here." The show flowed pretty badly but ended on a high note, and that's on Hulu. Couldn't imagine what it was like watching live.
    Maybe I should stick to Smackdown lol

    Good stuff:
    -Quality main event despite the DQ + the beatdown afterwards. "Look familiar?"
    -The end of the Divas' 4 way. Took a minute to get me out of the "wow this would have been so much better in Full Sail" mindset, but eventually the action picked up quite a bit.
    -Prince F'n Pretty
    -Lots of backstage segments + obvious mention of New Day doing anything. These guys can buy carrots and it would be the greatest thing ever
    -Popped to see the Usos back. *cringes over the impending dislikes*
    -Of course, the typical Snow note of "Every match had a purpose. Thank you." that let me awkwardly postedit this 5/10 show into a 7/10

    Bad stuff:
    -Opening promo. Same words, different mouths. Reigns' delivery was fine, just feel like it's a real make it or break it feud for him and typical challenger of the month segments are helping noone. Go away Steph
    -First match being all about Ziggler selling a knee injury felt lame even if it was technically good
    -Lucha Dragons vs Brawlin' Buddies was AWFUL.
    -Hearing the words "Divas Revolution" for the first time in three weeks

    Both amazing and terrible at the same time:
    -Bray Wyatt is now a legit god of destruction or something
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  13. Well, last week's (good) episode was indeed a one-off. :okay:

    This one was a bit of a snorefest at times, but still okay for what it was. 5/10

    - All things New Day. Especially their pre-match promo and then rocking out to Seth's theme song was gold! NEW DAY ROCKS!

    - Tyler Breeze.

    - CESARO. WON. The guy's easily one of the best male wrestlers on the roster, yet he gets very little award for it! Wake up, Vince!

    - RARE JACK SWAGGER SIGHTING! Have him actually join the MexAmerica. I'd honestly rather have that than another ADR/Swagger feud.

    - Paige vs Sasha vs Becky vs Brie was OK for what it was, I guess. At least the match had a purpose! And Paige winning makes sense.

    - The ME was solid, despite the DQ finish. On one hand, it kinda bugged me they gave away a traditional Survivor Series match on free TV.
    However, if the PPV itself doesn't feature more than one SS match, at this rate, we'll prolly only get Wyatts vs Team Taker, then at least we got to see one more traditional SS match on free TV. And plus, if you ignore the booking and all that jazz, it came off as a competitive sport, as 5 champions (well, 4 technically) faced 5 hungry challengers!

    - The good bad ol' RAW opening segment.

    - ADR vs R-Truth was boring. What happens on SmackDown should stay on SmackDown! Man, ADR's matches have been lackluster since his return. And I still have no idea what's the reason behind him not using the Cross Armbreaker as his finisher.

    - KO vs DZ was meh, boring. Also, couldn't KO tap DZ out to some submission hold? DZ was selling the leg the entire time and then in the end they ignored that narrative and had KO win via Pop-up Powerbomb.

    - The Lucha Dragons vs Euro Clowns Sheamus & Barrett was meh, I just couldn't get into it. Good news is, this could be a LD push!

    - Bray Wyatt's promo. I have no reason to take Wyatt seriously. He talks a big game, but always get his ass handed to him... Shame.
    Plus, he lost at WM 31 to the Deadman himself. So what, now I'm just supposed to believe he's harnessing his powers? Thanks, but no thanks.

    - The Usos are back?!

    - Rollins continuing to look like a total chump week in and week out! The fact that he sacrificed a (possible) win for a chance to beat up Ambrose and Reigns with a chair was some solid heel tactics. It made him look like a threat for Reigns to overcome in the coming weeks. But then, Reigns just brushed off the chair beating and sent Mr. WWE-WHC packing with a Superman punch. Oh, well.
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  14. I asked Reigns to just be intense and not try to be a third uso. Literally two weeks later he is hamming up his promos and teaming with the usos.
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  15. Well, they are related after all. :smirk2:
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