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What would you rate this episode of RAW?

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  1. [​IMG]

    - The New Day introduced Sheamus, Roman attacked near the end.

    - Triple H makes Roman vs. Sheamus for the title tonight. If Roman can't beat Sheamus in 5:15 he loses his title shot.

    - Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall.

    - MizTV with Rusev and Lana, Ryback steps in.

    - Ryback defeated Rusev via countout.

    - Triple H tells Ambrose if Roman loses, then Ambrose loses his title shot.

    - The Dudley Boyz call out The Wyatts, Tommy Dreamer makes the save.

    - The Dudleyz/Dreamer and The Wyatts end in a no-contest. Dreamer puts Bray through a table.

    - Alberto Del Rio defeats Goldust via pinfall. Swagger makes the save afterwards.

    #1 Contenders Match:
    - Lucha Dragons and The Usos end in a no-contest when The New Day interfere.

    - Sasha Banks defeated Brie Bella via submission.

    - Stephanie tells The Usos if Roman loses they don't get a spot in the tag title match at TLC.

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Match:
    - Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus via disqualification.

    - Sheamus announces that he, Rusev, Del Rio, and Barrett are The League of Nations.

    - Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch via pinfall with help from Ric.

    - Becky confronts Charlotte backstage, they're still friends. Paige mentions that to Becky afterwards.

    - We go to Adam Rose backstage for a gossip-style segment called The Rosebush. He talks about Lana and Rusev, Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae.

    - Stardust is backstage , he asks for The Ascension to rise but Titus O’Neil in a Santa hat appears behind him.

    - The League of Nations and The New Day defeated The Usos, Ambrose, and Reigns via pinfall.

    Even more in-depth review: PWania
  2. 2/10 and my judgement might be impaired by a fun chat tonight. Maybe better than the week before but still bad.

    Usually I got through what I liked and didn't like but I really don't feel like it at the moment. I'll just mention a few positives:

    Charlotte maybe teasing at a heel turn
    Sasha Banks the best female wrestler in WWE

    I liked how Roman Reigns is getting more of an edge but they fucked it up with the title match. They could have ended the match with a spear at the last second and it would have been better than YET another DQ finish. I was enjoying the match up to that point.

    Other than that, pretty much a waste.
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  3. 1/10 for The New Day and a comprehensible and acceptable Charlotte/Becky match with some classic Flair tactics, involved.
  4. I gave it a 3.

    Say what you want about Sheamus but I think he's really doing a good job at being a heel champion. He's really delivering himself well, and I like how he has a legit stable now.

    -Tommy Dreamer return
    -Charlottes dirty tactics with Ric Flair (I could really get behind this kind of character direction)
    -Stardust and Titus

    -Rusev and Lana on MIz TV (just awful)
    -Breeze jobbing (he's going downhill fast)
    -Too many half ass matches (Rusev vs Ryback, Usos vs Luchas, Del Rio vs Goldust)
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  5. Didn't watch/10

    Looks like I made a good choice. See WWE... You are making legit wrestling fans be bored and turned off by your product. Why not fix it?
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  6. Ya know, I saw someone - think it was Tsar - bring up Road Dogg's tweets about how we're the problem if we hate on the show because the way they are doing things DOES work, because WWE is the most profitable it has ever been. They have more TV revenue, more sponsorship deals, they sell more T-shirts, they're converting the streamers into Network subs, and on, and on, and on.

    Telling WWE to write a better show is like telling Eva Marie to wrestle better - and pretty much on the same level. They have zero incentive to, because they're going to make money/be pushed regardless.
    Go ahead, tweet at them. It just helps them trend. Hell, just by posting this piece telling people to not watch I'm essentially promoting the product.

    For every longtime fan and former WWE champion that turns away, there's a kid begging his mom to pick up a T-shirt on a Black Friday sale to go with an independent star salivating at the thought of being on Raw.
    We're just spokes in the wheel. Maybe someday we'll get our bread crumbs to hold onto again, but why would we?
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  7. You forgot the Lucha Underground plug. Also, while there's no reason for them to care about doing a better show, there's no reason for us to watch their show either.
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  8. RAW was... BOOTY! 2/10

    - The New Day

    - Charlotte vs Becky was okay for what it was.

    - Everything else.

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  9. Gratz, this show got a 3/10, even though I don't watch anymore I hear the results

    New Day
    Main Event
    Surprise title match with 5:15 stip

    Sheamus forms the Nation of- I mean League of Nations, another European faction (Does WWE'12's United Kingdom faction ring a few bells?)
    Titus/Stardust going anywhere?
    Divas filler match
    Del Rio/Swagger going anywhere too?
    Adam Rose
    Miz, Lana and Rusev mention the Ziggler/Rusev feud, how about we all just forget it happened and call the Rusev's a happy couple?
    Ziggler/Breeze again, Ziggler is getting really stale now and it's rubbing onto Breeze
  10. Four quick notes this week...

    -Aight, I'll bite and say the Authority is a necessary evil in 2015. There's a reason Prince and I were salivating at the idea of Corporate Reigns, that's because WWE has so much heat right now that having an on-air depiction of their thoughts is really for the best (and they were over when they played that role, but not when they aren't) but you can't be both a promoter and butthurt on TV at the same time. "GRRR ROMAN. How dare you turn me down! I'll deny all your title shots and possibly screw you out of opportunities... until we get to Tables Ladders Chairs and possibly Stairs live on the WWE Network for only 9.99!" It's just not working. Dario Cueto worked because he was a scumbag promoter screwing around with everyone to maximize drama and VIOLENCE for us, the fans, and now we're off here sticking "Lucha Underground, Wednesday nights at 9 PM on the El Rey Network" at the end of posts where we beg people to not watch Raw.

    -I guess the Roman idea was a good idea in theory. It's pretty clear the whole idea of this feud is to try to cater to the kiddos by showing Roman can crush Sheamus at the first fair opportunity that presents itself. Roman had Sheamus beat within 5 minutes, after all. But they really are doing a PHENOMENAL job of getting this new babyface faction they created over. These guys really are wonderful. Rusev's trying to protect his wife from caveman attacks and saving himself for the one he truly loves, Del Rio and the reformed xenophobe are trying to share their progression with Swagger's racist ass, and Sheamus is playing keep away from Stone Cold Steve Roman, who's not doing as good a job as the orignal. Stealing the title and giving it back just because Stephanie asked semi-politely? Really, dude... anyway, random tangent over... anyway this is another one of WWE's trademark feuds that only damage people. Speaking of such, hi Tyler Breeze

    -Stardust is my favorite wrestler right now.

    -Can we go ahead and bury the "nostalgia pop" once and for all? The start of the weekly LOL-ing at "Record Low Raw Viewers!" started with that Raw with all the legends on it, because people know nothing will happen when they pop up. And now, here's Tommy Dreamer and everyone was like "YAY ECW" and then there was a DQ and it was back to crickets. Welp, that was well worth it, wasn't it? Think about Rhyno for example. He was a bust in TNA as Dixie's hired security, because they brought him in for ECW nostalgia. Then he pops on NXT and is more over than he's been in years. Why? Because he's "the old veteran trying to prove he can still hang with the young guys" instead of "ECDUB! ECDUB! ECDUB!" Add onto this Charlotte, who was her own woman on NXT. Flair's daughter, yeah, but that makes her naturally superior to you and all these babyfaces with their heart and determination doesn't matter because they couldn't match Charlotte's genetics...
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  11. You know the show is bad when the most notable thing is a Tommy Dreamer return in 2015.
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  12. Another subpar show and it was probably generous of me to give it a 3/10.

    Funnily, I was actually trying to remember the last time they had a title on match on RAW - for the good belt that is - and was actually pleasantly surpised when the announcement was made. The outcome was of couse pretty much predictable but perhaps they should consider a title on change on RAW sometime. Granted, I know they always save those for PPV's but wouldn't that be a booster for the show? I mean, we did speak about low ratings, didn't we?

    Other then that, I get the 5:15 thing and what it symbolizes but here's a stretch: could it be possible this would work as a setup for a possible Sheamus vs Stone Cold Steve Austin match at Mania? You know, 5:15 vs 3:16? Like I said, it's a stretch and I may be reading too much into it but - thinking out loud here - if WWE needed a way to book a match for Austin at Mania, perhaps they just planted the seeds for it...
  13. Dreamer's return was notable? Not really.:smirk2:

    I bet the "nostalgia pop" will wear off by TLC, just like it did with The Dudleyz.
  14. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Honestly it's the one thing I remember reading about. I'm like 2 weeks behind (at least) with RAW... The one with Cesaro vs Sheamus in England got me hyped but reading about this shit gets me back to depressed. I mean, LOLROMANWINS is the other one thing that happened and uhh, I'd rather not remember reading about this shit :cenanope:
  15. Stardust is one of my favorites right now too. He really sells that character like a boss lol.

    Also I wonder if Rhyno will be added into the tables match against the Wyatts. Seems Logical.
  16. Somehow after writing those paragraphs, I was still expecting RVD. :facepalm1:

    Yeah, Rhyno to make it a 4-on-4 would be fine, yeah! How you'd do a 4 on 4 tables match seems odd, but they had a stairs match last year so :quimby:
  17. Sheamus is not worthy of working a Wrestlemania program with Stone GOAT Steve Austin... Especially via lame-ass attempt at mimicking the best selling wrestling t-shirt of all time.
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  18. Their shit booking is the fault for the lack of pop. They are still the GOAT tag team.
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  19. I agree that they're one of the GOAT tag teams and you can blame it all on the booking, but one thing can't be ignored. The biggest pop they seem to get nowadays is when they do table spots. You can bet they'll be fed to The Wyatts at TLC.
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  20. tl;dr :bischoff:
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